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  1. Really? There was a time when it was only Villa doing the balloon thing then several teams ripped us off. Shame there aren't many photos about but watching the villa in the 70s n 80s normally meant taking a bag of 'em
  2. Early signs are good. I believe strongly if a seed is planted we will see Our Holte grow. This is about looking forward but not forgetting our roots, simple aspects like balloons, scarfs will be reminiscent of days gone by but not so were stuck in them. A modern day version, I don't think there is one villa fan who woudn't want to see the Holte in all its glory again. I really do believe this, we've everyone together, can be the start of The New Holte, were out kids and grandkids are telling there kids about the glory days of the all seater Holte End
  3. Also the club are monitoring this fan campaign, and tbh seem really up for 'helping'
  4. The past post about its not all about the fans, im sorry but the point im making by getting this campaign running is The Holte End was renound all around europe for its support, vivid displays etc. We started the balloons, scarf, banners, streamers, toilet roll...... We were copied up and down the country, when was this? When we were in the 3rd division for the first time ever
  5. I'm looking forward but believe the generations that missed out on the glory days can take aspects from The dark days of Div 3 (club down lower than ever but when the villa fans were renowned all over the land). Going forward but not forgetting what made the Holte Great. Almost The spirit of The Holte End coming back. Appreciate your views mate
  6. So you wouldn't welcome aspects of The Holte from years gone by back? If one or two areas re invent the 70's would it not catch on? Genuinely interested to hear people views. Standing shouldn't affect pre match displays etc The response on twitter, have to say has been received well especially from the older generation. Too hear peoples opinions is why I'm on here UTV
  7. The aim of this is to re connect the generations. Getting families talking bout experiences memories. If you read stories of the 70s now you will hear a lot from blokes who was 9 tellin how amazing it was on The Holte somehow that needs to come round a gain the next generation of 9 year olds need to see what the Holte is really about so they can pass on stories to there grandkids. The Holte End sway, The gap, Left side/Right side, upside down legs forming V's all may be no more but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be passed on through generations of Villans. Younger kids now only dream bout be
  8. Been a great response on twitter have a look at @brucerioch4 people getting behind it, bought back many memories for some. As for groups, i dont fell thats a route to go down because it should be a communal holte everyone of any age can bring balloons, scarfs etc
  9. Regarding stewards, The club may be able too sort something out spoken to a couple people from club, seem really enthused by the whole idea of bringing the 70s back in effect
  10. Can you remember the visual displays of balloons, scarfs, flags, toilet roll etc? Before kick off everyone stands, its not about copying the old days more about bringing certain things back ie balloons, streamers...... The generation of Villa fans coming through now dont know The Holte End as it it was. we never had good football when we were rock bottom in the 3rd div (first season down)
  11. Coda my point exactly. Lower Holte is still vast enough to re invent the 70s
  12. The Brigada is a group, not everyone can get to them. This is a about bringing the 70s Holte back, dispelling the myth that shit football= shit atmosphere. The 3rd Division days sums this up perfectly. Visual, colourful Holte End we were proud of and everybody in the country knew about despite being down lower than ever.
  13. This is not another half hearted plea to 'bring atmosphere to B6' or another group being formed, its just merely a heart felt cry for the return of The Holte End, the Holte our fathers, grandfathers knew. Groups split people, divide fans, alienate themselves from certain sectors. This is just a simple ask to bring scarfs, balloons, streamers even toilet roll anything that's reminiscent of the old days, the 3rd Div days. The times when football was at its worse, Villa were rock bottom but when The Holte End was there, standing loud and proud across europe The enjoyment for some of going the
  14. On the pitch like little kids you ran you ran On the pitch like little kids you ran you ran Mcleish agreed you looked like clearings in the woods in burberry scarfs and baseball hats BCFC small team mentality nananananananananananananananananananananana The city is ours tune; We've seen the glory before, since 1874 we follow aston villa that's what we do we're claret and blue we're claret and blueeeeeee we are the villa boys we're claret and blue When I was young i had a dream to watch the greatest football team and here i am to watch them play wiv randy lerner and houiller
  15. Not that i condone any of the violence wednesday night but; we tore a white seat out, a blue seat out, a white seat, a blue seat we threw them all about, we are the mighty villa, were the pride of brum! that's what its all about!
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