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  1. Didiersix

    New Manager Speculation

    OK this is ultra-ambitious. Ridiculously so. BUT What about Leonardo Jardim? Could we tempt him with a vision and a plan? Much like Rodgers, I think he has taken Monaco as far as he can... and is fed up constantly selling his best players.
  2. Didiersix

    Christian Purslow

    So he was there when Brendan Rodgers was manager at Liverpool?
  3. Didiersix

    Steve Bruce

    Must have been hard to move the bus out of the Burton Albion car park after he'd thrown all the players under it.
  4. Didiersix

    Jack Grealish

    Agreed. This is classic Levy. Prolong things as long as possible, unsettle the player, try and force the "selling" club's hand. If, as reported, it's true his opening offer was £8m + Onomah on loan, you really have to admire his chutzpah.
  5. Didiersix

    Thierry Henry

  6. Didiersix

    Time for a takeover

    That's such a great description of it. It is totally stuck in the eighties.
  7. Didiersix

    Tony Xia

    Perhaps we should have known with Dr. Tony Xia that the devil would be in the detail
  8. Didiersix

    Jack Grealish

    Good luck Jack. It's an absolute tragedy that we cannot offer a player who only wants to play for the club he loves a platform to play. The money we get from selling him may well save the institution that we all cherish from extinction. But we should all be angry about this.
  9. Didiersix

    Steve Bruce

    Where does this preconception come from that Bruce is good at running a club with little money? He has always spent money at every club he's been at. Even this season he has bemoaned our injury problems when we have had (in theory) superior strength in depth to virtually any other team in the league.
  10. Didiersix

    Tony Xia

    Thanks for the insight @Deisler123 In my mind, he has to be encouraged to find a buyer as soon as possible.
  11. Didiersix

    Steve Bruce

    It makes my piss boil the thought of Bruce staying. He has a readymade excuse - young lads, no money - and can walk away any time with his reputation intact. Despite the fact he has played a significant part in our downfall. I really don't trust him to bring the best out of our U-23 players.
  12. Didiersix

    Going Under ?

    Grealish is gone guys. We have to accept that.
  13. Didiersix

    New Manager Speculation

    What about promoting Mark Delaney? Being as the core of the team will be the U-23 squad, does it make sense to have some kind of continuity?
  14. Didiersix

    Time for a takeover

    Yes I agree. But I think it is worth exploring. And remember, you don't have to necessarily be a fan to buy a share.
  15. Didiersix

    Time for a takeover

    Does it have to be one member one share? Or could it be say, Stan Collymore buys 20 - one each for his family, dog (insert joke here) etc.?