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  1. To answer the question haven’t stopped since the announcement.
  2. Sorry stand corrected,got a feeling he will come good but will be somewhere else.
  3. Watched his performance last night and thought he would get a few goals after all it was Gibraltar but yet another poor performance.Like many I thought Dean would have got him back scoring goals something he had been very good at Oldham and Brentford.Looks to have put on a bit of weight, can see him being loaned out in the Championship or even a top Div 1 club.
  4. I wonder if the massive step up in wages and size of clubs has an impact as they lose their desire as they think they have made it.
  5. Yet another example of a Brentford player who moved on and failed to impress.Was our player of the year then left for Stoke who paid 7 mill and has failed to hold down a starting place under 2 managers.I think after your similar experience with Hogan best you give our players a big swerve
  6. I wonder if Dean is just helping his old club start an auction for Benrahma with Arsenal West Ham and Palace all showing interest.
  7. Selling players hasn’t helped along with the fact we don’t get loan players in anymore,haven’t done for past 2 seasons.We are a bit like a poor mans Arsenal very good on the eye but soft under belly mainly due to not having a tough guy in midfield.Thomas Frank has started to address this in signing a defensive midfielder last month and I’m sure we have at least another 5 players to come in this summer.I hope we can hold on to most of our players and give it a go next season but if clubs meet our valuations players will leave there is nothing you can do about it.
  8. Hilarious,I expect you will be first up to call for a change if you lose the first 2 games.Some fans don’t do any research.
  9. It’s not Dean Smiths Brentford he came into a very stable set up with excellent support team and did a great job.He always talked highly about his DoFs and the owner even after he left us.Its down to your scouting network to replicate what he had with us.
  10. I agree with all of that but think we need Maupay more than Benrahma next season if we want a top six finish.Maupay would be a big gamble in PL,yes I would say thatbut you are talking similar money for Mitrovic at Fulham who is a far better and still only 24.I expect you are right about the deal that will get done.Remember Dean has seen him in training and is more aware than most of his talent.
  11. Sorry but you sound like those fools down the road after they signed Jota Colin and Harlee and you know how that went
  12. I don’t rate him even top championship let alone PL thought he was a liability at times defending.Looks very comfortable on the ball like all our defence but weak in the air imho
  13. Not my business or money but our owner has got a history of not getting mugged off like we used to by big clubs.A recent example was with Bournmouth who bid 6 million for Chris Mepham last year then 10 mill at the start of last season both were turned down he went eventually for 13 mill ++.The fact that we sold well over 30 million pounds worth of players last season tells me we can afford to wait for the right price whatever that means especially when the player is still under a long contract.Benrahma will leave I believe as he is quality and other clubs will come in for him as well as Villa and that will push the price up to around 18 to 20 mill thats with add ons.

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