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Rate Lamberts Signings


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Seeing as this is the same man continues to pick the likes of Weimann as an automatic starter, you'll have to forgive me for not taking his judgement as gospel as you do.

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That he'd be better or worse is irrelevant. Is the lad ready himself? Will it help/hinder his development? What is best for him long term? We're in no position to make that call. Simple.

Might be wrong but I'm sure kev said that cowans had told Lambert he was ready. I'd imagine cowans is in a position to make that call.

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Guzan - Hit. - Has come on leaps and bounds since he made his debut, a mistake to let him go and a great decision to bring him back.

Vllar - Hit - When fit he keeps us solid at the back, he is a very good leader and we miss him badly when he is out.

Bennett - Miss - currently a miss, still time for him to improve though, once he has played 50ish games it would be a good time to decide.

Luna - Not enough time. 

Okore - Not enough time. 

Lowton - Hit - on a poor run of form but the quality is there, skinned too easily sometimes but that can be worked out of him.

Westwood - Hit - Poor this season but in a team that is on form, he is an important player. Struggles when we are struggling and needs help alongside him..

Bacuna - Too early.

Tonev - Too early.

El ahmadi - Hit and miss - he hasn't been as bad as some would have us think, he gets good tackles in for us but can't do much with the ball as the team is static. 

Benteke - Hit - even though the form is poor right now, a hit.

Kozak - Too early - but scored vital goals and will do more in a team that is more positive with more support.

Helenius - Too early.

Overall he has brought a load of championship quality players to our club despite spending close to £40 million. Not good enough. 

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I think that a lot of the ratings in this thread aren't taking into account how little some of these players cost.


If you buy a player who turns out to be a mediocre to average premier league player for £1m, in my mind that is a good signing. Ideally you wouldn't want them to be playing every week, but that is more to do with the overall squad quality rather than how good a signing that player was. Yes, the quality of the squad is, of course, dependant on the quality of the signings, but that is largely determined by how much you can spend on a player.

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