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  1. One thing I really think would help the atmosphere is to turn the tannoy down before kick-off. Not long ago, the players would come out to "Villa, Villa, VILLA" without fail, with the fans being the dominant noise during that crucial five minute window before kick-off, which is essential in setting the tone and atmosphere for the game. It's deafening and is played all the way through to kick-off and ruins the atmosphere completely. Nobody wants to hear music anyway, they want to hear the crowd - as surely do the players. I am half-tempted to write to the club about this but I feel I would be ignored. Is there anyway to put this across? I'm not sure if others agree but for me it's a really big thing.
  2. Don't care, as long as we get someone else in. Surely worth punting on someone who will be supported massively by the fans. Had a swagger when he played for us which has not been replicated elsewhere. Fan support breeds confidence in many players. It's worth a punt.
  3. Don't really get why everyone seems to think he is s***. No doubt taking his time to adapt but I do believe there is a good player in there.
  4. Haven't really criticised Smith at all since he's joined, at least not written it down or done it outwardly, but today...well. Goals change games, and he has not remotely accounted for this, nor has he addressed it during the game itself. Plan A was clearly to absorb City but, unlike against Liverpool - where we caused them serious problems on the break - we named just two attacking players (?!), one of whom played up front despite being a winger. The problem is, if Plan A fails (i.e. they score a goal) in this context, you're totally f***** when you have only two players who can cause any damage. It's actually far more of a gamble to play 5-3-1-1 or whatever the f*** that was than it is than to play 4-3-3 or 5-2-1-2/5-2-2-1. Because at least if you go 0-1 down, you have players on the pitch who can do damage, without totally compromising your shape. You try and go for it with Neil Taylor, Elmo and Conor Hourihane as your most attacking CM, it is not going to work, and you will be punished. Since Plan A came completely unravelled at, let's say, 0-2, why not make a sub?! I don't care if it is 30 mins and you want to protect your players, be decisive and bring on Trezeguet for one of the CMs (how we should have set up initially). But no, not even one at half-time? I know it was too late by then but jesus, it's just about momentum at that point isn't it. As soon as I saw that team, I was like "that's at least a four-goal defeat". We create problems for teams when we attack them - we did that v Spurs, Arsenal, United, Liverpool and, arguably, City in the first-half. Dean Smith says "we will always play to win" - but he didn't at all. You played for a 0-0 which was never going to happen with the utter dross of an XI (if you can call it that, Drinkwater is obviously not fit) that you put out. Honestly, how easy is it to mark an isolated striker if you're a top class defender, who doesn't ever play up front, when he has no support. And we were even hitting it long to him half the time. I know it's City, I know it's a write-off, and I know we don't have a striker, but this was really quite head-scratching today from Smith. We started McGinn, Wesley, Grealish, Trezeguet at the Etihad - not to mention Targett and Guilbert, at least one of whom is clearly more attacking than his competitor. We caused them problems. We started Grealish, El Ghazi (out of position) and Hourihane here (who was our DM last season). Injuries or not, you find a balance. Very, very poor.
  5. Scored twice again for U23 last night, making it six for season. Think he is a bit Weimann-ey.
  6. I don't think CB is a necessity at all. Engels and Mings were excellent prior to Engels getting injured. We conceded goals, but this was due to lack of quality in other areas - namely left-back and DM. Wouldn't complain, but Mings and Engels are good enough - I really have no doubt about that. Maybe fitness issues there who knows, but please prioritise a left-back who can defend and a striker who runs in the general direction of the goal when off-the-ball.
  7. Think he's a better reader of the game than Mings and, arguably, any CB we've had seen since Laursen. However, he does lack a presence and clearly needs to put-on weight. I fear for our team against Burnley when he could, arguably, be the most physical defensive presence we have defending corners (depends if Hause starts).
  8. One of my least favourite Villa players ever. Clearly a capable footballer but mentally, physically and defensively horrific. I'd call him League One standard in these regards but a capable League One defender presumably knows to not pull-out of challenges, to track their runner and - this is the worst bit - not just stand there and watch just because the attack isn't coming directly through your flank. Watch the first goal against Watford. Yes it's Konsa's mistake but Targett could make it a two-on-two for the attacker - make it just a bit harder to score. But he literally just watches. He gets done by Sarr by a diagonal, he loses and watches Deeney for his sitter in the first-half, he picks-up yet another mysterious injury (I'm sure he'll start on NYD as he has done every other time he has gone off "injured"). If you're fit enough to start in four days time, you're fit enough to not sat on your arse mid-play. We'll see though. I can't stand him. I am not a "get-into-em-f**k-em-up" supporter and appreciate tactical aspects of the game. But he is simply a p*ssy and genuinely looks apathetic to our situation. Never stops the cross or gets tight enough (unlike Taylor), bottles challenges constantly. Taylor is so poor going forward but, to be honest, he at least would shore up an incredibly open flank - it's the lesser evil.
  9. Absolute banter that there's probably some old 606 post by him 10 years ago slagging off O'Neill's style of football ;)
  10. There's a lot of reasons for it. The whole "the players should lift the fans" is the biggest load of sh** in the world and infuriates me whenever I hear it. It is not lack of effort from the vast majority, it is a confidence thing and has been for years. It's basic human psychology that people respond better to encouragement than criticism and is basically the entire reason that the term "home advantage" is a thing and exists. At Villa Park, we are creating home disadvantage, and it is getting worse. There are many factors for the decline in our atmosphere but I blame primarily our lack of song repertoire and overly abusive fans (morons) getting away with it week-in-week-out. These people are the type that will moan about anything, and I don't care if they pay money, they are, collectively-speaking, a far bigger hindrance to our club more than any individual player. Also, "loads of other clubs are like it" is not a valid excuse. That is why teams go and die in League One or get stuck in the Championship for ages. Just wish people would own the responsibility of supporting the team and actually do it, instead of just blaming everyone else. It's your team, help it.
  11. Really irritates me how much stick he is getting. Nobody was having a go after Blues. He had a mare, and has made mistakes before, but what is the point of making his confidence worse? For a few internet points it seems for a lot of fans on Twitter are willing to sacrifice that. Stuff like this hinders us, and it's pathetic. Players use Twitter.
  12. Little dig at Bruce. Loss tonight and he gone surely.
  13. Awful again and I didn't even see the full game.
  14. Just seen the highlights... really wished I hadn't. Just wow. That Elphick loan has to be one of the stupidest things we have done in the last 20 years, and that, my friends, is ****ing saying something.
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