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Villatalk GOAT (or living memory) Draft Competition

Kuwabatake Sanjuro

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Inspired by the GOAT 11 thread I and given the amount of time people have on their hands I was wondering if there would be any interest in running a little competition?

The gist of it could be as follows:

  • Maybe 8 or 16 posters involved
  • A random list generator will decide the picking order with it reversed in alternate rounds
  • When all teams are picked there will be a series of hypothetical matches in a knockout competition with the winner decided by the great minds of villatalk in a poll.

Finer details can be ironed out if there is sufficient interest.

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29 minutes ago, PaulC said:

Not really sure what it’s all about. Are you asking people to vote who the best villatalk posters are? 

Sorry if I haven't explained this well.

The idea is that posters who wish to take part in this competition would select a team of 11 players in a draft competition. With the poster who gets 1st pick in the 1st round will get the last pick in the 2nd and vice versa.

When the teams have been picked there will be a knockout competition where the posters teams are pitted against each other with the winners decided by public poll. This should not be a popularity contest but based on team selection, tactics and the arguments put forward by the posters.

An example from another site where I got the idea.




It might be a bit of fun or it might be a load of shite but you'll never know unless you try.

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