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  1. Could have had a hat trick if things had gone for him.Glad Dean gave him the full 90 minutes.
  2. Thought he didn’t look out of place and was a difficult game to show what he can do playing against a side who put every player behind the ball.He showed his strength and pace with the red card incident and will get off the mark at Fulham next Monday.
  3. Palace seem to be the only team interested.
  4. Thought he was fantastic last night,yes Burton but his attitude and his demand for the ball he could have been playing in a cup final.Think he will link up well with Oli as he did with a superb bit of skill only for him to miss.Not going to happen now but image Benrahma linking up with them 2.
  5. Thought he looked like the player he was with us last night.He has obviously recovered from the nightmare of turning out for small heath.
  6. Alan Nixon Banana says the bell-end Nixon knows nothing and I tend to agree
  7. Thanks for saying that I know both clubs are above that.
  8. I’ve been quite calm up to now but I’m about to get out of my pram.
  9. Very happy for him although I suppose I shouldn’t but it’s strange how sometimes as a fan you get bitter about players leaving but like with.Maupay it was done without any bad feelings and both will get a great reception when hopefully we play against them.
  10. Christ almighty I see Arsenal will only let him leave if they can get an replacement and top of the list is our keeper Raya if this hapens and you sign Benrahma you will be responsible for decimating our team
  11. I think less than Watkins about 20 mill,great player but a much bigger gamble than Oli.Just my opinion no ITK on this
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