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  1. Absolute banter that there's probably some old 606 post by him 10 years ago slagging off O'Neill's style of football ;)
  2. There's a lot of reasons for it. The whole "the players should lift the fans" is the biggest load of sh** in the world and infuriates me whenever I hear it. It is not lack of effort from the vast majority, it is a confidence thing and has been for years. It's basic human psychology that people respond better to encouragement than criticism and is basically the entire reason that the term "home advantage" is a thing and exists. At Villa Park, we are creating home disadvantage, and it is getting worse. There are many factors for the decline in our atmosphere but I blame primarily our lack of song repertoire and overly abusive fans (morons) getting away with it week-in-week-out. These people are the type that will moan about anything, and I don't care if they pay money, they are, collectively-speaking, a far bigger hindrance to our club more than any individual player. Also, "loads of other clubs are like it" is not a valid excuse. That is why teams go and die in League One or get stuck in the Championship for ages. Just wish people would own the responsibility of supporting the team and actually do it, instead of just blaming everyone else. It's your team, help it.
  3. Really irritates me how much stick he is getting. Nobody was having a go after Blues. He had a mare, and has made mistakes before, but what is the point of making his confidence worse? For a few internet points it seems for a lot of fans on Twitter are willing to sacrifice that. Stuff like this hinders us, and it's pathetic. Players use Twitter.
  4. Little dig at Bruce. Loss tonight and he gone surely.
  5. Awful again and I didn't even see the full game.
  6. Just seen the highlights... really wished I hadn't. Just wow. That Elphick loan has to be one of the stupidest things we have done in the last 20 years, and that, my friends, is ****ing saying something.
  7. Gone. If we don't sign a replacement, well...
  8. He was good overall. Positioning is good, wins everything in the air. He knows what to do, he just can't do it very well because he is so ropey in possession. The missed clearance for Nyland save is comical - almost looks intentional. How can somebody who played in the World Cup not connect with the ball there?!
  9. Yesterday we were rubbish. Reading were also rubbish, but we should never have let them anywhere near the game. The first-half we were unbelievably passive and lacked aggression off-the-ball. May have been fatigue - in which case rotate a bit more. We were too far apart and every pass left the receiver isolated. The amount of times we got it to Kodjia's feet in the first-half only for him to pass it back or try and shrug off his defender with some strange trick was frustrating - we need more runners off him. Bruce is trying to play more football on the ground but I don't think he knows how to make it effective. Decision-making by attacking players, fitness and attacking work-rate all need to improve from a coaching perspective.
  10. Couldn't remember. Watched Dean Smith's presser and he said that.
  11. I'm not really a Bruce fan, but I do tend to agree. Bruce also does have a set of backroom staff which aid him. Unless he is some kind of dictator, it is unlikely that between them they have no clue what they are doing, especially considering we got 90-odd points last season.
  12. Both are left-wingers. Guessing we sell Adomah? We still don't actually have a right-winger... banging signings though.
  13. I think tonight could be one of those nights where the fans turn a bit. I'm worried, and I rarely am going into a game.
  14. That's not really true, guys I've spoken to said he was their best player and when I watched him I would agree. Possibly a bit of an attitude problem (comes across as doing the bare minimum), but a very good player technically for this level.
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