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Referee in Spurs' 1st leg v Sevilla


Was the referee corrupt ?  

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  1. 1. Was the referee corrupt ?

    • Totally corrupt
    • Atrocious, but honest
    • I thought he did well
    • I didn't see it

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I know I'm a week late, but I've been ill.

OK so bearing in mind he gave a penalty that was never in a million years a penalty.

Bearing in mind he gave a throw-in to Spurs despite the ball clearly hitting the flag and going behind for a corner to them.

Giving free-kicks to Sevilla for blatant fouls ON Spurs players.

Spurs player gets sandwiched between 2 Sevilla players ? Free kick to Sevilla.

Also bearing in mind that he has done this before for Sevilla - sending off 2 opponents and giving dubious penalties.

With all of the evidence above, was it corruption, was it honest but terrible refereeing or did he do a good job?

I honestly think we witnessed corruption that night. I felt sick watching it.

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Joke that ref was.

Didn't he just make up his own rules as well.

Ball hit corner flag and went out for a corner to spurs instead he gives a drop ball, at first it thought it was some rule but nope...

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Dont think he was corrupt, and i think the furor over the penalty was blown out of all proportion as those kinds of decisions are given somewhere in the world most weeks.

He did have a crap game though. Dodgy ref.

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I just think he was absolutely incompetent and weak. Influenced 100% by the noisy home support. I don't think he was corrupt, at least I really hope he wasn't. It would be a sad day for us all if that sort of thing took hold of football.

I really think his performance that night should be reviewed by UEFA tho, ref's that poor and easily influenced should never be in charge of a match at that level.

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BOF.. i honestly agree with you, those major points crossed my mind during and since that game!

I believe it to be corruption! Blatant as well!.. best thing now would be to see if he referees anymore games in the uefa cup this season.

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