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Villa infographic...who to use


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Hi guys, a friend and colleague of mine at work produces some top class graphical design artworks and is in the process of creating various infographics for famous football (Premier League at the mo I think) teams - he wants to create one for our mighty Aston Villa and asked me (as one of only a couple of Villa fans in the building) for ideas on the best themes. For each team he produces two infographics:


1 -  Player graphic - the most iconic player for the club (not necessarily the greatest ever player but one that you instantly think of when you think of the club)

2 -  Iconic game graphic - the game that is synonymous with the club


I gave my thoughts and said that the game would undoubtedly be 1982 at Rotterdam - and various info graphics could be the attendance, minute Withe scored, use of 14 players throughout tournament etc...



...but with the iconic player I said im 100% confident Paul McGrath will be the most popular. But he wasnt so sure (as a non Villa fan it was interesting - he also couldn't think of a more obvious one)


Therefore i'm putting it to you guys to see what other (if any) suggestions you may have for these game and player graphics? 

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If it was nowadays i'd say Benteke, considering he has signed a new contract and is the key player he would be the one.


Plus I was on holiday a few weeks ago and the amount of people that ask JUST about Benteke and no-one else in our team is quite frightening. I don't think many clubs associate any other 'top' player with our club now that we don't have Barry, Young,Downing or Milner in the middle of the park.


In the past it's 100 % McGrath as he is clearly the fans favorite. But then again so is Mellberg, Laursen,Petrov and Carew... In my time anyway :(


I'd go with McGrath !


And pretty obvious it's going to have to be Rotterdam 1982 aha.

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