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  1. It's a classic. Usually I'd agree that our repertoire is sh-iite but "Super Jack" is part of the branding - it's his song now.
  2. And I would also add that I am opposed to players being targeted by our fans. We are way too harsh on many players and have been for as long as I can remember going to Villa for, and it grates me. But most of those give their all - Barkley doesn't whatsoever.
  3. I think you can forgive a player for not pulling his weight in terms of work-rate, but he obviously is not compensating with technical quality. He turns the ball over so so often, and breaks down a lot of our play. If you aren't delivering technically, you work hard/work up your fitness to compensate. Trez is an absolutely shining example of this. The other thing that I resent Barkley for is the fact he kicked AEG out the side when he was in the form of his life (which is obviously the manager's decision, not Barkley), but then has the cheek to strop every time he is subbed. I don't see t
  4. This really riles me. Displays a total disconnect to the players who he is supposed to help. Just seems like a w*nker tbh, and always has seemed one. Don't sign Grealish mateys in future please.
  5. He's either not fit or not arsed. Or both. Whatever it is, he simply cannot be more effective than anybody on our bench. Why waste resources and hinder the development of Ramsey/integration of Sanson for this luxury player. And by luxury I mean a first-class seat on a Chiltern line from Moor St to Marylebone, and the free wi-fi barely works.
  6. Think Nakamba played to give Douglas a rest, not to replace him. Hope Doug is back. He's simply better.
  7. I never said I thought McGinn was a top six starting XI player. The problem is, you think we should be sacking off players off players like McGinn already, despite not being a top six club ourselves. We stayed up by the skin of our teeth, and McGinn is part of a set-up which has pushed us to the next level, and you want to just bin him off because we even have a chance of getting there. This is exactly the "classic Villa fan mentality" I speak of. You are getting way ahead of yourself. We have also literally just bought a player who you have never seen play, who competes in McGinn's
  8. Absolutely amazing that you think that we would get two players for £50m who are better than McGinn and Luiz. We could sell the pair of them for more. This entire thread is bizarre. We have played a heap of games off the back of a COVID scare, and players are clearly fatigued from not getting a decent break since. Luiz has had his, and I expect him to come back raring to go. McGinn will also now have his. It is absolutely mental that anybody is calling for these two players to be replaced, when pre-COVID they were in excellent form and we were on an excellent run. People actuall
  9. Potentially the best striker to play for Villa since Yorke? Angel, Carew, Gabby, Benteke - none were as complete as Ollie. He is Kane Lite and closing that gap. His hold-up, his runs, his use of his body are absolutely exceptional and integral to how we play. Absolutely brilliant player.
  10. Drop Barkley, put Jack middle and floating meaning nobody can pick him up. El Ghazi or Trez left. Barkley is not fit and lacks the footballing IQ (i.e. being aware that he can't play at his best) to make up for it. Rarely criticise Jack, but was a bit of Messi about him in that second-half (not in a good way). Was just watching players run past him and didn't track at all - that said, everyone seemed dead on their feet, so would give it a pass.
  11. Anwar. El. Ghazi. Is. Not. A. Right. Winger. It's like moaning Cuellar isn't very good at right-back. Yes cos he isn't one!
  12. I guess maybe the guy coming onside from the first phase of the attack? But looks like Konsa would be playing him miles on.
  13. Do think we should have made earlier subs but thinking about it, could keeping Barkley on over a more defensive player be to avoid us getting penned-in/dropping deep? I hate the fake crowd noise anyway but really enjoy being able to hear all the shouts on the pitch. One thing Dean shouts more than anything is "UPPPP!!!!". He is obsessed with us not being deep. Bringing on Nakamba - even tho I literally just argued for it - would probably see us drop deeper in fairness.
  14. I am 29 so too young to remember McGrath and not born for the likes of Cowan. Can somebody who has seen all of the greats tell me where Grealish stands on the all-time list? I appreciate this is slanderous: but I fail to comprehend how somebody who had ten pints of Guinness the night before most of his games could compete with Jacky!!!
  15. This thread is moving fast and missed a couple of pages but it seems to have escalated!
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