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Gabby at 50.


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It’s a bullseye! The half-century is up for Gabriel Agbonlahor who today became only the 45th player ever to reach the fifty goal mark for us.

Let’s take a look at that achievement.

Gabby scores goals. He’s more than just fast as f*ck and he’s worked hard to make himself that way; he’s good in the air, strong on the ball and able to get out wide and stretch teams.

Fifty goals isn’t to be sniffed at, especially for a player who’s just 23 years old. If we can keep hold of him then he might just become someone who leaves a big mark in our goalscoring charts and he should at the very least shake off the last of his doubters.

He’s got plenty of those too, and you won’t have to go far to find someone who’ll be only too happy to provide you with a list of the things Gabby can’t do. Thing is, that list is getting shorter every season.

I prefer to concentrate on the things he can do because when he’s on form, he’s nigh on unstoppable. He scored on his debut at the age of nineteen and hasn’t showed any signs of stopping since. Here are his fifty goals:


[table color=#bccde9:acf1701a1a]

[mrow color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a][mcol]#[mcol]Opposition[mcol]Competition[mcol]Date[mcol]Goal[mcol]How

[row][mcol]1[mcol]Everton (a)[col]Premiershipe[col]March 18th 2006[col]A neat finish on his debut in a 4-1 defeat. On as a sub he scored with an angled shot in the 64th Minute.[col]RI[/table]


[table color=#bccde9:acf1701a1a]

[mrow color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a][mcol]#[mcol]Opposition[mcol]Competition[mcol]Date[mcol]Goal[mcol]How

[row][mcol]2[mcol]Charlton Athletic (h)[col]Premiership[col]September 23rd 2006[col] A close range volley in front of the goal from a Barry cross, our first in a 2-0 win.[col]RI

[row][mcol]3[mcol]Chelsea (a)[col]Premiership[col]September 30th 2006[col]A headed equaliser from a Liam Ridgewell header on in a 1-1 draw.[col]H

[row][mcol]4[mcol]Leicester City (a)[col]League Cup[col]October 24th 2006[col] Smashed home a winner in the 119th minute of a cracking cup-tie to scenes of absolute delight in the Villa end.[col]LI

[row][mcol]5[mcol]Liverpool (a)[col]Premiership[col]October 28th 2006[col]A pass from Chris Sutton set up a neat finish for this consolation goal in a defeat.[col]RI

[row][mcol]6[mcol]Manchester United (a)[col]Premiership[col]January 13th 2007[col]Banged into the roof of the net following excellent work from Baros; another consolation goal.[col]RI

[row][mcol]7[mcol]Watford (h)[col]Premiership[col]January 20th 2007[col]A clinical finish on the break after a slip by Shittu beat Foster from just outside the box.[col]LI

[row][mcol]8[mcol]Everton (h)[col]Premiership[col] April 2nd 2007[col]An 83rd minute equaliser on the rebound from a Carew effort. Neatly tucked away.[col]RI

[row][mcol]9[mcol]Blackburn Rovers (a)[col]Premiership[col]April 7th 2007[col]Flicked past Brad Friedel from a Berger through ball under glorious Ewood sunshine in a 2-0 win.[col]RI

[row][mcol]10[mcol]Wigan Athletic (h)[col]Premiership[col]April 9th 2007[col] Scruffily stumbled across the line in an untidy draw ruined by Mark Halsey.[col]RI

[row][mcol]11[mcol]Sheffield United (h)[col]Premiership[col]May 5th 2007[col]Held off a challenge and hammered a left footed shot into the net to send 40,000 free scarves waving.[col]LI



[table color=#bccde9:acf1701a1a]

[mrow color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a][mcol]#[mcol]Opposition[mcol]Competition[mcol]Date[mcol]Goal[mcol]How

[row][mcol]12[mcol]Chelsea (h)[col]Premier League[col]September 2nd 2007[col]A late goal in a glorious 2-0 win. On a lightning break he diverted Ashley Young's fierce cross past Cech.[col]RI

[row][mcol]13[mcol]Everton (h)[col]Premier League[col]September 23rd 2007[col]Exquisitely controlled a long punt from Scott Carson before slotting it past the keeper - a cracker![col]RI

[row][mcol]14[mcol]Tottenham Hotspur (a)[col]Premier League[col]October 1st 2007[col]Baffled Michael Dawson before drilling home in a 4-4 draw at White Hart Lane.[col]RI

[row][mcol]15[mcol]Manchester United (h)[col]Premier League[col]October 20th 2007[col]Headed home an Ashley Young cross to put us ahead in a game we went on to lose 4-1.[col]H

[row][mcol]16[mcol]small heath (a)[col]Premier League[col]November 11th 2007[col]Moments after making a goal line clearance at the other end he headed home an 87th minute winner in front of the Villa fans in the away end - heroic.[col]H

[row][mcol]17[mcol]Middlesbrough (a)[col]Premier League[col]November 24th 2007[col]Chasing another Carson punt he held off Jonathon Woodgate and beat the keeper from close in.[col]LI

[row][mcol]18[mcol]Wigan Athletic (a)[col]Premier League[col]December 29th 2007[col]Headed in an Ashley Young cross to win the game in the rain at Wigan.[col]H

[row][mcol]19[mcol]Bolton Wanderers (h)[col]Premier League[col]April 5th 2008[col]Flicked the ball home to complete a beautiful flowing passing move down our left hand side. Our second in a 4-0 win.[col]RI

[row][mcol]20[mcol]Derby County (a)[col]Premier League[col]April 12th 2008[col]Our fifth in a six goal routing of the Rams was a shot that went in off the post.[col]RI

[row][mcol]21[mcol]small heath (h)[col]Premier League[col]April 20th 2008[col]A right foot shot from the edge of the box that completed a 5-1 romp over our neighbours. Happy days.[col]RO

[row][mcol]22[mcol]Everton (a)[col]Premier League[col]April 27th 2008[col]Tucked away from a corner to put us 2-1 ahead with five minutes to go in a game we drew 2-2.[col]RI



[table color=#bccde9:acf1701a1a]

[mrow color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a][mcol]#[mcol]Opposition[mcol]Competition[mcol]Date[mcol]Goal[mcol]How

[row][mcol]23[mcol]FH Hafnarfjordur (a)[col]Intertoto Cup[col]August 14th 2008[col]A first European goal, dribbling into the box and curling a finish inside the post.[col]LI

[row][mcol]24[mcol]Manchester City (h)[col]Premier League[col]August 17th 2008[col]Hooked in a right foot volley with half an hour left to put us ahead against City.[col]RI

[row][mcol]25[mcol]Manchester City (h)[col]Premier League[col]August 17th 2008[col]Headed in a Barry cross from close range to seal the win and score more than one in a game for the first time.[col]H

[row][mcol]26[mcol]Manchester City (h)[col]Premier League[col]August 17th 2008[col]Didn't stop at two, running on to a through ball and curling a lovely left foot finish around the keeper for his perfect hat trick.[col]LI

[row][mcol]27[mcol]West Bromwich Albion (a)[col]Premier League[col]September 21st 2008[col]Picked the ball up forty yards out and sprinted at the Albion back line before firmly striking a winning goal.[col]RI

[row][mcol]28[mcol]Wigan Athletic (a)[col]Premier League[col]October 26th 2008[col]Carew's header from a corner hit his foot and went in; not sure how much he knew about this one.[col]RI

[row][mcol]29[mcol]Blackburn Rovers (h)[col]Premier League[col]October 29th 2008[col]Ran onto a through ball and slotted a neat left foot shot past Paul Robinson.[col]LI

[row][mcol]30[mcol]Arsenal (a)[col]Premier League[col]November 15th 1008[col]Roared past Gallas and hammered home in a memorable 2-0 win.[col]RI

[row][mcol]31[mcol]Bolton Wanderers (h)[col]Premier League[col]December 13th 2008[col]Controlled a long ball and curled a left foot volley home.[col]LI

[row][mcol]32[mcol]Bolton Wanderers (h)[col]Premier League[col]December 13th 2008[col]Nodded in an Ashley Young cross from close range.[col]H

[row][mcol]33[mcol]West Bromwich Albion (h)[col]Premier League[col]January 10th 2009[col]Another Carson assist, this time helping Gabbys weak effort from a narrow angle into his own net. Awarded posthumously by the dubious goals panel.[col]LI

[row][mcol]34[mcol]Blackburn Rovers (a)[col]Premier League[col]February 7th 2009[col]Made a great late run into the box controlled the ball well and finished firmly - smooth as you like.[col]RI

[row][mcol]35[mcol]Manchester United (a)[col]Premier League[col]April 5th 2009[col]Beat Evra in the air to put us ahead in a game we lost 3-2.[col]H



[table color=#bccde9:acf1701a1a]

[mrow color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a][mcol]#[mcol]Opposition[mcol]Competition[mcol]Date[mcol]Goal[mcol]How

[row][mcol]36[mcol]Fulham (h)[col]Premier League[col]August 30th 2009[col]Outmuscled a defender and fired home from 25 yards out in a 2-0 win -unstoppable. [col]LO

[row][mcol]37[mcol]small heath (a)[col]Premier League[col]September 13th 2009[col]Unmarked and headed home for yet another late winner in front of the Villa fans.[col]H

[row][mcol]38[mcol]Portsmouth (h)[col]Premier League[col]September 19th 2009[col]Shrugged off Tal Ben Haim and finished crisply past David James.[col]RO

[row][mcol]39[mcol]Cardiff City (h)[col]League Cup[col]September 23rd 2009[col]A delightful backheel through his legs from a Carew cross - cheeky![col]RI

[row][mcol]40[mcol]Blackburn Rovers (a)[col]Premier League[col]September 26th 2009[col]Raced on to a Milner flick to put us one up in a game we lost 2-1.[col]RI

[row][mcol]41[mcol]Wolverhampton Wanderers (a)[col]Premier League[col]October 24th 2009[col]Collected a Heskey pass and span Craddock, hooking in from six yards out to put us ahead.[col]LI

[row][mcol]42[mcol]Bolton Wanderers (h)[col]Premier League[col]November 7th 2009[col]Firmly finished between Jaaskelainen's legs after great work and a great center by Carew.[col]LI

[row][mcol]43[mcol]Tottenham Hotspur (h)[col]Premier League[col]November 28th 2009[col]Prodded home from close range after Tottenham failed to clear a corner.[col]LI

[row][mcol]44[mcol]Manchester United (a)[col]Premier League[col]December 12th 2009[col]Held off a defender and played the ball out to Ashley Young before sprinting into the box to get onto the cross and heading in our first winner here since 1983.[col]H

[row][mcol]45[mcol]Blackburn Rovers (h)[col]League Cup[col]January 20th 2010[col]Stuck out a Travolta hip and managed to get the slightest of deflections onto a Milner shot to make Big Sam cry and help us to Wembley.[col]Hip

[row][mcol]46[mcol]Fulham (a)[col]Premier League[col]January 30th 2010[col]Outmuscled a defender to nod a Petrov cross home and put us ahead.[col]H

[row][mcol]47[mcol]Fulham (a)[col]Premier League[col]January 30th 2010[col]Unbalanced Hangeland before turning him beautifully on the corner of the box and curling a sweet shot around Schwarzer.[col]LI

[row][mcol]48[mcol]Burnley (h)[col]Premier League[col]February 21st 2010[col]A Milner centre from a Heskey lay off bundled into the back of the net by Gabby for our 5th of the day[col]RI

[row][mcol]49[mcol]Crystal Palace (h)[col]FA Cup[col]February 24th 2010[col]Stooped to head in a corner for his first ever goal in this competition[col]H

[row][mcol]50[mcol]Everton (h)[col]Premier League[col]April 14th 2010[col]Nodded in a James Milner cross for the first of our equalizers in a game we drew 2-2[col]H


Here's how he's scored them:

[table color=#bccde9:acf1701a1a][mrow color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a][mcol][mcol]OUTSIDE


BOX[mcol]TOTAL[row][mcol color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a]LEFT FOOT[mcol]1[mcol]13[mcol color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a]14[row][mcol color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a]RIGHT FOOT[mcol]2[mcol]21[mcol color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a]23[row][mcol color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a]HEADER[mcol]0[mcol]12[mcol color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a]12[row][mcol color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a]HIP[mcol]0[mcol]1[mcol color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a]1[mrow color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a][mcol]TOTAL[mcol]3[mcol]47[mcol]50[/table]

Which I think shows a versatility he's not given much credit for.

Here's who he's scored them against:

[table color=#bccde9:acf1701a1a][mrow color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a][mcol]Opposition[mcol color=#8c333c:acf1701a1a]Goals


[row][mcol]Bolton[mcol]4[row][mcol]Manchester United[mcol]4[row][mcol]Fulham[mcol]3[row][mcol]Manchester City[mcol]3[row][mcol]small heath[mcol]3[row][mcol]Wigan[mcol]3[row][mcol]Chelsea[mcol]2[row][mcol]Tottenham Hotspur[mcol]2[row][mcol]West Bromwich Albion[mcol]2[row][mcol]Arsenal[mcol]1[row][mcol]Burnley[mcol]1[row][mcol]Cardiff City[mcol]1[row][mcol]Charlton Athletic[mcol]1[row][mcol]Crystal Palace[mcol]1[row][mcol]Derby[mcol]1[row][mcol]FH Hafnarfjordur[mcol]1[row][mcol]Leicester[mcol]1[row][mcol]Liverpool[mcol]1[row][mcol]Middlesbrough[mcol]1[row][mcol]Portsmouth[mcol]1[row][mcol]Sheffield United[mcol]1[row][mcol]Watford [mcol]1[row][mcol]Wolverhampton Wanderers[mcol]1[/table]

Of the current Premiership, he's yet to score against Stoke, Sunderland, West Ham or Hull.

There are eight goals there against the Sky 4, plus good hauls against the rest of the chasing pack and six against local rivals - he's got big game pedigree.

All in all, it's not bad for a player who’s still just 23 years old, he’s well placed to push on and work his way up Villa’s list of all time goal scorers (click here to see it) and he’s got plenty of time on his side to build a legend.

He could well pass David Platt and Juan Pablo Angel next season and if he keeps going the way he is, he could overtake Gary Shaw at just 25 years of age.

Maybe the boy who can’t will have the last laugh.

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Bloody hell! Very impressive Scott, I am presuming that you have one in preparation for Nathan? Pity about the one’s for Shane, Sam, Luke and Stefan.

As for the record; 2 & 30 are my favourites. 2 was the first goal he had ever seen a Villa player score; 30 was just a fantastic feeling.

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As I said in today's match thread I think Gabby has progressed a lot again this season and his all around play is far far better than he is given credit for. His work rate is excellent these days, though I do wonder if he sometimes uses energy that should be retained for attacking runs by chasing back.

A quarter of his goals are headers which is a surprise but shows he is pretty much an all round good player now.

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And yet the man can't finish... ;) But I think his coolness in one-on-ones with the keeper has gone worse. Hope he can get that up again. Cracking number of goals for such a young player. Hope he'll stay for a long time here. My favourite is no 13 against Everton. The control he showed there was world class, no doubt.

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I'm impressed that he has such a balanced distribution of goals between left foot, right foot & head. Though he's almost van Nistelrooy-esque when it comes to goals outside the box :) He's our fox in the box. And now Carew is on 47 ...

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I am really pleased for Gabby to reach the 50 goal mark! He gets some flack at times but his attitude on the field has been first class and that has stood him in good stead! Constantly making progress under MoN, I believe he should also take some credit for Gabby's rise!

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