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  1. Whose decision was it to hire Suso? That to me is the biggest decision to damn us. Such a poor appointment.
  2. True enough. But aren't we getting to the point here. I may not know Jack Grealish. But I know what I expect of my club captain. I know what I want my club to represent, the role it should play in society. And this isn't it. If he says he loves the Villa as much as he does (and I have no reason to doubt him on that) then he knows what that role should represent full well too.
  3. What annoys me is the disdain he has shown and how disingenuous he has been. When he recorded that message telling people to stay indoors... he clearly didn't give a shit or doesn't understand the gravity of the situation that is going on around him. He paid lip service to it. He didn't believe it. He showed himself to be a spoilt brat who thought the rules don't apply to him. For the foreseeable future, everything he says will be judged through this filter.
  4. Bit of a shit apology really isn't it. You can tell he is shitting himself.
  5. Does anyone think he should be stripped of his captaincy just for being out of his house without good reason? Irrespective of whether he was drunk/car crash. For me the answer is yes: he should be showing why he is a leader at this time, rather than acting in a way that is wholly irresponsible. We have a readymade captain waiting in Mings as well.
  6. Think this will be in the papers tomorrow. He is in big trouble for sure. No hiding place from this I'm afraid. If it is true he has done something terrible at a time when we all have to take civic responsibility. I've seen nothing that makes me think this isnt true either. So I'm expecting the worst.
  7. Horrible news. Privileged to have seen him play... one of our finest ever players: silky smooth but tough as teak. Just magnificent.
  8. Thanks Kingman. I had a ticket for Derby... not sure I'll be as lucky this time!
  9. So is there pubs that people are going to near Wembley Stadium who haven't got a ticket? Will people be watching it on big screens in the Boxpark?
  10. Yes I remember this. As a kid, I remember the jump over the 'moat' from the Holte onto the pitch seemed enormous. Never mind clambering over the fence.
  11. I think he really helped Marvelous out, which is why you saw a better performance from Marvelous last night. Undoubtedly brings a better balance to our midfield. I understand why people think 'Luiz must start'... but I think tactically it is about right - Drinkwater will keep it tighter and then we bring on a fresh Luiz when there is more space on the pitch.
  12. I don't think many Atleti fans perceive it that way, that he built the foundations for Simeone. But anyway, I think for most of us Villa fans the jury is definitely out at present.
  13. Yes but for everyone of them there were two duds. He is regarded as a bit of a joke unfortunately... if you look at the list and where he signed him them from, there are not too many players that were unearthed by him. Most were already well established. His time at the club is not looked at fondly. He also left Valencia in a mess too.
  14. Speaking to Atleti fans they are not that fussed by him. His record was pretty mixed in general. Hit and miss.
  15. Anyone know if he can play v Leicester?
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