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  1. Having billionaires running your club might build up your expectations but still doesn’t guarantee success look at Fulham owned by one of the wealthiest men in the world.
  2. God some of you on here are so embarassing listen to yourselves and think where you were just a year ago and even getting tanked by the likes of us.If you hound a decent manager like Dean out of your club in such a short time I suggest you look towards the where the likes of Stoke or Forrest have ended up.There are plenty of Big clubs stuck in the lower leagues these days and all have been guilty of forever changing managers and ending up skint.If the worse came to the worse and you went down Dean could get you back up and stronger like Sean D at Burnley.FFS Big Sam
  3. Yes we have improved defensively from last season and many previous ones before during and after Dean left we have had a soft under belly for years and last summer we addressed this in signing Pontus Jansson from Leeds ,Pinnock from Barnsley along with a new Keeper.16 fewer goals conceded compared to this time last season confirms.
  4. That’s correct,I would add we spent over 30 mill on new recruits this season loads more than Smith ever had.Our strongest starting line up this season only includes 4 players from Deans time at the club.Wish fans would just chill and give players and coaches time and support for example after Maupay was sold and Watkins replaced him a lot of our fans moaned”he’s not a centre forward”few months back some fans were chanting “sacked in the morning “towards Thomas Frank when we were 0 2 down a game we eventually won 3 2.
  5. Dean Smith is your head coach the same as he was at Brentford would think the blame game should be aimed at the people involved in recruitment as apart from Konsa and Engels I expect the other signings were not his.We are doing well since Dean left us and Thomas Frank replaced him as we still have kept our recruitment structure maybe you should replace yours.Does John Terry coach the defence out of interest?
  6. Great watch,love Thomas Frank but miss Dean Smith
  7. With or without Benrahma we will finish top half and maybe Play offs so your prediction of relegation is way off imho.Think you need to take a look at our model of signing young players with potential and realise those players you have suggested don’t come under that criteria.Glad you have made a decent start and are still behind your excellent manager long may it continue
  8. Most of his work is done offensively obviously as he’s a very special player on the ball he does put a shift in to help his full back.Very temperamental like most of these genius players like Saturday trying to take the ball off Watkins ( our designated taker)for a penalty and threw a strop when shoved away.I believe he’s premier league standard something I never thought Jota was during his best period with us.Pretty sure Dean will come back for him in January.
  9. If it’s me your talking about Yes he’s by far the most exciting player I’ve seen in my many years of following Brentford and wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t throw his toys out the pram in January and try and force a move away.He was injured and missed the end of last season and has only just got back to full match fitness and has been superb in the last 2 games.
  10. Was at the game as a guest in the corporate level (very bland and not for me) thought you were going to win this and think if there wasn’t the sending off you would have.Superb Villa support although the gooners did wake up in the second half.McGinn is proving to be every bit a PL player bit disappointed with Grealish apart from his great run and cross for the goal.Where is Konsa these days wasn’t even on the bench and must be better than Engels.Amazed that some fans are calling for Dean to go already but then some of ours are doing the same Regarding Thomas Frank Hope most of your fans give Dean time like they did last season when things weren’t going well.
  11. He’s an impact sub at best in the PL
  12. We have not managed to get what would have been our most expensive signing Saman Ghoddo So now not losing Benrahma cushions the blow unless he moves to another country in this window.His value we set was obviously too high if we really wanted to sell him but he will now have to get his head down and prove he wasn’t a one season wonder and maybe he will leave for more money in January.Hopefully he stays and helps us join you next season in the PL.All the best to Villa and Dean of course.
  13. Benrahma is walking round like he’s swallowed a wasp.Dont believe this won’t happen dispite what Dean has just said
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