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  1. Invent your own meanings for words if you insist buddy. It's just that communication would be simpler and much more effective if we all stick to the actual dictionary definitions. Also - for future reference, it is entirely unconvincing to try to win arguments by attempting to pull rank on others by claiming to possess qualifications you so obviously don't. Anyone who actually knows how to spell and use correct grammar and punctuation will see through your utter bullshit immediately.
  2. I had similar thoughts in terms of formation with slightly different personnel... I think we need to press them high as a team and try to force mistakes then hit them fast on the counter when we gain possession- only one of the full backs venturing forward at any one time. Nothing to be gained by being too defensive and inviting City on to us...
  3. Mate, nothing quoted in any of your links actually supports your claim of any difference, in terms of meaning between the two words i'm afraid. They effectively mean the same thing within the context of following a sport or a team. You merely evoke - (unverified) implications of obsession, that are actually your own imaginings. The original argument / debate stems from someone else (TRO?) claiming that a fan was an armchair observer, while a supporter was someone who actually forks out for tickets and goes to games. Clearly no such distinction exists. That is what I and others objected to as it has no basis in fact, and people felt it implied the superiority of a supporter over a mere fan. Anyway - I hope to God the team we all follow and love obsessively - (whether fan or supporter), show the same amount of fight as you and TRO have done here, when they play at Wembley this afternoon UTV
  4. Nah! - I'm not wearing it. If you truly possessed the qualification you claim, you would know that the word Lineage pertains to peoples ancestry. The word you were looking for is 'Etymology'. If you really had a degree in etymology, then you should know that the origin of a word often has little to do with its current, commonly accepted meaning. You should also know that a dictionary is a useful place to look up the actual DEFINITION of any word. You ought to get yourself one maybe, and look up the words; - Lineage, etymology, definition, fan and Supporter.
  5. Mate, there is no distinction. Words have clearly laid down meanings. Fan and supporter mean exactly the same thing in the context of a sport or team. We don't get to have our own opinions on the definition of words, just like we don't get an opinion on the FACT that 2 + 2 = 4, or that Copper is a metal. (well we do - but any other opinions than the known facts are demonstrably wrong - sorry) UTV
  6. Just for clarity - If you look up the words 'Fan' and 'Supporter' in a dictionary they have effectively identical definitions. You could also use the words follower, adherent, or disciple to mean the same thing. Your Insistence they have different meanings based on actual attendance at matches is your own invention and i'm afraid factually incorrect.
  7. Won't Guilbert be serving a ban tomorrow for receiving 5 league yellow cards?
  8. Very true, and don't forget the little matter of 'goal difference' which could relegate us if things are tight at the end of the season....
  9. where did you watch it back? any chance of a link please?
  10. I like that, but would choose Hause - Mings - Engels. as the defensive 3. No way will smith play either team though...
  11. I know we're only in the early pre-season stage and mainly focussed on building fitness and team spirit and avoiding injury, but i honestly think Courtney Hause has looked to be our sharpest and best central defender over the course of these two friendlies, closely followed by Chester and then Konsa. Tyrone Mings has looked really sloppy and overconfident to me so far... I really hope he's back to the high standards of last season soon!
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