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  1. Well done Dean,pleased for him after the knee jerk stuff on here only a couple of months ago.I really hope he takes you lot up and think he will now as long as Grealish keeps fit.Pity will miss going to Villa Park next season superb stadium.
  2. I guess not but it’s incredible the expectations of the oh so many big clubs fans in this division.You can’t all go up in one season best to get a manager and stick with him and wait your turn.I hear Fat Frank is getting the treatment after yesterday’s demolition.
  3. Christ we are 2 points behind you with a game in hand and we have recently been looking to avoid the smell of Southend beach next season.But that’s a Brentford fans mentality.Pleased Deans got. some fans off his back now I am hoping Thomas Frank can get us to finish higher than his old mate.
  4. You are correct whenever we were in the transfer window and Dean was asked about players in or out he would say talk to the DoFs.Doesnt make him a bad coach and these players who come in have to be coached to improve as players and he was very succesfull at doing this.It’s up to your scouts and DoF to get better players in and then you would be able to judge him the squad he has just isn’t good enough to get you to the PL He needs time something you big clubs never want to do
  5. Brentford play the Brentford way and have done for going back to Uwe Roslers time at the club and then Warburton this wasn’t created by Dean Smith.We were on a similar run you are now on under Smith( we had a few of these )Thomas Frank was added to the coaching staff after the DoFs brought him over from Denmark and after a meeting with Dean Smith and Richard O’Kelly he joined us and results improved.I think Dean could be missing TFs input and maybe he needs another coach alongside to play the Dean Smith way which has to bring better results for Villa than it did for us as many of your fans have posted us being a mid table team.When Dean left us we were on a 5 game winless run that continued onto 1 win in 10 which at any other club would have had the head coach out of work.TF has now turned it around by changing the formation and we are now 1 defeat in 12 which has us fairly comfortable and set for top half finish which is acceptable for most of our fans.Hope Dean is given time to turn things around he’s a decent bloke and I’m sure he’s busting a gut to get things right and I don’t think you are getting much luck at the moment wouldn’t surprise me if you went on a long winning run of games as Dean Smith does have history for doing this.
  6. I make you right with the choices between us and Villa not to mention a far better contract money wise.
  7. Don’t underestimate Dean remember he has been captain at every club he’s played for so I think he can do confrontation.I think you are right regarding the type of player we sign but remember it does take time for them to improve and some don’t..This time last year one of our fans posted Maupay was the worse striker we have had in 25 years and he was getting more stick than praise on most forums.
  8. The reason we have 2 directors of football is one is based on the continent and involved in our owners other club FC Midtjylland where he is Chairman hence the amount of Scandinavian players and coaches we have.Look at the amount of foreign players we had in our team Wednesday night of course Dean Smith would have an input into the discussions on the players needed to strengthen the team but the important bit is our scouting network that finds these players that has brought in 55 million + in the last few years through player sales which helps keep small clubs like us afloat.Dont see what’s weird about that,I just find it interesting that some fans think that Dean Smith discovered all these talented players and is or was the brains behind the way we play when we were already playing this style of football when he took over as head coach.Now seeing how Thomas Franks performing as head coach I’m begining to believe Dean may be missing his input as he looked a bit lost in the dugout the other night.
  9. Brentford went on a 10 match unbeaten run after Mepham came off injured back in December and never played for us again.Thomas Frank had changed to playing 3 central defenders that coincided with that run.Would have thought JT would have had a positive impact on your defence but doesn’t seem to have happened.
  10. Dean Smith doesn’t seem to be able to improve the players he inherited and his additions last month don’t seem to be having much effect something that has surprised me.I thought he would have got Hogan back to his best instead he seams to have given up on him.He looked a man under pressure after the game and unlike him he defended himself with some pretty lame excuses that done him no favours.During his time at Brentford he coached a squad that was mostly made up of young players that were recruited by the DoFs from abroad or from Div1 /2.None of the squad have played previously in the championship or PL.This set up was one of the reasons Warburton left us as he wanted control over transfers (where is he these days)but Dean was very comfortable with it and worked along with the other coaches at improving potential talent and then cashing in on a couple of sales every year to keep the club within FFP and us finish in the top half every season is seen as success by most fans.This is a complete contrast to his job at Villa and I’m not sure if Dean is going to be allowed to build his own team or your DOF will get the players in that will need to be of a higher quality and price that he’s been used to if he is going to get you promoted.Word of warning not all our players move on to become super stars look at Hogan and Ryan Woods at Stoke who’s struggling to get a game these days as I’m pretty sure he will bid for some of our players.I hope Dean is successful and gets you promoted and is given time to make it happen.
  11. Smith signed that team couldn’t be further than the truth apart from Henry and Sawyers who came from Walsall the rest came via our DoFs.
  12. Both goals conceded Saturday dreadfull defending not helped by a keeper in poor form.
  13. Looking forward to this game nailed on 3 3 draw
  14. very hard to find any other parking near ground as it’s residence only and you will get a ticket.Make sure you are south of the great west road TW8 8EA will get you to the Kings arms pub the car park will be last turning on left heading toward great west rd.
  15. I wouldn’t bother mate you are going to get tonked your best bet is to go to the big office block on the corner of great west road and Boston Manor Road their car park is free and it’s just across the road from the Kings Arms pub (like all our pubs H& Away) 10 minute walk to the ground.
  16. I think he will be ok with the pressure he’s a strong character and I firmly believe given time and maybe another coach alongside him he will get you to the PL.Minimum must be given next season.
  17. Agree our expectations would be seen as failure at Villa.Most of our fans didn’t begrudge him the chance to manage Villa and I’m sure will get a good reception Wednesday night.I really hope he is given time I also wonder if he’s missing his former fellow coach Thomas Frank who’s starting to get us back on track now.
  18. If you get shot of DS before he’s had time to work with better players then your owners need to be held to account.I posted on here when he joined about the set up he left at Brentford where none of the players he inherited or were signed during his time were from Prem league or even the championship they were from lower leagues or abroad the majority being under 22.He has inherited the opposite at Villa and it’s obvious you have too many players at the end of their careers or on loan(something we stopped doing 2 years ago)Would expect Dean to be asking what the director of football is doing regarding getting good young players signed for him to work with.
  19. You are right there wasn’t a big reaction from fans when he left as it’s something most of our reasonable fans have accepted with Managers and players moving on to bigger clubs and massive wage increases.I expect he will get a warm welcome back next week from most of our fans.Dean was very popular with our young squad and after he left along with the sad death of our young technical director there was a big cloud of doom around the place which now appears have been lifted after losing 9 in 10 we are now 9 unbeaten after the coach changed our playing set up.I hope Dean is successful and takes you back to the PL but I just hope he’s given time.Villa is a massive change for Dean as he had an excellent support network that left him purely to coach the team while he was (apart from Sawyers and Henry who came from Walsall)presented with young players mainly from abroad with potential where at Villa they can afford to buy the finished article when he gets the opportunity in the summer transfer market but that will come with pressure that he never had with us.Dean is a real leader of men and has captained every team he’s played for just hope he’s not warming the seat for JT.Looking forward to next Wednesday will be plenty of goals for sure.
  20. Finished 5th the season before he took over so he never improved us during his time.
  21. Wouldn’t argue with any of that
  22. If that happens and Villa don’t go up what does that say about your club and Dean Smith who I expected to get him back scoring goals as he did at Brentford.or was that down to Thomas Frank
  23. Very surprised he hasn’t had more game time since Dean took over and he hasn’t got him scoring goals.He was excellent for us over what some on here are calling a purple patch but remember when he joined us looking at his similar purple patch at Rochdale and the goals he scored were very impressive.Would have him back any day if only we could afford him.
  24. Thought he took it well

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