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Favourite non Villa sporting moments


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Been trying to think about this. It's a great idea for a thread.

Lewis/Bruno is right up there for me. "The Battle of Britain" First time 2 British fighters faced off for a Heavyweight World Title.


No SKY at most people's houses then, and too young for the pub, we all piled round this lad in my year at school's house whose dad had SKY and was away that weekend. I didn't know them that well in school and I remember going home a few days before the fight really, really chuffed he'd invited me round. Little did I know I'd be making lifetime friends that night. Still in touch with everyone that was there and even did the best man duties for one of them a few years ago.

Also the debut of this guy. I remember that we watched the undercard that night but I don't remember the specifics or this fight in particular, but who'd have thought we'd be watching the 1st win of a 46 - 0 - 0 career?

And all at the old Arms Park too, Which added to the hype for us kids at school in Wales for sure.

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