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  1. Yeah congrats to @Beastmix My 'team's decided to turn up the last two weeks racking up more points than at any other time in season....
  2. Battered again, 2 x WR combined for over 100 with no answer from my disorganised rabble
  3. Don't think I've actually ever made a trade
  4. Picked him up as had read two different articles that he was looking good and unfortunately he got injured late in preseason. Gamble didn't pay off, oh well Need big games from late games this week to stop from going 0-2
  5. Hmm skins and colts for me seem massive longshots to start off.... oops
  6. Yeah we guessed the password may have that effect... Now are you in pick em League
  7. Something else to lose. Do we need to enter the confidence points? It says incomplete without it
  8. Higher predicted finish than last year. Just need Conner to get injured and Samuels will carry me on....
  9. Yeah but when I get up I am driving straightaway to the airport with customers who I don't think would appreciate a tired driver due to my fantasy playing.... ;)
  10. Wonderful am up at 02:30 for work in the morning, might get in a couple of rounds before getting some shut eye and then hope for some decent auto drafts.....
  11. Yep I found it somewhere... i am 13th again
  12. Right then so VAR does intervene but sees nothing to overturn Friend. Err the push in the back, leading to another foul, which was AFTER Jack passes. The whistle is in his hand and the ball in the net before it goes. Something stinks.
  13. I have watched and re watched the video and Friends arms are at his side with whistle in hand as Jack passes to Lansbury, it makes it even worse. The missus is keeping away as I am still that furious over an hour later
  14. Wembley 2010 should have been a red runs it close for incompetence
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