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booked the train yesterday 25quid return from new street direct to sheffield

Was that with a railcard?

Anyway anyone looking at train travel don't get ripped off, there are currently returns avaialble for £11.50 e/w however this requires selected trains (as opposed to the on the day fare of £37.80)

If you are prepared not to have booked seats though split your tickets into a day return New St - Derby (£13.70) and day return Derby - Sheff (£8.80), totalling £22.50.

Also to add you won't need to change trains doing this either!

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just realised i know the howard, saw it when i went to look at sheffield hallam in october 09 with it being a minute's walk from the main uni entrance. walked from there to some accommodation by bramall lane. probably a 15-20 minute walk so not bad. looking forward to it.

maloney, it depends. we usually go to a pub beforehand and get to the ground 10-15 mins before kick off and into the stands as the players are coming onto the pitch.

obviously when there's no pubs we'll go to the ground a little earlier and have a sing and a drink in the concourse. unless that is you're at reading where there's no pubs for miles around and when you get inside the aptly named john smiths stand, there's no alcohol being served.

personally, i really don't see the appeal of getting to a ground more than half an hour before kick off but a lot of people do.

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