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  1. Holds onto the ball too long and you never know what you are going to get from him. A fans favourite but must be difficult to play alongside. I would be trying to offload him.
  2. Haha I was definitely in the right place yesterday. I'm still randomly punching the air in delight now.
  3. I ran out of Wembley Stadium like a loon. To be honest, I was suprised at how subdued the atmosphere was - I think everyone was kind of exhausted by the end.
  4. Didiersix


    Czechlad you've convinced me. I've booked a flight over from Madrid without a ticket so **** it, I'll see you in the posh seats hopefully
  5. Yeah normally he looks quick to me though... maybe his shoulder injury hampered him slightly? Showed nice tenacity though to keep the ball.
  6. I really like Andre Green. Always have. He is pacy, takes players on and has a nice drop of the shoulder. Decent aerial ability and can shoot. I think he is underrated.
  7. Didiersix

    John Terry

    I thought the same. It was a bad look for him - and the fact he was watching some Chelsea youth (?) game last night (having watched them in the FA Cup on Monday). My perception is that we do not seem to be his first priority. Certainly wouldn't surprise me if something was afoot.
  8. I think as an away manager you know that if you keep the crowd quiet for the first 20 minutes or so then there will be a change in atmosphere... not that that's too different to anywhere else. But is the lack of energy felt more at a big stadium like Villa Park than elsewhere? Alternatively the reverse can also be true - I wasn't there so can't say for certain but the atmosphere for the last few minutes of the Sheffield United game sounded amazing. That can't help but propel the players. There's no doubting our passion - but could it be channelled better by the club as well as the players?
  9. Yes I do think it is what the fans want to see. With Atleti you know that they may not be the best side in the league but they will run through walls for their team, for their manager. If you see that kind of 'balls out' energy and commitment, how can you not be inspired as a fan? It forms a very special bond. Somehow we need to put a seed of this in Villa Park. For me, this is where the club also needs to step up - in terms of the messaging put out, I don't think it resonates particularly well.
  10. Agree with this. It's not like you can change your team is it? The way I see it is you are in this until you get out of this world so you might as well enjoy it. I watched a documentary on Atletico Madrid the other day and the incredible bond between the fans which then transmits to the players as well. It's an incredible unity of passion. At the heart of it is defiance - something that is embodied by Diego Simeone - that if you fall, you get back up again. Together.
  11. I'm not sure it's a lack of effort with Hourihane. He just looks shot confidence wise. And he has never really been able to tackle - far too quick to slide.
  12. Didiersix

    Dean Smith

    Thing is it really isn't. We are not getting out of this league this season in my opinion, and think we have enough to stay up. So...
  13. Didiersix

    Dean Smith

    I know it is frustrating but it is going to take time. Even if Smith isn't the final piece in the puzzle and can only get us so far I am still convinced he will leave us in a better position than where he found us. We need to lower the average age of the squad and start building something sustainable.
  14. This was the determining factor for me. The way that Oliveira falls into Mings and knocks him slightly makes it more difficult for him to control his foot placement. It is very different to the Zlatan incident in my opinion.
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