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  1. Haha that'll teach me for not looking properly.
  2. Anybody else use this? Board Game Arena It's browser based, but there are apps available on android and iOS to download too. BGA allows you to play many, many board games online, either in real time, or turn based over a set period. You won't find any super popular board games on there - things like Monopoly, Risk and such which may already have their own apps available - but there is a lot of variety in what is available. Further to that, it tracks ELO rating for all of the games, which chess players will be familiar with (BGA does have chess, but it's one of the few games it does not have rankings for). You can play casual games until you hit an ELO of 100, then once you have you can play 'arena' (competitive) games to attempt to improve your rank in the current season (usually real time games), and you can sign up for tournaments (usually turn based). Casual, competitive and tournament games will affect your ELO - but only competitive games will affect your current season rank. I dabbled with the app at the start of lockdown, but picked it up in a more frequent manner recently. I've been playing Sushi Go! which is a game I actually own and was familiar with, but it turns out I kinda suck at it when playing competitively. I concentrate too much on my own game I think, and not on the strats of other players. Hopefully something I can improve on. I play a lot of Yahtzee though. Currently 18th in the current season, and 25th overall on ELO. Which is kind of nuts considered there are many thousands of players, but I do enjoy the mixture of luck and light strategy, plus it's so quick to play a game.
  3. Who has tried this? It's basically an augmented reality game. It puts your avatar on a pokemon style 'world map', which is generated from your real world locale. Pokemon are dropped around the area, and you can catch them by pointing your camera at them. It also generates gyms and shops somehow, that you have to physically walk to to use. It also seems to generate pokemon based on features of the area you're in, like there's a lake near me so there are water and grass types around. It's interesting in so much that it's a huge brand doing something quite original that works perfectly with the source material, as it were, not just some cheap pokemon clone or card game using the property to generate a cash cow - as yes, there are micro transactions in the way of pokeballs to catch more and incense to make them appear more often. Curious to walk round more to see what else appears, and what the gyms do, exactly, as it says you can't use them til hitting level 5...
  4. Ok, the smartphone game market is big and getting bigger. The iPhone has loads of titles out already and there are loads coming out on Android now too. I find it hard to find titles and no idea which are good and what not. I got a new Galaxy S II Android phone and it has a lovely big screen and all that gyroscope stuff going on, my mate said I have to start playing games. So I've had a go at a few, like Zenonia which is a fun RPG game. I also played Nova which looks fantastic. Anyway, just want a thread where people can post the games they like.
  5. This is Sega's free mobile 'platform' (there isn't actually a hub app or anything though) for releasing, alledgedly, every single one of their games up to and including the Dreamcast. The current games, released yesterday, are; Sonic the Hedgehog Phantasy Star II Comix Zone Kid Chameleon Altered Beast They are all free, but do contain ads, which can be removed for £1.99. There are also leaderboards and cloud save features. They aren't terribly good emulations though apparently, but if you're not paying for them, you might be able to cope with a few jittery frame rates. Sega suggest that a new game will be released every 2 weeks - with the next game being Girl's Garden. You'd be forgiven for not knowing what that is, as it was never released outside of Japan. In fact I don't believe the console was released in US/EU either - the SG-1000/3000. What is exciting about that though is the potential for future games to be localised for English speaking regions which have never been released before, things like the complete version of Shining Force III from the Saturn. They have said though that the more recent games could be as far as a couple of years away, but man I'd wait that long and pay whatever they wanted for Skies of Arcadia on Android.
  6. Hello peeps Not sure if anyone plans Clash of Clans on mobile/tablet but I'm part of a clan always looking out for new members. We're looking for English speaking ideally 18+ years old, the clan has been established for some time and we're close to being a level 10 (maximum) clan. Regular wars, lots of donation opportunities both incoming and outgoing, good banter though I'm the only Villa fan in there so could do with some allies Message me if you want in, cheers!
  7. limpid


    I thought ChromeCast deserved it's own thread away from the Android chat. ChromeCast selling well in the UK.
  8. http://www.minecraft.net Awesome!
  9. V01

    USB questions

    Got my G5 today, gonna sort it out at work tonight. One thing I'm on the fence about is that it's USB C, I use my G3 with a HDMI adapter to watch videos etc on the TV at work. Now I need to get a different adapter, This one from HP seems to be the cheapest I'd be willing to trust, I expect it would be compatible though they only list HP PC/Laptop/Tablets in the compatibility list, does anyone know for definite it will/won't work? (Was I right posting this here? seemed a bit excessive to post a new thread for it)
  10. Has been officially announced. It is RED this year. Out in November, pre order for 2 weeks early access, no new features announced yet.
  11. This is kind of OT but I didn't want to start a new thread for one question... Can anyone with an S6 Edge advise me on the best screen protector? Looking to spend under £20.
  12. Time to start a thread. Really looking forward to this edition. I think we will have the most promising (fm-wise) Villa side since I started playing the game.
  13. Anyone play this? Great golf sim on Apple and Android
  14. I downloaded this game on my phone about three weeks ago, and I am hooked! For those of you who have played the game before, you won't need an introduction. It is pretty much the same. For those of you who have not played it, think FM for Cricket, well you know what I mean. The only issue so far has been with rain. Perfect sun for the whole of a game (county), playing as Warwickshire, it gets to the last day with me needing to bowl the opposition out and each match so far has had ridiculous amount of rain on the last day (not forecast) which left each match as a draw. It felt as though it was deliberate by the game to thwart me... Other than that, great fun! Runs smoothly, great match engine, great sounds, plays really well. You really have to think about field placements, where to bowl etc. I think it is £6.99 on Android. Worth every penny. Not sure on OS cost.
  15. FM2014 has now been officially announced, not long until you all get the opportunity to savage me for not rating players as you'd have hoped! FM2014 Announcement
  16. Anybody played this? You build a club from scratch, appoint managers, set budgets, build the stadium, put money into coaching and youth set up. It is really quite fun! Over 20 seasons, I've taken FC Villa from the bottom to the top!
  17. I know this is going to be met with a lot of scepticism but I'm a sucker for anything that makes me feel like I'm living in the future and I think if google can get anywhere near what this concept ad shows then these could **** rock.
  18. I've never really ventured into this games forum but I thought I'd see if any other Villains are into the weird world of Paradox Interactive games. For those wondering what the hell I'm talking about, they mainly produce grand strategy games that make Civilization look like something you'd pick up from the Early Learning Centre. You normally start at some fixed date in history where the world was at some interesting turning point (1066, 1444 etc.), you can normally jump into any state/nation/dynasty that was in existence at the time and begin your attempt at world conquest on a very nicely designed world map. I've mainly been playing Europa Universalis 4 as it seems to be the easiest to get into, you play as a nation and though a combination of war and diplomacy (okay, mostly war) takeover as much of the world as you can. I've also tried Crusader Kings 2 which is very highly rated, not being totally up to speed with the finer details of the feudal system means it has been a bit more of a struggle though. So yeah, anybody else out there been suckered into these epic time sponges?
  19. I need an app which will audibly alert when the current Google account has unread email and keep alerting until it is read. Any ideas? I've tried searching the Play store but not found anything suitable.
  20. I currently have the Nexus 4 and really love it, does everything I want but just struggling with the internal capacity. Is it worth swapping it for the 32GB Nexus 5? Aside from the extra storage does it do anything better or worse than the 4? Cheers.
  21. Anyone else playing this, its like crack. If anyone else is we could make a vt clan. (Cant believe I actually wrote that!)
  22. As its cheap as chips, I decided to rent a mumble server. Its a 50 slot and I figure its no skin off my nose if other people here in Games and Gaming use for video games. You can connect by firstly downloading mumble here and then using the following details. Address: Port: 30662 Always open to suggestions on how to have this thing configured. If you want specific channels added etc just give me a shout in this thread. Mods, feel free to sticky this.
  23. There seems to be a general problem posting to threads This is affecting both versions. I've contacted the app support people and am waiting for a response. My testing on Android shows that only posting is affected, other interactions like PMs seem to work without issue.
  24. mykeyb

    Google TV

    Pretty much as the title states, anyone got one, is it any good.
  25. I'm releasing a "new" version of the app. This is the regular tapatalk version so is a downgrade. I need to understand the release mechanism better. If anyone has < 4.0 devices, please can they test those? Sorry to be a pain. The play store allows me to set up a beta, I'm about to find out exactly what that means and how I add beta testers. More news when I have it.
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