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PFA Player of the year.


So, who will win the award?  

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  1. 1. So, who will win the award?

    • Joe Cole
    • Steven Gerrard
    • Frank Lampard
    • Thierry Henry
    • Wayne Rooney
    • John Terry

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Six players, five of them English (!)

Who's yer money on?

Joe Cole (Chelsea)

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)

Frank Lampard (Chelsea)

Thierry Henry (Arsenal)

Wayne Rooney (Man United)

John Terry (Chelsea)

Last few years its been really obvious who would win it. This time?

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Guest RantinRob
I don't care, they all get on my **** nerves

This wasn't the question. :lol:

Shut it, or I'll smack your arse with one of your skis :winkold:

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Ah Mr Anthony Pig. Good to hear from you. :)

I wonder if Gerrard won't get it.

Ah oui M Bland... I'm not here very often any more. Sometimes I post my ridiculously optimistic posts on VT (see the "Early Birmingham City Thoughts" thread)...

to quote General Melchett: "If nothing else works, a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through!"

Gerrard's a good shout... but I can see it going to "England's great hope".

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