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  1. This - 100%. His footwork and ability to make a mockery out of defenders is brilliant. Only player who gets close is probably El-Ghazi, then maybe Jack.
  2. This. I spotted those sly digs when I watched the video as well. He's just brilliant.
  3. Jay.P.A

    Dean Smith

    Where are all the haters now? SHOW YOURSELF.
  4. Got to disagree with what you've said there (in bold). When given time and space he does run at his man - please watch his run for the first goal last week - ran past 3/4 players with good/quick feet.
  5. Jay.P.A

    Dean Smith

    THIS. Some of the football we have played is seriously some of the best I've seen us play.
  6. You disagreed with someone who said he had his best performance in a Villa shirt today. If that's the case, when was he better?
  7. Ridiculous. Won the ball countless times in Boro's half to push us going forward. Had a great game today, and linked up well with El-Ghazi. Well done Neil.
  8. Sorry mate can I just ask what you would've wanted Kodjia to do when he came on when we're 3-1 up? Create a chance? Well he did that. Score? Made something out of nothing and nearly scored. Ran the channels to pressure the fullbacks. Yep, he did that. What did he not do? Smile, be a cheerleader, didn't pump his chest up.
  9. Jay.P.A

    Kortney Hause

    Nope. Hause on the weekend.
  10. Did more in 18 minutes than their striker did in 62 mins. lol,
  11. Not going to lie, think that clue went over all our heads expect yours mate. good spot haha
  12. I wonder what you lot are going to think of him when he scores our winner in the play off final.....
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