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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/51r7coq34cc7dsb/AAAvif3XctYwBRSr-l3QIZBNa? dl=0&preview=Aston+Villa+vs+Derby+County+●+Full+Match+HD+●+Championship+Play+Off+Final+18_19.mp4 Download this (as opposed to watching the link - which is only 50 odd minutes) - it has the full match and cup presentation ceremony etc... UTV
  2. he's gone to the cashpoint to withdraw money?
  3. might be a daft question, but who is the player with no. 25 on his shorts, pictured training on the official site? i don't recognise him and the squad list has no number 25...
  4. might be a daft question, but who is the player with no. 25 on his shorts, pictured training on the official site? i don't recognise him and the squad list has no number 25... sorry!! - meant to post in transfer rumour thread...
  5. Self-defence is no offence. If you're attacked in the street i'm not going to moralise with you about which tactic you use to defend yourself! There's not much talk about the violence of Apartheid from those criticising Mandela's stance. To be clear, the minority of young ANC members who formed Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK: ‘Spear of the Nation’) of which Nelson was one, were on a hiding to nothing. Terrorism is the last desperate defiant act of the defeated, In this case borne out of the frustration of demands for simple democracy being met with extreme violence and mass murder.from the state. MK were quickly arrested and imprisoned, along with the ANC leadership. It was the wave of Mass struggle of the 70's, the 'New Union Movement' in '73, the student & community revolts in Soweto and the other Townships,leading to the Mass struggles and strikes of the 80's, for which Mandela became the figurehead from his cell, that finally forced the regime to negotiate with the ANC.
  6. I think we all have a bit of reading to do! He did a lot of good and will be remembered for that, but let's not rewrite history. His sins were not minor. If you're so sure, why not point us in the direction of this reading that we have to do? Mandela was convicted of sabotage, and always denounced terrorism against individuals, despite the horrendous violence of the Apartheid state. He only turned to this tactic in desperation after Police massacred 69 unarmed demonstrators in 1960.He attempted (unsuccessfully) to blow up a couple of pylons if my memory serves me correctly - it's many years since i read 'the long road to freedom'. I think now would be a good time for a re-read. I remember it had a massive impact on me as a young man.
  7. Ah - yes, that's right, i remember now.... cheers!
  8. Yeah he did. Houllier hated him for it haha. See? Houllier wasn't all bad. Didn't Houllier make him move to Brum? -or try to...??
  9. YESSSSSSS! I'm over the moon with that......Nice one Christian!!
  10. Any more awkward than training with the team when no-one knows if he's staying or going? My thinking was that Lambert wouldn't want that disruption, and also wouldn't want Christian taking with him any inside gen on new players, formations, tactics etc with him if he does end up at Spuds?? - Didn't Lambert say somewhere that the reason for a time limit was to get as close as poss to a full pre-season with the squad we're going with...?
  11. Kendrick just tweeted that Benteke is training with the First team squad.... I really can't imagine Lambert allowing that unless he was sure to be playing for us... - I suspect the time limit has expired... (well - we've reached page 600!!)
  12. If he trains with the first team, i think he'll be playing for Villa next season. Fingers crossed.... he's a Beast!
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