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mad suck up monarchist or modern chap?


so, the royals......  

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  1. 1. so, the royals......

    • YES! great idea, raise taxes, givum more
    • yes, the system works well enough
    • it's complex, you decide
    • no, it's outdated and needs a review
    • NO! storm the barricades and liberate the silver

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Probably been done a thousand times before. But what with the poor being told to leave nice areas of town and sell kidneys, are the royals still worth funding?

Now I know the Civil List is coming to an end, but the compensation will be the ruling royal at any time will live rent and maintenance free - forever. I appreciate we can't let everyone live rent and maintenance free, but surely we can dig deep and pay tax to let the royals be the exception to the rule? This for someone who, however you wish to calculate whatever you want to include as theirs, is worth billions.

Would the tourists really stop visiting London if the royals were not subsidised?

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