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  1. Aye, I stumbled across a stream by accident and watched bits. Didn't know anything about it. Friend went, told me how well John Terry played. Wind up as I hadn't heard about the Spartak Moscow chat at that point. Arsehole.
  2. Held today at Celtic Park. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-match-reports/celtic-3-liverpool-3-stiliyan-13212402 Celtic - Petrov/Rodgers v Liverpool - Milner/Klopp. Some interesting names making an appearance, Gabby, Emile Heskey, Joleon Lescott, or Wescott as he was being called, Ashley Young and a Robbie Keane who still looks he could bag 20 a season. Awesome to see Henrik Larsson again too.
  3. I'm not going to defend the SPL, that would be bonkers, but watching Celtic a lot I think the principal difference is that he's playing in a team with better "footballers" around him. Playing against weaker teams? Yeah, of course. It's also a lot easier to motivate yourself when you regularly have 60,000 seats full of the most passionate supporters you'll ever find behind you, are idolised by fans, play for the best team by far and away in the league and have the opportunity to play in the Champions League. Celtic will not embarrass themselves, once again, in that competition this year. I can totally understand why he wanted to exit VP stage left when he did, Villa's loss unfortunately. I watch Sinclair, I see a quality footballer and again come away from it thinking Villa had somehow broken another decent footballer.
  4. Was at SoL on Saturday for the Celtic friendly. Sunderland totally anonymous against what was essentially a Celtic B team. They are in the shit big time, defo worth £10 for them to go down twice in 2 seasons.
  5. But surely worth trying though? Like you say, it's about looking forward. IMO, the club has got to be behind this and drive it. If it's down to the fans bringing stuff to the game, it wont happen en-mass. Try getting a bag of bog roll through the turnstiles? If the club handed everyone that game through the gates (or placed at the seats) a balloon, health and safety friendly confetti etc, then I think it could work well.
  6. I think Villa have pulled off a shrewd move here. Lambert is just what we need right now. Good man manager, doesn't take any shit and knows/reads the game well. I'm hopeful that if anyone can get the best out of our less than average squad, he can. I'd like to see him sent out to play with £20m to £30m, might be wishful thinking but I think we would be in good shape after that.
  7. Wonder what that's all about? Normally termination of employment with immediate effect is for Gross Misconduct. Another drink-driving charge?
  8. After going through a cost cutting exercise for my own small business, albeit on a much smaller scale, it really brought home to me how much saving there is to be made through good housekeeping. It's the sum of the parts that count, so whilst these may seem trivial in isolation, when combing with other cost savings, the measured result can be significant and worthwhile.
  9. We're better off at the moment with Petrov in the team, end of.
  10. I think Mortimer is talking rubbish. Stick to managing female football teams or whatever it is you do now.
  11. The fans of Aston Villa have made the Villa Managers jobs one of the least favouable jobs in the Premiership. Not just with what's happened over the past few days, it's been like that for a lot longer. Somebody needs to stand outside VP every home game and dish out the "happy pills". The "happy pills" are not required for Away Games.
  12. I have sampled your cakes on many occasions. Not specifically your cakes, but the cakes you refer to. It's not often you eat something which then makes you feel hungrier than you were before. Black magic I tell you.
  13. Wow, it's like a breath of fresh air in here. I must come in more often. Anyone for tea and cakes?
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