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  1. Jay.P.A

    Jack Grealish

    I don't see any abuse here apart from the fact he is disagreeing with your post.
  2. Jay.P.A

    New Manager Speculation

    Rumours saying NSWE want the manager in by the 20th
  3. Jay.P.A

    New Manager Speculation

    Hotel? Trivago.
  4. Jay.P.A

    Tammy Abraham

    So am I reading this right? A few people are getting upset that he was complaining he didn't get a pass when he was in a good position so he could do his job and score a goal? That's exactly what I want all my forwards to be like. 'GIMME THE *****N BALL NOW SO I CAN SCORE FFS"
  5. Jay.P.A

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    in before anyone talks rubbish or is writing him off already. Talented to say the least;
  6. Jay.P.A

    John Terry

    It's because he might have left.....I would've though anyway.
  7. Jay.P.A

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Lol oh ok.
  8. Jay.P.A

    Jonathan Kodjia

  9. Jay.P.A

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Honestly mate - I was shocked at some of the comments in this thread. Unbelievable. Has your opinion changed now? The King Is BACK.
  10. Jay.P.A

    Jonathan Kodjia

    That's a sensible debate. One thing I would argue though is your assessment of his hold up play - he's never like Benteke or Davis- i.e strong in the air with his back to goal. Never has been and never will be - so for people to criticize that aspect of his game is a bit bizarre IMO. When the ball is played up to his feet with his back to goal - he very rarely give the ball away. When the ball is played out to the channel and he gets to it, again he very rarely gives it away. We don't really help him the way we play football, but his general play is good. I still standby what I said a few weeks ago on here - he is technically one of the best players with the ball at his feet. Alright, he needs to learn how to pass in the final third but I don' t mind our strikers being greedy, as long as they produce, which he hopefully is now. Remember this is the guy that single-handedly won us games 2 years ago on his own when we were terrible at times.
  11. Jay.P.A

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Absolutely. In fact since Green has been getting into our first team - he has a knack of getting into very good position in the box. He's a missed a few chances (can remember some headers going wide) but the fact he's in those positions in the first place are extremely encouraging.
  12. Jay.P.A

    Jonathan Kodjia

    I can see what you're saying mate but the level of opposition needs to be taken into account. It was the same game where Hutton managed to get past three players before playing a cross right on to Green's head.
  13. Jay.P.A

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Fact is, last two games, he's got a goal and an assist. But it's like he can't win. He's now starting to influence our games now - surely people should be happy? There was a massive over reaction of Kodjia. Doesn't score - gets criticized for not scoring. Scores - still shit? Doesn't pass - gets criticized for not passing. Sets up a goal - still shit? Lol it's like he can't win. Fans really need to give him time. Once the team starts create chances (Not that we'll make chance after chance under Bruce, so far this season anyway) for him and he'll put them away. He's proven in this league, despite what people want to think. Apart from the most elite strikers in the world, most will be anonymous until that one second when they bang in a goal or get an assist.
  14. Jay.P.A

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Good for you lad, good for you. He's not, but fair enough, that's your opinion.
  15. Jay.P.A

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Lol just read back the last 7 pages. Absolutely ridiculous overreaction from some posters in particular. Now that he's back on form, surprisingly the people who were who were saying he's finished, 'brutal on the ball', etc no where to be seen.