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FA child abuse inquiry


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an almost quite sad inevitability that our name would crop up at some point but the manner of it has made me quite angry - 


so what they're saying is its already been investigated and he's been found guilty 9 years ago, he worked for our feeder club rather than direct for us, can honestly say i dont remember ever hearing of him at the time, i obviously really hope the club didnt do anything daft, 


Aston Villa and Leicester City are likely to be investigated by the Football Association in its inquiry into historical child sex abuse.

How much the clubs knew about the actions of former scout Ted Langford is said to fall within the inquiry's terms of reference, the Times reported.

He was jailed in 2007 for abusing four young players in the 70s and 80s. He died in 2012.

More than 50 clubs are potentially linked to the investigation.

The Times reported Langford was jailed at Birmingham Crown Court for abusing boys while he was a scout for both clubs.

A spokesman for Aston Villa said: "The club co-operated fully with the authorities during the investigation at that time."

A Leicester spokesman added: "We take the current matter very seriously. At present, however, we have no indication of any allegations made against or in relation to Leicester City Football Club.

"We will, of course, investigate fully in the event any further information comes to light."

The FA would not comment on whether Langford's crimes formed part of the investigation.

However, its internal review is considering what "steps" were taken by "clubs identified as linked to alleged sexual abusers took at the time of any incidents," and "what that club did or did not know and/or did or did not do in relation to child sexual abuse".

Langford, who lived in Perry Barr, Birmingham, was jailed for three years.

He worked as a scout for Dunlop Terriers, a feeder club to Aston Villa.

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It is very sad but atypical of the media today that they are looking at anyway to infer big clubs to make headlines. 

I find this whole thing horrific and the only thing that should matter, should be making sure the victims are supported and cared for.

In an ideal world it would be better the media didnt report on it at all and let all investigations run their course. That won't happen, unfortunately.

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It's hard to comment on this until something concrete is alleged, that involves the club directly. I would hope that if called up on, the club will cooperate with authorities, and help bring any culprits to justice. We can only hope that there is no direct link to the club, or any of its staff.  

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This fills me with confidence that the FA investigation will be done in a forensic, targeted and effective manner (aka trawling through old press cuttings and "investigating" any club mentioned no matter how relevant the reference is).


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I'm not 100% sure what it is the FA are investigating to be honest, it sounds like they're letting the police do their thing and investigate the accused whilst they are looking in to what the club did or didn't do and if they were informed and could have prevented it

that approach sounds near sensible 

this bloke has obviously done what he did, been caught, found guilty, the legal case is done, I doubt the police will reopen anything to do with us, the FA on the other hand will be very interested if we had even the slightest indication that it was happening and ignored it

think this Chelsea hush money stuff has dragged them in to it all

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