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  1. Craigy1874

    Keinan Davis

    Out for a month, not cool.
  2. If only we still had Scott Hogan...
  3. It's intangible and not purchased so wouldn't appear in the accounts. It would only be valued if you sell the brand.
  4. You are forgetting the fact he is an absolute arsehole though.
  5. to voice my opinion and hopefully get it closed
  6. obvious photoshop from El Ghazi's tweet
  7. Or leave villa at the next available window.
  8. won't be a bidding war if there is a release clause in his contract as has been reported.
  9. Must be a pain having to log in and out of threads!
  10. Style? What do you mean style? We haven't had a style of football for a looonnnnggg time!
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