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  1. This was a great event and was well attended - many travelled over from England including Bromsgrove, Pheasey etc We played a full 90 minute match and Ken McNaught, Gordon Cowans and Alan Wright played for a full 90 minutes while Shaun Teale shouted encouragement from the sidelines The weather held off during the match and then we all went to thr Brown Cow pub after for a BBQ and a live band and general chanting and merriment. I am really looking forward to going down to Dublin in August for the Shamrock Rovers match and then hitting Murray's bar afterwards! Hope to meet some
  2. Anyone heading tomorrow? I'm buzzing about this. This is the flyer: I'll try and get pics from the day
  3. i was unsure of it at first when i saw it in the packet but when i put it on i was happy. i love the silky feeling of it against my body, no more chafed nipples on the field.
  4. Guys, you should lay off him, he has a legitimate concern.
  5. To be honest there is going to be a bit of a grey area with regards to your case which is unfortunate. They cant put the logo on the childrens shirts because it is illegal to do so. The club got millions of pounds from Genting so they are hardly going to reject a multimillion pounds offer on the basis that a few kids cant wear the shirt To be honest i wish i could buy the adults version of the shirt without the logo because i hate commercial sponsorship
  6. nothing about emile heskey leaving? surely £60k a week off the books is amazing as well
  7. never liked him. good riddance you useless sack of shite.
  8. i was prepared to give him a chance but he does have to go now. the only thing that annoys me is that it will take a manager at least a season or two to get things sorted and the managerial merrygoround we have had in the last 2 years has set us back to square one. Here we are in need of a decent manager, we need to get rid of the dross and get some new faces in. The only thing different to when DOL left is that our facilities have improved, we have a great training ground and some exciting youngsters coming through. Maybe not so far as square one, but square one and a half.
  9. i find it hard to believe that the british government dont know who did it. they probably do but for some reason or another see it best not to arrest those responsible.
  10. Local news for local people
  11. congrats tamuff! here's my wee lad in the news today
  12. so shit to hear this, i always really admired and respected paddy for his general take on life and his intelligently written posts he was a good guy. RIP paddy holte enders in the sky
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