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  1. Jay.P.A

    Jack Grealish

    Grealish isn't going anywhere. You guys shouldn't panic for no reason. Anyway, with us actually having a midfield now, I wouldn't be surprised to see Jack banging in a few more now, as well as assisting more. How many penalties has Jack won this season by the way guys? For people saying he's not been productive enough....
  2. Jay.P.A

    January 2017 transfer window

    Heard he's an animal just needs to be unleashed.
  3. Jay.P.A

    Alan Hutton

    Set up Kodjia with that ball down the right so no complaints from me today. He was solid defensively.
  4. Jay.P.A

    Jordan Veretout

    Clean slate under the new manager for all players. The Dr was more pissed off with Gabby then Veretout, and he's still managed to make his way back in.
  5. Jay.P.A

    Carles Gil

    Can't beat a man? What player were you watching? Technically the guy's dribbling is great. The fact is the only way someone could take the ball off of him was to overpower him and foul him - yes sometimes he got tackled and no fouls were given but usually he was good enough to get past people or turn away from trouble with ease.
  6. Jay.P.A

    Ritchie De Laet

    Sounds like we've bought a player who is similar to Amavi, but just in the RB position. Decent defensively, but very good going forward?
  7. Jay.P.A

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    Might be the wrong Hernandez. Might be Javier Hernández
  8. Jay.P.A

    Tony Xia

    Who else is there? Berbatov? Van Persie is a good shout.
  9. Jay.P.A

    Adama Traore

    He was in training today.
  10. Jay.P.A

    Jores Okore

    Sorry, was meant to quote kurtsimonw
  11. Jay.P.A

    Jores Okore

    ^ Are you completely disregarding the partnership he had with Clark when they both were actually decent?
  12. Jay.P.A

    Jores Okore

    It's absolutely no surprise that he was good in the first half with Baker. In the second half with Richards as a centre back partner the guy had no chance. If I was to keep one of the two, it would be Okore 100% - at least he's shown he could be a good CB, unlike Richards,
  13. Jay.P.A

    Adama Traore

    I feel he's just been unlucky here with injuries. I don't think he was injury prone at Barca so hopefully he'll be fit and raring to go soon. Probably said this before but I genuinely cannot wait until (or if) he forces his way into the team and absolutely demolishes opposition full backs.
  14. Jay.P.A

    Tony Xia

    Wow.....forgot to switch accounts Lapal_Fan? LOL