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  1. dont have any hatred for mcleish just not the person i wanted to manage villa. In ways more annoyed that randy is going to go through with it understanding full well what the majority of fans think.
  2. brilliant sky sports news breaking news aston villa have contacted birmingham over alex mcleish... give it a few hours he will be out the running ala benitez. **** sky!!
  3. What the **** hell is going on!!! this is doing my head in now..
  4. brilliant away fans today. bin laden x2 big bird, a carrot and barrack obama to name a few.
  5. warwickshire and chris woakes ripping somerset apart though i do get the feeling its more somerset playing shite then warwickshire outstanding. 34-7 4 ducks in the innings ahaa.
  6. Haha one of the first games i played on playstation cortex strikes back brilliant game along with toca touring car championship. Vice city is my shout though. loved that game.
  7. sharktopus! (sorry if its a little late)
  8. **** hell heard it all now the lifeboats are for show and dont even float. i mean come the **** on.
  9. watching titanic 2 on movies 24 and I am actually embarrassed for anyone involved with this.
  10. random ball ache. its mild but i can still feel it so annoying.
  11. Mr Understudy you are one crazy bastard mannn.
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