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  1. Didiersix

    Steve Bruce

    Where does this preconception come from that Bruce is good at running a club with little money? He has always spent money at every club he's been at. Even this season he has bemoaned our injury problems when we have had (in theory) superior strength in depth to virtually any other team in the league.
  2. Didiersix

    Tony Xia

    Thanks for the insight @Deisler123 In my mind, he has to be encouraged to find a buyer as soon as possible.
  3. Didiersix

    Steve Bruce

    It makes my piss boil the thought of Bruce staying. He has a readymade excuse - young lads, no money - and can walk away any time with his reputation intact. Despite the fact he has played a significant part in our downfall. I really don't trust him to bring the best out of our U-23 players.
  4. Didiersix

    Going Under ?

    Grealish is gone guys. We have to accept that.
  5. Didiersix

    New Manager Speculation

    What about promoting Mark Delaney? Being as the core of the team will be the U-23 squad, does it make sense to have some kind of continuity?
  6. Didiersix

    Time for a takeover

    Yes I agree. But I think it is worth exploring. And remember, you don't have to necessarily be a fan to buy a share.
  7. Didiersix

    Time for a takeover

    Does it have to be one member one share? Or could it be say, Stan Collymore buys 20 - one each for his family, dog (insert joke here) etc.?
  8. Didiersix

    Tony Xia

    I would say undoubtedly this is the biggest crisis the club has ever faced. Our very existence is threatened.
  9. Didiersix

    Tony Xia

    Oh sheeeeeeeeeeeetttttt
  10. Didiersix

    Tony Xia

    Agree with that. I don't think it is anywhere near clear cut.
  11. Didiersix

    Tony Xia

    How many shrewd decisions do you think Dr T. has made so far in his time at Villa Park? I know we had a big rebuild etc. but I can't help feel he has got more leeway just by not being Randy Lerner. I believe he maybe well intentioned - just as Lerner was - but is he about to lose interest now that his plans for world domination have gone awry?
  12. Didiersix

    Keith Wyness

    Wyness has got that politicians knack of prefacing every answer with 'Great question [insert callers name]'...
  13. Didiersix

    Steve Bruce

    Agreed. Maybe Man City fans had to endure a similar fall from grace but you are right - the fans have been amazing. Incredibly loyal and amazingly patient.
  14. Didiersix

    Steve Bruce

    I know what you mean but then we haven't done very well over recent years allowing players to rob a wage without responsibility. From what I heard last night, he was willing to admit his mistakes - reckons he might have changed too much too soon etc.
  15. Didiersix

    Steve Bruce

    I have some sympathy with him. I think he wants to shift the club away from the 'drift mentality' that has seen us gently and not so gently decline in recent years. I think he now recognises that he made too many changes in January - but I can see why he wanted to freshen things up... we have been so fragile for so long and been taken for a ride by so many. I think he has limitations as a coach and I think this may be even more difficult than he thought but I don't see him shirking it. He is and will be honest about it.