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  1. Stevo, you're 100% correct here. Mind boggling people think otherwise.
  2. K'inell. People complaining we got two good left backs competing for a starting spot?
  3. Think you're in the minority there mate. He was shocking towards Villa.
  4. You have to remember, he has extremely quick feet and is probably the fastest with the ball at feet. He could probably do better - but at the weekend he may have gone down a bit easy so we can could Conor whip in a decent free kick for us to attack. On the weekend though, he was legitimately fouled about 4 times.
  5. And effectively, you're saying the ref was spot on most of the game? LOL.
  6. But you also talk a lot of rubbish. He had KWP on toast a few times, tracked back and won the ball a lot with Taylor down the left - so much so we nullified their attack down our left.
  7. Baring in mind guys - Ref gave us ****-all most of the game. Only Grealish was winning free kicks. AEG was fouled legitimately a number of times and nothing was given to him.
  8. Sorry mate - but all of that is a bunch of bollocks.
  9. This is so on point, that I read it in their accents as well.
  10. Hopefully he won't be the only one performing well this season, otherwise may need a Cairopractor for carrying this team on his back.
  11. Thought he did well. A few sloppy passes every now and then, but this is pre-season. Of course he's going to be a bit off the pace. Still class though.
  12. Danny De Vito in one of the funniest shows of all time, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  13. The fish puns are back? Anyway, when the hell are we signing TYRONE FINS?

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