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  1. Good luck tomorrow would love to see Dean lift the cup and lift his teams spirit for the run in and remain in the PL.
  2. Spurs H Sheff United H Newcastle A West Ham A
  3. Christ don’t get me excited we have 5 more points after 30 games
  4. That’s right,we spent 32 million on transfers in this summer.You will struggle to find half that spent during Deans time with us.
  5. Yes we have by spending more in pre season on new players than in the whole time Dean was in charge and for the first time in 5 seasons not selling our best players in the January window.Thomas Frank is an excellent coach and has the edge over Dean Imho.
  6. Thanks Would be great if we could come up and play at the superb Villa Park again.
  7. More than happy with what Dean done at our place excellent manager
  8. Dean asked on BBC by Lineker “what’s your best memory during your time at Brentford he answers “ beating Villa “oh dear
  9. Dalsgaard Henry Watkins Benrahma.Canos out all season with injury DaSilver was mainly a sub under Dean.
  10. I rate them both very highly boring answer I know but as a pair they both learnt off each other.Thomas is a bit of a student of the game who played at amateur level whereas Dean is a superb man manager with a great career where he captained ever club he played for.We have in my opinion the best team since we came up 5 years ago helped by spending 30 mill on new players something that I never thought I’d ever see.this season this was balanced by receiving over 35 mill for players sold.The starting line up has only 4 regulars from when Dean was with us so it’s very much a Thomas Frank side now.Both Dean and Frank have had great support from our excellent DoFs with the recruitment of players something I think Dean doesn’t have at Villa and feel he gets unfair criticism on here by some although the Villa fans I come across speak very highly of him.
  11. Well done Dean 5 more wins and fingers crossed we might be lucky enough to see you at our new stadium next season.
  12. Having billionaires running your club might build up your expectations but still doesn’t guarantee success look at Fulham owned by one of the wealthiest men in the world.
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