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  1. Also, surely ‘Twatwell’ is in some ways a compliment? ‘How was it?’ ’He clearings in the woods well’
  2. I agree that Mings is at top-dollar value atm (or near it) and, like all of us, isn’t getting any younger. However, his value as a lynchpin for the team is greater than any transfer fee we would likely recoup for him. We went into the relegation season devoid of a real spine after Vlaar’s departure. While we have a much better recruitment set up now, I don’t think you can so easily replace that leadership. Im trying not to be sentimental here (it’s hard because I f-cking love Mings): we’ve all seen where sentiment gets us. Nevertheless, Mings has real leadership attributes that I think are worth more to Villa than a decent-ish transfer fee would reflect.
  3. Welcome to Football Manager. I like the sentiment, but this sort of changeover in January just isn’t possible.
  4. I thought the same thing. Such a talented footballer, does things that other players just cannot do. Wonderful to watch and a great shame he isn’t playing in claret and blue anymore.
  5. This. National managers see the big bucks moves as a validation of the player’s ability. ‘If he’s good enough for Citeh…’ All of those attitude issues/concerns over tracking back that Southgate was reportedly concerned over haven’t gone away… But training with the likes of De Bruyne everyday, rather than say Neil Taylor (no offence, Neil), must elevate him somewhat.
  6. Get Tayls to mentor him: teach him the history of the club, what it means to wear the shirt: get the man busting a gut for us.
  7. This is a superb brain teaser. Was Gerrard in his late teens when he started playing regularly for plop? Michael Ballack moved to Dortmund to be a regular in his early 20s. Roy Keane was playing for Forest in his late teens, early twenties (old First Division). If Carney became half as good as either of those players, we're in for a treat (although I appreciate he's probably a different sort of footballer).
  8. There's one ingredient missing here, preventing me from getting really excited: a YT video of this guy gesticulating and spinning on the touchline accompanied by some gratuitous copyright free music.
  9. Can’t believe my style of lovemaking is being described, in perfect terms, yet again on VT.
  10. I found this v useful, indeed. Seeing the figures laid out like this clarifies things. This is probably the wrong thread for my comment, but the concept of amortisation of players as part of FFP is bananas, isn’t it? I mean FFP was notionally at least about balancing the books but this type of calculus is about fudging the figures so you don’t impinge on the new rules, but you’re riding roughshod over the spirit of them. I know comparing humdrum finances with the multibillion pound world of football is problematic but indulge me: I say to my gf that I’m getting, I don’t know, a BMW M5. She goes mental at the sticker price. But I tell her that I intend to spread the cost over a few years, thereby reducing the burden. I then show her that I will sell the car in maybe two years, avoiding all of those pesky fuel charges, new car wax, and the new tyres I’ll have to buy. By such calculus, I’m actually making money by buying this car. The fallacy is that, emboldened by getting away with it, the next car I buy will be even more expensive, any saving I pretend to make are absorbed by the new shiny car, and I kick the can further down the road. It’s almost like the rules were deliberately written to avoid state regulation of football (‘look how responsible we are now’), without changing anything about the game (‘we’re Real Madrid and we want to buy players for massive amounts of money). Imagine that! Meanwhile, the Super League clubs are still behaving the same way as before and SkySports et al are giving it the Daffy Duck gif because we’re all back on the gravy train. A big club really needs to go bankrupt - and totally die - for us to wake up.
  11. Cracking player, but I think Carney has greater maturity in his game. JWB is far more raw. More polish (see the last assist versus Barrow) and this guy will be some player. Can't wait to see where his ceiling is: better than Louie? Or Andre Green II?
  12. The CM/DM role takes time to learn: dominating both forward-looking and defensive play takes foresight and skill, but also that bit of experience. I think Doug is gaining that experience and, on his day, the bloke looks like a Rolls Royce. Granted, on off days, he looks like a Rolls Royce without an engine, but I hope that he's starting to learn how to dominate games, make them tick over.
  13. Why have they set up the photo outside the gents toilets? Poor bloke in the background can't get any privacy.
  14. Has he been a bit of a knobby behind the scenes or something? Does he smoke in the toilets during half time? We've had a few examples of DS and co not liking players because of attitude problems: players mysteriously going missing despite being fit. When not on loan, Fred could be found in the same place that Kodj and Engels visited. Now Grealish is gone (whose off the field antics were largely ignored due to his on-pitch abilities), I expect we'll see an even stronger line with this sort of thing. I'll miss Fred's sliding tackles* and his bombing on. Good luck to him. *Only made because he was out of position in the first place
  15. Working out an anagram of his name to make him sound more exciting: so far, I've got: Kansan Road Ankara Dons
  16. His LinkedIn page shows how he likes possession based football (lots of Rondos): https://uk.linkedin.com/in/aaron-danks-3b14bb27 And if you want to know what he looks like:
  17. Superb point. To come in with a net positive, financially, but to have recruited the players we have is remarkable, really. We have some superb players now playing in a variety of positions: I am desperate to see this new look team fit and healthy, playing together and gelling asap.
  18. I’m not sure Merse has the ability to say any surname that involves him stringing together two syllables or more. ‘And the ball went out to the left back Matt Tar-, he played it forward to Doug, who then tried to play in Wat-. Villa look a different side wivowt Gree’
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