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  1. It'll be either good or bad or maybe somewhere in between
  2. Haha better than what I was thinking, I'm just about to order a takeaway after reading Deisler's post I now fancy Chinese.
  3. I'd say a few thousand Aston Villa supporters care. The longer it takes means we are stuck unable to sell or sign player's while other clubs can get on with their business. Still we can finally see light a the end of the dark tunel...or can we????
  4. SeanO

    Roberto Di Matteo

    Well at least we now have a manager and an assistant, just need a new owner, new squad.....
  5. I have no doubt that Jack has talent as we've all occasionally seen it however if he wants to to go then I wouldn't waste any time trying to keep him. I'd prefer him to stay but his application has to improve massively otherwise he's only going to be a bit part player. If the new manager wants him to leave I'd be okay with that. He occasionally good but all to often he's just meh.....
  6. No their sarcasm buttons were off....at least I hope they were hahahaha.
  7. Yeah like I said up there, DA was bloody awful but at least he gave it a go unlike CNZ.
  8. Certainly he's up there with the worst of the worst. No pride ,no work ethic if any club in the UK sign this muppet I'll be amazed. Thankfully we won't see him or Richardson again...just another 20 odd to get shot of!
  9. SeanO

    Roberto Di Matteo

    Yep a minority of one. After Richardson Lescott is the worst player in the squad, which is impressive considering we have players like Richards, Gabby, Bacuna etc who he had to compete against for the honor of being the most useless lump of the season.
  10. SeanO

    Roberto Di Matteo

    Eh? Who? Ayew? best of a bad bunch but he's not all that. After him I'm struggling to think of any one of them that could be described a good. The size of the job for The Doc and his new management is going to be huge, somehow they need to get shot of as many of these losers as possible.
  11. I've never rated Okore, I wrote after seeing him play before his injury that he looked very raw nothing I have seen since has changed that initial opinion. If we can get money for him then I'd get shot ASAP. Mind you I wouldn't keep many of the 1st team as they are all very poor. And before someone says we have some good player's, don't we do not we have a squad of losers. Ayew is the best player we have but that doesn't mean much although we might just get money back on him.
  12. I hope he gets in one of his cars and keeps driving away from VP....far far away never ever to return.
  13. Why? Some people have their doubts and although we all want this guy to be our saviour I think they are right to cautious until we know 100% either way. I'll be very interested to see who is our new manager, Tony Xia has said he's already knows who it is but he's holding off naming him. If he's telling the truth then it's unlikely to be RDM if he's now talking to Lazio. The DM sounds promising and if it's true then I'd say rather than feeling stupid they will be very happy. After the last 5 or so years with an owner who made mistake after mistake it's good to be talking about a new owner who is saying the right things.
  14. No not 1 bad experience, he's had many instances. He's not the only person I know who finds dealing with the Chinese businessmen difficult but there's not much point in going into detail here. You'll find out what you want to hear....no doubt.
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