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  1. We were robbed today! Ref was clueless!
  2. I thought that the 3 players who were yellow carded might have been bought off at half time. Looking back, El Ghazi for Trezeguet would have been a great sub. I have concerns about Trezeguet.
  3. I really hope we sign Maupay. He is the perfect alternative to Wesley
  4. Heaton was amazing today. Really impressed
  5. I havent played the first and im loving the second so far. The prologue breaks you in nicely so it feels like Witcher 2 is a standalone game actually, doesnt feel like a sequel if you know what i mean
  6. We have put Delph back a few years in the way we blooded him into the team. I mean that in the sense that we didnt do any blooding at all. He was left to rot on the bench for far too long. Other clubs would have been putting him straight in the team, especially after his showings in pre season when he first arrived. Hes got a bit more playing since Ged came here and then Mcleish but the damage had already been done a long time ago. Its a long way back for Delph. I hope he can do it here but its looking unlikely now
  7. If you liked Skyrim you will like Oblivion. Both are superb. Dark Souls is another game i would highly recommend if youre looking for a big adventure type game.
  8. If anybody hasnt played it yet i highly recommend World of Goo. Briliant game. Only 59p in the android sale as well, get it whilst its cheap!
  9. I see it the other way round... Gardner should be starting with Stan maybe coming on for the final 20-30
  10. Needs to be playing regularly now. Need to stop pussyfooting around giving the kids ten minutes here and there. Same for Weimann, especially with Bent being out. When Fergie or Redknapp think a kids good enough they put them in the team, end of. I dont see why we should be bigger than that. Thats not a criticism of the manager its been a Villa thing for years. Mcleish has acually been quite good in this respect but the kids should still be getting some starts
  11. Oh and another thing...i mentioned 'Another World' in the best games of all time thread the other day. Found out last night that they are releasing an enhanced 20th anniversary smartphone version in the next few weeks. Will definitely be getting that
  12. I bought World of Goo and the novel Girl with the dragon tattoo last night for a grand total of 70 pence. Bargain.
  13. Some of the occasions when the youngsters were used are still used to beat managers with. There's a critical mass of about 3 or maybe 4. Anything above that and it seems to go to pot. I know this but theres already plenty of sticks lying around to beat Mcleish with, im sure 1 more wont hurt :winkold: If it means losing a game then it will hurt! Well, theres every chance we will lose anyway the way things are going. I see your point though. Mcleish picks the kids, we lose, Mcleish gets the blame. But at the same time...Mcleish picks the seniors, we lose, Mcleish gets the blame. Not ma
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