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Aston Villa Signed Memorabilia shops/ sites?


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I've been asked to find a genuine shop/ website for Aston Villa signed memorabilia but, other than Villa OS, I'm not sure where to look - not something that greatly interests me (unless it was gained in person).


Does anyone have any ideas? I found one site; http://www.midlandsmemorabilia.com/aston_villa_memorabilia.html but not sure how genuine/ trustworthy it is.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I've got a Blackpool away programme signed by Brian Godfrey! Just thought I'd mention that.



Actually, programme dealers/sellers is a good bet They're usually in the know or flogging off any bits of memorabilia, signed or whatever.

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Previously I worked within the signed memorabilia industry and it's a mine field. Even legit dealers get caught out. There was a spate of signed Gerrard 05 memorabilia which big dealers were selling which turned out to be fakes. 

The key is to look for and research there UACC registration as they are a sort of governing body. They should have a list of authorised dealers. 

Also id recommend researching the dealers name on google to see if it crops up on any message boards or if they have have had any previous companies selling memorabilia. I know of a few who have been caught out then just start up under a new name. 

 I cannot comment on the legitimacy of signatures without closer inspection and comparing them to known examples. 

I wouldnt put too much stock on there being photos of people signing things as it doesn't tell you anything really. 

Also i would be wary of ordering any framed shirts without seeing close ups of the framing. Good quality shirt framing is expensive and poor quality cheap framing where the shirt is pressed up against the glass or non uv glass will cause deterioration of the signatures. From personal experience I would stay clear of signed gloves, boots or balls as the signatures will deteriorate no matter how they are kept. 

There are many reputable people and dealers out there unfortunately there are more sharks & fakes. 

PM me if you want more advice. 

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