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  1. Take the players out of form out of the firing line for a couple of games - at least in midweek. Season is over, let them rebuild their confidence and have a rest. By and large they have done the job this season, and no need to keep playing them. Luiz rest for Nakamba.
  2. I'm all in for long ball til Grealish gets back. 4-4-fookin-2. Ping it up to Ollie and Keinan to bully the defenders. I don't even care. A failed experiment if nothing else, or a legitimate Plan B if we can master it. Big Wes to come on too.
  3. Think you might be over-estimating the desire for money for many players. The desire to play for their national teams and play regularly is a very big motivating factor for the best players. I appreciate I am being optimistic, but the jigsaw has to fall so perfectly into place for this to happen, and the backlash is only going to get bigger. For me, it doesn't happen in its current form. How many current Prem players accept their fate as a traitorous villain for the rest of their careers for more money? I just don't see it. They'd be compromising an awful lot for more money. Their ex
  4. Yes but don't these clubs want to also play in the Prem still? That's the whole intention right? They will have to choose one or the other, or their players won't be allowed to play in the Prem.
  5. I suppose, but then isn't that then making it even more complex from a viability standpoint. Renting grounds etc. Do they want any fans to attend these games whatsoever?
  6. Players need work permits.
  7. You could argue the most likely United, Liverpool players to turn their back on ESL are the English ones. If the UK government prevents work permits for leagues unrecognised by UEFA/FA, they could prevent United, Liverpool replacing these players. Again, maybe I am idealistic, but would be fooking funny if this were to pan out in this way.
  8. I am optimistic that, although this will bring football into disrepute for years, this will not succeed in its current form. You need more than international fans and a pot of money to create a top-level tournament. You need (a degree) of history, you need the top players (I truly believe many will opt out), you need the "legacy" fans (lol) who create the atmosphere which contributes to the CL/top Euro leagues being so popular, you need every big club (not just some), you need past players, established broadcasters and committed sponsors (and there will be huge amounts of boycotting)
  9. I reckon they'll bottle it. PR nightmare, loads of players will opt out. Surely they can't be that greedy and actually think enough people will pay for subscriptions for this shi-ite (will need to be even higher buy-in from fans than their is, and people are absolutely fooking obsessed with football).
  10. Higher ceiling than DCL imo - arguably already at his level. His passing range on display today was Kane-esque - passing one area I was a bit sceptical of, but he has it in his locker. I really think this guy will be a superstar. From the moment he ran the channels better than anyone I'd seen for years at Villa (at Fulham), I knew he was a gem. Fantastic player.
  11. I wouldn't be getting your hopes up.
  12. People massively over-reacting to the game yday. We were pretty unlucky. Yes, lost to bottom side but every game is competitive and we still should have at least scored. People need to accept that Smith is a "trust the process" manager, who is not going to tinker with the team every time we have a wobble. I appreciate it is frustrating for the fans at times, but the net-gain of this approach is clearly in the black over his time at the club (pandemic massively helped him shift his process, but still). I think his subs can be uninspired, too late and, at times, he seems to "favour" ce
  13. It's a classic. Usually I'd agree that our repertoire is sh-iite but "Super Jack" is part of the branding - it's his song now.
  14. And I would also add that I am opposed to players being targeted by our fans. We are way too harsh on many players and have been for as long as I can remember going to Villa for, and it grates me. But most of those give their all - Barkley doesn't whatsoever.
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