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  1. Jay.P.A

    Henri Lansbury

    Feel for Henri. Could've been a decent player for us this season - he's got that bite/aggression we need in midfield. Saw a post on his Insta a few weeks ago, just pure frustration - said something along the lines of "Can someone just buy me a new hamstring please ffs".
  2. Jay.P.A

    Dean Smith

    The performance against Derby and Boro were better IMO. They were 'complete performances'. They were all fantastic results, but the plaudits we recieved from the pundits also showed how good the performances were under Smith. We tend to go to shit after good performances though Went to shit after the Wolves game under Bruce, and under Smith although we actually done better from that tough fixture list during Xmas our results turned in Jan.
  3. Jay.P.A

    Dean Smith

    To you - as a fan. Not the powers at the club. if they're serious about the future then they're not going to pull the trigger over a couple of bad results in a massive transitional period. We're probably not going to make the play-off and we're safe from relegation, so who knows what the owner's requirements are remits are. Again, we tried to 'buy' the league and failed even though we 'won matches'. Building a sustainable model is much more important for us as a club rather then a few wins in a season where we're not going to do anything.
  4. Jay.P.A

    Dean Smith

    You can't win matches without building a foundation - you're contradicting yourself mate. Name all the best managers you can and list all their accomplishments - and then study their first seasons. Tell me you can't see their first seasons (apart from some exceptions) were generally average to poor. Takes time to build and actually put a stamp on teams.
  5. Jay.P.A

    Dean Smith

    wtf? Are you feeling alright? Your views seem a tad bit simplistic and quite short sighted. "Good managers win matches and poor ones don't" - so there's no other factors? It's just black and white to you.
  6. Jay.P.A

    Dean Smith

    What's wrong with Brentford? Small club that made about 80m on player sales while only spending less then 10, AND STILL FINISHING mid-table, despite selling their best players - WHILE OUTPLAYING THE MIGHTY ASTON VILLA EVERYTIME WE PLAY THEM. lol. If we can do 'Brentford' but on a massive scale, where we can get promoted and promote our youth, and play the way they play - sign me the **** up. What's your ideal team then, if not 'young and hungry'? 'Old and overfed'?
  7. Jay.P.A

    Dean Smith

    Limited manager? By whose standards? The managers we've had in the last decade? Where ever the guy has been he's been considered a success - doing it the right way. Working hard with smaller teams and rising through the ranks. He needs to build 'his' team - because it's harsh to judge him right now when these players were signed by a different type of manager who's ideologies and methods are outdated and are coming to the end of their careers. The way Smith wants to play is fast, competitive football with an emphasis on possession based system - where we don't have rely on individual bits of brilliance as Bruce did every game (Snodgrass, Adomah, Grealish, Grabban). Finally he's own of us - mean more to him when we win, and I'm sure it hurts a damn lot more to him when we lose then another manager who doesn't have a previous affinity with our great club.
  8. Jay.P.A

    Dean Smith

    I could write a lot of spiel about Jack being out (Who I and most people would consider one of, if not the best player in the Championship) and Axel, who was in great form before breaking a metatarsal. You're literally taking out the spine of the team - Smith is used to having players which the 'advanced' ability on the ball - not the average players like Whelan, Jedinak, Hutton, Taylor, Adomah, etc, who have basic technique on the ball. Like I said his Brentford team have not just played us off the part just the once - it's literally every time we've faced them. It's not a coincidence and I wouldn't be surprised in 6 months time with a complete overhaul that we'll be playing better football which will help us in the long run.
  9. Jay.P.A

    Dean Smith

    Like it or not - Smith is/was responsible for building that Brentford team that virtually showed our team how to play football, with a tiny budget compared to everyone. I believe in Smith until/if he fails with his 'own' team. It's like this; You hired a builder to sort your big house out. This builder has a reputation of doing a 'decent' job. You have some tools but the builder tells you he needs to buy his own tools to do that job. So off you go, and you buy EVERYTHING the builder wanted to do the job. He goes on to buy older brands which were tried and tested and paid a lot of money for them. He also borrowed a few tools from his mates. Anyway, the builder starts his work, and your house starts to look good/decent. His methods probably aren't the best - he uses a lot of quick fixes, and uses the wrong tools for certain jobs - but the results seem to be working. Then you start realising although the house looks OK, the builder seems to be falling short. Some of things he promised, it looks like he won't deliver. It looks OK, its just not what you paid. For the money you paid the builder (top dollar) and paid for his tools, it's not going to finish as you wanted. The builder becomes unreliable and you decide to tell the builder that you're going to not going to use him anymore. You then look for another builder - a younger builder who comes recommended from various people. He has taken jobs before and has produced great results from his limited resources. You bring him in, and he tells you straight away that the work the old builder did was unfortunately not very good for the long term, and if you want it to be done you need to start the work again. You tell him that the tools you've already bought need to be used, even though the tools are absolutely shit now and don't work properly. The builder agrees to work with old shit tools but says the results might not be great. He'll try his damn best but the methods he uses, these tools won't be suitable. You ask him to try and after a few months, you'll buy him the tools he needs to do his job correctly. Long story short, Dean Smith has to use Steve Bruce's old, shit tools. Until Smith buys his own players and can put his coaching into place, I'm going to back him.
  10. Jay.P.A

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I tell you what, I'm at work right now when I get home I'll respond to this.
  11. Jay.P.A

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    'Great job' which included a lot of shite as well. Look at it objectively.
  12. Jay.P.A

    Jack Grealish

    He didn't announce it, the relative of the lad who needed the wheelchair did. He's class. Can't wait until he's back.
  13. Jay.P.A

    Tyrone Mings

    If it doubt, stamp it out Love it. Proper defender in our team now. The stamp IMO was not deliberate - he's a big guy and the striker fell right under him as Mings won the ball. Some comments in here are absolutely laughable. Anyway - hopefully he's as big/important for us as Van Dijk is for Liverpool.
  14. Jay.P.A

    Jack Grealish

  15. Jay.P.A

    Alan Hutton