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I, by choosing this refuse to/Will still....  

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  1. 1. I, by choosing this refuse to/Will still....

    • I Will as of now (24/3/05) refuse to buy the Mail....
    • I REFUSE to stop buying the mail because.....

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Ok I as I am sure many others have had enough.

By choosing an option in this poll you must stick to it. If you choose to do so and now never buy a copy of the Evening Mail again you must also not log on to their pathetic ICbirmingham website. Both of these spout propoganda on behalf of Birmingham City Football club.

They supported a drunk driver and in return blasted another player from another team for appearing in a Video of which he never intended to (which supported gun crime)

So its down to us to ignore those vicious and vindictive pricks.

its a 7 day poll.

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whoops... should have read the poll...

you put REFUSE in capital letters... so my mind thought the option was "I REFUSE to buy the Mail because..."

anyway, i won't be buying it...

... because (a) I don't find many vendors of the Evening Mail in Massachusetts; and (B) I get cheap home delivery of the New York Times

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Guest RantinRob

I haven't purchased it for over 10 years, along with any other "newspaper"

They can all **** off

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I sometimes buy it, sometimes i dont.

It depends on whether there is a Villa story on the back or not.

I cant see myself changing that habit.

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