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  1. We were robbed today! Ref was clueless!
  2. I thought that the 3 players who were yellow carded might have been bought off at half time. Looking back, El Ghazi for Trezeguet would have been a great sub. I have concerns about Trezeguet.
  3. I really hope we sign Maupay. He is the perfect alternative to Wesley
  4. Heaton was amazing today. Really impressed
  5. Never seen him play but hes built like a brick shithouse. Could be an absolute beast. Get him in now before Spurs inevitably get there first. 2m is peanuts nowadays
  6. Anybody know how Holman and Poulsen were linking up for AZ last season? Could be the thinking behind this. If they already have an understanding then it might just be a shrewd signing. Our left side was utter shite last season. Zog needs to be playing on the right cutting in or in the hole IMO. Hes not a typical 'get to the byline and whip it in' type of winger is he
  7. Ive been saying the exact same thing for months mate. I think people are expecting an instant massive turnaround when we appoint a new manager. The reality is our squad isnt good enough and any manager coming in will struggle IMO. A new manager with massive backing from the chairman is a different scenario though...
  8. So....will Lambert not suffer that same fate? Or any of the newly promoted teams players who have looked good this season? Nope. Doesnt work like that.
  9. I dont see what Delph has to do with this? Its like saying 'oh dont sign anybody from Man U, look at Djemba-Djemba'. Doesnt make sense.
  10. Just noticed in the gossip columns that Norwich are hoping to sign Robert Snodgrass. Now, if we do get Lambert (and im warming more and more to the idea) then the first thing he can do is sign that lad up for us. Always rated him. Quality player. Oh and bring Pilkington with him too. That would be a great start
  11. Although i wouldnt mind Martinex here, i dont think we should go for him. Hes already turned us down, hes not gonna leave Wigan. We should just move on and avoid the possibility and embarassment of him rejecting us again
  12. I think having Makoun in the team could potentially bring the best out of Ireland and N'Zog too
  13. Makoun was at VP on Sunday?? Didnt realise that. I hope to God Randy said something along the lines of 'look, i dont care who the manager is next season your coming back here' Whatever peoples opinions are of him as a player its just naive to think that we havent missed somebody of his experience and (IMO) blatant ability to play football this season
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