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Looney Tunes


Which is your Looney Tunes Cartoon  

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  1. 1. Which is your Looney Tunes Cartoon

    • Bugs Bunny
    • Road Runner
    • Tom & Jerry
    • Daffy Duck
    • Porky Pig
    • Sylvester & tweety
    • Pepé Le Pew

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Sorry I didnt realise my understanding of your facist viewpoints made enjoy looney tunes Adolph

as on the Iraq post Drat , where i have already answered your false accusations , if i'm a facist then you have to be a looney Communist ..simple as that Commrade

the falseness of your claim can even be seen clearly on the bottom of every post i make ..still your never been one for the truth to affect your judgement , have you ...

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Ha - so are Tom and Jerry looney tunes or not? ....... come on answer the question

p.s. whats with the right wing element and the need for cryptic messages in sigs?

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see drat i challenged you in a post to find something right wing about anything I've posted and you ignored it , maybe cause you can't be arsed , maybe cause you can't find anything ... questionning the truth in events and not loving Blair doesn't make me a facist and a racist as you so kindly called me .. Yes i vote Torry as did the majority of people in ENGLAND at the last election , does that mean we are all facist in your eyes ??

as to the poll I had to include Tom & Jerry as they are importnat but couldn't think of the collective term to put them under so I left it as loony tunes ..they are all Warner Bros now so it's not that big a deal ...

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Tony I'm sure it wouldn't take me that long a time to go back through your posts, especially the political ones and the ones on the hoolocaust etc to show that you have very right wing views. didnt you say that you wanted a Tory government back in? Arent they right wing? - It wouldnt be hard now would it, or unless you are now telling us that your political persuasion is in fact socialist? The fact that you make out England rather than the UK, what exactly are you saying in that statement?

Tom and Jerry are not important in a looney tunes thread, as you well know with your eastern european influence, for a period of their time they were a product of the Polish(?) cartoon makers?

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Being a Tory supporter does not make you a racist or a fascist…. Which is what you have called me..the reference to England rather than the UK was a tongue in cheek reply to you saying I mislead with facts ..we had a post whereby I quoted figures that showed more people voted Tory than labour at the last election .. i omitted the fact that it was based on England only and not the UK ..and when someone exposed my economic presentation there was some banter involved and my post above was a throwback to that banter ..no sinister plots , no England forever BNP hidden messages , sorry to disappoint

Disputing the Holocaust figures is controversial I agree, but I presented some argument to back up those views ..I didn’t quote any right wing organizations in doing so and indeed in the same link I even posted some evidence that backed up Wurzel \Duncdares , who I was arguing against ..not the actions of a twisted man , but the actions of a man who has a deep interest in History , and not just WWII at that .

The words in my sig are from a song about apartheid-era South Africa , read and I’ll let you decide if it makes me a racist ..when you see you are wrong maybe you’ll stop using that word on future posts ..I’ve no objection to banter , but that is a bit too far

to get back on topic though :-) , in the 60's Tom & Jerry were being made a by a Czech outfit ,they are considered by some as being the worst of the Tom and Jerry ever made ....

Tom and Jerry as is today , were sold to Turner Entertainment and have appeared on Turner-run stations, such as TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and Turner Classic Movies... in other words part of the looney tunes banner , so for the purpose of my poll they can stay even though as some have rightly pointed out technically they don't belong :-)

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Thanks Adolph :-)

You should take T&J out though :wink:

Anyway where do Hannah and Barbera (SP?) figure in this?

Probably being "deloused" in the "non existent" gas chambers with the others...

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I was always more of a Hannah Barbera man myself

Scooby doo

Hair Bear Bunch

Top Cat



wacky races

great days but that probably makes me an anarcho syndicalist or something

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my thread my poll :-)

you can make a HB poll on another thread ...

would have to vote flintstones though :-)


Rico ..wrong person , I only said numbers didn't make sense , the chamber man was someone else

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