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  1. I would have Pinnock all day long over Konsa not saying he’s not a good player though as he’s still young and is playing in his first season in PL.When Konsa left none of our fans were that fussed although he was a good player for us it was good money and we are used to selling our players.Frank started the season with a new keeper Raya,Pinnock and Jansson in defence,Norgaard and Jensen in Midfield along with Mbeumo a wide player costing 5.5 million our record signing.losing Maupay late in the transfer window and not getting his replacement Lyle Taylor from charlton over the line caused concern but converting Watkins to centre forward although proved successful it took time for the team to gel.and some of our fans wanted Thomas Frank out after a poor start by October.The same fans who were posting Maupay was our worst ever striker after his first 10 games We all have them
  2. About 30 mill on players in and sold 36mill
  3. Cheers for that let’s hope we can be playing Villa if we go up
  4. Smith leaving us for Villa was always going to be a none brainer and most fans understood that.Yes we have finally sorted out our defence and Inproved the team in general due to our biggest ever spend in the summer transfer window.
  5. Looking from the outside I’m gutted how things have turned out for Villa and Dean this season.Recruitment is the most important area that you have to get right and Dean along with Richard were supplied with excellent well scouted players with potential to succeed at championship level.Your recruitment has been disappointing to say the least and the pressure should be on the DoFs future more so than the coaches apart from Konsa and Engels I doubt if the coaches had scouted or suggested many of the other signings although Drinkwater was a dreadful signing. I never understood the JT appointment and not Deans decision think an experienced PL coach would have been better.Tough ask but still think there are 4 winnable games left till end of season.
  6. Sorry do you really think Terry has gained respect from players for his character?Do me a favour he couldn’t be further behind Dean Smith in that department.If Dean is sacked I believe it will be a long time before you get back to the PL sadly.I still think he deserves a chance till end of the year he is a decent manager.
  7. Yes exactly,Dean and Richard O’Kelly both interviewed Thomas Frank for the coaching job.
  8. Sounds like the best option is sticking with Dean,some of those suggested aren’t options more like dreams.
  9. Think and hope you are wrong about second spike despite the morons.
  10. ? Why the prize for promotion is the biggest in world football.
  11. Big IFs as I have a feeling Villa stay up and Bees go up.
  12. Surprised you let that be posted on here disgusting cretins like him need ignoring.
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