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  1. We have not managed to get what would have been our most expensive signing Saman Ghoddo So now not losing Benrahma cushions the blow unless he moves to another country in this window.His value we set was obviously too high if we really wanted to sell him but he will now have to get his head down and prove he wasn’t a one season wonder and maybe he will leave for more money in January.Hopefully he stays and helps us join you next season in the PL.All the best to Villa and Dean of course.
  2. Benrahma is walking round like he’s swallowed a wasp.Dont believe this won’t happen dispite what Dean has just said
  3. Think you will be proved right he don’t want to be at our club and not that popular around the place I hear.Im sure there will be a compromise on the price by both clubs
  4. You are right but we have a balance on the sale of Griffin Park to be added which was 30 mill plus and think our transfer business has a profit of over 25 mill since those acounts were posted.Crazy money when we take about 4 million max through our gate in a season.
  5. We are in very good shape just google Brentford fc Debt.
  6. We have signed some top class players in this window and I would think it’s fair to say the wages being paid will be eating into our profits on players sales.Mid table would be seen as failure this season and we will be one of the biggest spenders in this window.With 8 new signings and maybe 3 more to come we will be hoping that these players can hit the ground running that goes for your side as well.
  7. Looks like he’s yours for 25 mill .The same as with Maupay we didn’t need or want him to go but everyone has a price.Would be gutted if we sell better than Maupay and different league to Jota as good as both are.Will be a top PL player
  8. It was good enough for Dean Smith,don’t be such a PL snob
  9. I make you right,the values we have put on Maupay and Benrahma are set to keep rather than sell which will be frustrating for the players as they would be desperate to join a PL side like Villa.Ive still got a horrible feeling Maupay will join you tomorrow for around the asking price.
  10. Great transfer window for you and now you are full up is it time to bring Said and Neil out of their safe house the bench will be interesting but looks a good mixture of talent.
  11. Was not meaning to sound obnoxious just stating facts like you have said about us we are well aware we are a “feeder club”to bigger clubs.
  12. Sadly you are correct our success has been signing potential from mainly abroad and lower league and our successes are lauded although we do have quite a few failures.We have a great scouting network in Europe which has produced the likes of Vibe Maupay Benrahma Dalsgaard ect in recent seasons.We don’t have an youth academy instead we have a B team that we blood mainly very young potential normally cast offs from PL or European clubs.These players have all had to be given time to reach their potential something other clubs don’t or can’t wait for.Maupay was pretty poor when he first arrived but Benrahma has been great from the off. Remember there is another step above you when the likes of Man City Liverpool ect come calling.
  13. Seen Jota at his best for us Benrahma is on a different level imho
  14. The old story was a 10 mill bid so unfortunately this seem like a fresh improved bid for this one trick pony
  15. Hearing Benrahma has had a set back on his latest injury not expected to play this season.Time for Villa to move on and look at other options
  16. Will be sorry to see him go but we need better if we want to improve on mid table finishes.He is in his last year of contract and we have already signed his replacement.Was a joy to watch most of the time last season but was part of our soft under belly problem.
  17. We know he’s going and out of the clubs being quoted as in for him Villa seem to be the most attractive for him.He wasn’t scouted by Dean Smith but once he signed he along with his coaching staff improved him greatly and he had a great relationship with him.
  18. Greedy,looks very likely now Maupay could well be on his way to you.
  19. Hope so,will be a big challenge for him being 5’7” but he has a heart of a lion.Surprised Dean hasn’t signed him yet as he knows all about him and his undoubtably talent for scoring goals
  20. Seems very likely that Maupay is off now and it looks like Brighton or Villa being favourites.
  21. I tend to agree you have to be very special to be successful in the premier league at 5’7”
  22. Hogan had a better goal scoring record for us 21 in 33 Maupay 37 in 85 for us.Two very different type of players Maupay is a very aggressive player who considering his size is very strong on the ball and operates better around the 6. Yard box.I was surprised DS couldn’t get Hogan back on track when he joined you and think if he wanted Maupay he would have been in for him by now as he had a great relationship with him.It would be a big step up for him in the PL and maybe Dean has doubts.
  23. Now now,it’s not bad though we improve managers and players most of the time as you are aware of

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