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  1. Football Manager 2017

    That's a lot of green there. High green. Nice touch with the 14. Guy is the ultimate AMR but the heading stat makes him a ridiculously lethal AC.
  2. Football Manager 2017

    Not me, but I have printouts of old stuff! I am a two-screen FM die hard, with printer connected... but not even I have saved my old fave players. Hats off to your fanaticism. The love is strong with this one.
  3. Football Manager 2017

    Here you go, to help anyone who is starting a new savegame. This list is my staff shortlist from year 1. I save them as shortlist files so that come any future start, they just are generically accessible to me to import into the new save game, which didn't happen with FM2017 for me as I ended up staying with this Torino save the whole damn time. I do the same with player SLFs too. Anyway here you go on the house, ps, these are geared up for a Torino size team however as said, I would expect 75% of these minimum, to be prepared to go to Villa sized and thereabouts. These guys, will do you proud. But even if you have a handful of slots I guarantee you will fill a near-division-leading backroom from these chaps. These, all are "fifteen'd" and above in their respective jobs, most are twentie'd... you're welcome. Some of these guys are really cheap too and like I say, season 1 is where it's at. It's cheap to lay off your staff, and to get these guys in, because if you don't, someone else will. I will list them in more than one section too, where relevant: ASSMAN (Assmen – technical term for assistant mgr! learn it: “assman”) Michael Lindeman Brian McClair Paul McGuinness Colin Pascoe Angel Vales Neil Dewsnip HOYD Dave Parnaby Mick Halsall Kristjaan Speakman (from the scum) COACHES Phil Cannon (ultimate dream coach, Mr Go-To, have one slot free? THIS GUY) Tony Carr Dave Parnaby (note… superb HOYD too) Bryan Klug Brian McClair Paul McGuinness Colin Pascoe Diego Bortoluzzi Steve Cooper Neil Adams Our Scout Tony McAndrew also doubles up as a good coach option Neil Dewsnip GK COACH David Coles (Do it! Ultimate) Vic bettinelli FITNESS COACH Bruno Lage Massimo Neri Stefano Rapetti Maurizio Fanchini Arno Philips Roberto De Bellis Chris Neville HEAD PHYSIO David Fevre without doubt, or as Head of Sports Science too if you use Nick Worth as HP Nick Worth Dave Galley PHYSIO David Fevre Nick Worth Dave Galley Peter Friar Gary Lewin Rob Price Mick Rathbone Matt Radcliffe HEAD SCOUT Frank McParland Paul Winstanley SCOUT Ray Clarke Derek Langley Our very own Tony McAndrew!! Frank McParland Paul Winstanley
  4. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    I'm probably wasting my time even thinking about it but the closer to the end of the season we get, the feeling is getting stronger to the point I'm almost fixating on it, blues... going down. So, Huddersfield are winning away at Wolves as things stand. Blues play Huddersfield at St Andrews this Saturday right. And Bristol City away the week after. There's a small chance they could go down as we know but yes as someone said they are jammy gits. Even so. So if Blackburn draw both their games and blues lose both, they d go down. If we win the Blackburn match we rob 3 points off Blackburns survival but if Blues lose it all comes down to the last match. No point working out the connotations just please please if there is a God out there , make Blues lose and give Blackburn a win. I will be gutted if they stay up I know it's likely they will but this is too close. They deserve League One. Also I know it's bad but part of me is you know, thinking about our match with Blackburn and well, I can't bring myself to say it. But... if it happened Blackburn would get three points chalked up...
  5. Football Manager 2017

    Just a quick one on starting a new one. First thing, yes, the first thing i do is go straight to board requests and request a work permit affiliate. Sounds easier than it is, but most times theyll recognise the need, i think you can get it approved for villa too in season 1 even in championship. i mean afterwards, that dictates your transfer policy, as to be honest, in season 1, villa have a team nearly/definitely good enough to be managed back up, maybe with a Harold Preciado type 1.5m signing on top (AC- worth the cash. stats, prolific). Anyway so if they grant it, you know the world is your oyster now for foreign seniors and foreign non EU youth. And what does it cost? a request to board and a small annual figure per year. Like i said before, sign em cheap. Why should Man U, Barca be the only ones shopping at Brazilian Waitrose? Shop at the Brazilian Lidl instead, get a 50k gem from Paraguay or wherever,,, and like i said even if you cant play them, "buy to let", worst is you get them their permit and they play for you or, you have a very saleable asset. nice to know on day 1... if that suddenly is a transfer modus operandi no? preseason changing for transfer policy When i start a new one, its a good couple of hours before I even press continue. I "pen n paper" the team, see who is definitely staying, who is on the maybe staying list, and who will be listed, who will be loaned out. I'll then see who's contract is running out in 12 months. I'll look to see what they want, to sign a new one (if they're worth keeping), if they want too much or they dont want to sign, they're going on the list. I understand, that you have your wage budget and you might not want to spend that 50 available grands per week offering new contracts, HOWEVER, you dont actually have to offer it to them, sometimes, i'll just test the water see.... and then offer it to them after the transfer window closes. So the lists there, they grow. I mean afterall, that season 1, is THE foundation, and of those who are there at the start... who want to be on this journey? The journey that, in a few years when you have outgrown yourself as you were, so many times over, that those original sh-t kickers are still there? My Torino save had an absolute die hard hardcore of my day 1 players. Youll know yourselves, sometimes you just know some of them you want staying for life. Same with staff: I'll decide what staff are staying, i will check what staff I want. Again, you can go to aproach to sign, and not actually offer the contract. I mean there's plenty of good staff around on 800 per week at smaller clubs that are prem league quality. can post a list if anyones interested. anyway so yeah ill do staff. it costs a lot lot lot less to "mutual terminate" them in the first few weeks. NEVER sack staff straight off though, make sure you let that happen as they are replaced. Sure, Mr X might agree terms but then you sack your staff and Mr X agrees to go to Team B instead and you get stuck rushing to fins someone else. Had that happen to me before. Tactics, oh yeah day 1 your tactics! Because the sooner they start earning their green bar with the familiarity the better. Especially if you are the type to use a home and away tactic. as youve then got twice the time twice the familiarity too. time is of the essence , so day 1 your tactic. Transfers, no tips much there. But if you are not one of the top 6, the season 1 loan list is the best, better than it will be most years after. IOf you are a small team too, you would be surprised how many big teams wont ask for a wage contribution to be paid. its always worth a punt. Spend the transfer money wisely as i said previously, me, i like to rock on with some frees, some loans, some cheap under 1m signings and HAVE MONEY LEFT what for midfielder? For the most important dec 31st in your history, the first one. That is make or break! Try have some cash. Beauty is with Italy obv you can arrange the deal dec 31st, i hate that with the English one that you have to wait. anyway 99% of the above is not new news and obvious so I'll just shutup. But on day 1, of a new savegame, i wont be pressing continue until i am absolutely done with everything that needs doing. The rest, is maintenance.ie... selecting free kick takers on eve of first match... pen takers etc... corners... oh yeah and i offer the hell out of my unwanted players. For their value, or a little more if i know theyll be wanted. SOMETIMES i'll even get rid of them in exchange deals. But obv if your transfer budget is changing with every day, best to ship out that deadwood ASAP. anywy thats enough from me.
  6. Football Manager 2017

    Villa4Europe loyalty stat: 4/20 Although, adaptability 20/20
  7. Football Manager 2017

    Dante- There's a lot of good staff available at the start in Italy Mutual terminations arent as expensive at the start remember.............. so if the staff accept your offer... they can directly replace any ones you want rid. but you know this. just saying bud, staff up! italy is staff rich edit also i have to admit it did take me ages to win the champions league probably ten years! but i like the journey double edit - and bid for belotti too. 35+ goals per season. minimum
  8. Football Manager 2017

    I jump around when that winner goes in in 92nd minute after coming back from 1-0 down. Otherwise, no, i used to whore myself out in savegames but tend to do a club4life savegame. thats just me anyway
  9. Football Manager 2017

    @quazzie goatI usually do a Millwall one and a Villa one. But, have only stuck with Torino this time. Yes i absolutely love Serie A on FM. Be prepared for the Brexit rule kicking in though, no more free EU/UK movement. Also you're only allowed 1 non EU youth and 1 non EU established player from outside of Italy per year, can buy from within Italy.... I find the fitness is higher. Also, Belotti might want to go in season 1. I assured him I would be in Champions League by the end of season 2 and he stayed. Apart from a few contract rises, he never once wanted to leave afterward. Must have loyalty stat at 20. It's worth the save just for Benassi and Baselli in MC and MC with Belotti up front... One of the most enjoyable saves I have ever done. They increased the stadium size a couple of times then built a new one altogether, the Chairman was cool too. Takes a while to grow them, i think their expected position is about 12th-14th to start could be wrong. Cant comment on the German ones i haven done German one in many many years. Love Serie A though. So many rivalries with other teams and the game obv recognises that. Do i enjoy them more than English ? The same to be honest. All have merits. Have developed a soft love of Torino after this save game as i do with any game that at this point I have 12 days invested in this. thats 288 game hours... Jesus.
  10. Football Manager 2017

    no apology necessary bud. maybe theres a needle in that haystack that may help a little when youre back in FM mode until then, have a good one mate and until then:
  11. Football Manager 2017

    yes its annoying when that happens. for me i dont use MR and ML so its annoying if they have no ability to retrain to AMR AML... also in my formation i dont do AMCs so annoying when i get good AMC that cant retrain MC or AC. Yeah, loan is good, increase your asset value! plus i like to see them do elsewhere.... as you never know, you might play a different formation at international level..... when.......... youre managing them again!
  12. Football Manager 2017

    no prob , someone mentioned about youth / tactics and i just thought id throw my tuppence in, well, tenner in edit ah, it was you! that post was for you bud , you and @Villan_of_oz ... no thanks necessary, you just got 3 mins robbed from your life!
  13. Football Manager 2017

    @Raver50032 if you are a big club, they get a favourable process with work permit considerations, might get it granted first time Sometimes though, you get a Conditional Permit ggranted if you're a Prem Supergiant whereas a Middlesbrough, they might allow transfer without the permit... and also if you have the work permit affiliate too. or you could buy them, without the permit, loan them out (if theyre good enough to be wanted) let someone else get them their games, reapply for permit, almost like BUY TO LET let someone else pay your mortgage and you get the asset
  14. Football Manager 2017

    do they have any "yellow"? As in retrainable positions? Half the time, an ML or MR make a good AMR or AML. They might just be playing at 15/20 of their ability at best... but if they turn out good that's still considerable.
  15. Football Manager 2017

    Have never signed Dybala, but on mine Man City bought him for 40-50m + and he was the bain of a few Champions League games for me.