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  1. Football Manager 2017

    ZZ - Hi it's Zinedine Zidane here, this Vinicius lad is all over my FM save, what can you tell me about him? Agent - Well, he is 16, you can't sign him for 2 years, we want him loaned back in the 3rd year, and that'll be £38.7m please. ZZ - Sounds legit! Deal. Link http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40021844 and text: "Real Madrid are to sign 16-year-old Flamengo forward Vinicius Junior in a deal worth £38.7m. The transfer will go through in July 2018, when Vinicius turns 18, although he could remain at the Brazilian club for a further season on loan, Real say. Vinicius has played only 17 minutes of senior football" This is like my mega-Torino save, but I wouldnt pay 38m for a 16 year old!
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Disappointing news, thanks for posting. Loved RDR so much and cannot wait for this. Well, I'll have to now. Since it is delayed i might dig out my PS3 and redo a save game. I'm not doing the last mission though. That gathering didnt turn up at John's house, no that was all a misunderstanding. It didn't happen. No, i said it didn't happen.
  3. Football Manager 2017

    And you're gonna hit "request stadium expansion" on 11/07/2031 aren't you... and on 11/07/2032 Villa Park will be on about 125,000 by then in the meantime though a few chants breaking out at VP of "where were you, where were you, where were you when we were sh--?"
  4. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Manchester and its people adopted me for the best part of a decade, great city, love the people. RIP to all killed and affected and hope for those missing to come through somehow.
  5. What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    A bit of grungey metal methinks tonight and probably all three Bass Drum of Death albums. Sample 1 is a bit.... Kurt, you're aliveeeeee!!!! But yeah this one is- "Sin is in 10 " from last album RIP THIS And sample 2: "Crawling After You" from his second album imaginitively called Bass Drum Of Death
  6. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Have learned this the hard way today. Watching it drop by a per cent every couple of minutes or much sooner if swiping between functions just isn't on. "Only" a roadside emergency today which no more complaints about that, but the dealing with a more serious / family emergency God forbid, this phone wouldn't give me much return of power on which to rely, let alone the hassle of continually charging. iPhone, two years old and "fried" it seems. Planned obsolescence from Apple maybe Will be checking reviews after pay day or maybe the pay day after at this rate
  7. What do you drive?

    See that turd there. Won't know til tomorrow if I've got to have whole engine replaced. Breakdown guy said yeah you've definitely done the engine etc but it's parked outside a garage who won't know anything about it til they open and hopefully they can do the work or even want the work or I'll have to arrange flatbed to move it! Either cambelt went or the engine itself went. Dammit. Gonna be expensive poss close to 3k look after it oil everything regular service , boll---! Agh! Not even close to cambelt interval either nor nowhere anywhere near a whole engine replacement, Jesus Christ thread title. What do you drive. Answer. Nowt. Or possibly a hire car for god knows how long or rural bus service! Anger! Misery! Rant over
  8. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Just the fact that tablet, phone especially and pC I am always having to charge and carry plugs and all sorts with me drive... stick phone in to socket to get a bit of charge off it havjng to be the one in meetings who has a phone on the other side of the room plugged in charging or whatever you name it ok so our demands on our gadgets has increased over time and outs strain on batteries and so forth but come on, a hundred or whatever years of the battery and were still at the point where stuff needs continually charging!? Can send that rover thing to mars and ok it's got solar panels but ok you get the picture , all that military tech that passes into the commercial world and my bleeding iPhone can't last half a day without needing the plug in. Today I had break down (vehicular, not mental , though the latter may becoming reality if it's 4 figure sum and likely to be) but the fact I wasn't even sure I'd get enough time in my dealings with RAC before it conked out and then...... plugging it in as I was transported in the flatbed. F----- batteries on phones and gadgets. Just wanna throw that one out there cant complain in one way, got my gps location off it for the phone call which obviously helped. Still though sod batteries piece of sht
  9. Cats...

    Also technically I do have a cat! Way back in 2007 I rented a place , turns out the woman who lived there had a cat on the sly, she lived there 2 years and about 6 months in so the neighbour said, some psycho clearing in the woods partner moved in with her and the cat was kicked out about 6 months old and forced to live outside the house as a stray that she would bother with when "he" wasn't around and would leave food dishes hidden in residents car park. Rural area just fields. Anyway...... so I move in and on day 1 i was upstairs having a dump and had the small window open. This fker comes in through the window god knows how he got up there and that's how we met. Poor thing was skinny as hell fur missing in places had most teeth missing too. From that day on, he was soppy and clearly had been abused to hell. Would run at the sight of certain stuff. Everyday objects you know. So I kinda liked it for a bit but then, like now, sometimes work really long hours and sometimes would literally sleep at hospital and be away for days. Anyway so as it turns out my neighbour said yeah he's been out miaowing non stop looking at the windows. Long story this sorry. Anyway so after a few weeks as much as I loved him, bossy little alpha thing, I couldn't look after him nor did I even have permission for cat flap. Gave him to girlfriend of the times nan. Will never forget the fear in him as we drove him to redditch that day and when let out the carrier how he hid for hours. Anyway she passed away three years ago and I was literally left him in her will, even after I had split up with that ex. So gave him back to my parents. So after 6 years of never seeing me, when I went back to my parents that time just as you do, people say a cats recall ability is what about four years maybe. Is it f... this cat came to me and went crazy and does every time I go back to theirs. Ok this will sound really soppy, but I head bump him to greet him too, he won't rest until I have done that. I used to do this to him in the month I owned him in 2007 as I knew that's sorta how cats greet etc. So yeah to this day, every time I go to my parents he goes crazy and will jump on any high surface just for the head bump it's the soppiest thing to admit , if I go back for weekend he tails me day and night. If he's asleep and I go for a piss he get up. When I drive off he sulks for days. Weird to admit but since this is cats thread there's my contribution. As said I've never had pets properly, family dog at best cats owned by mum but this cat is something else. Also to know he's had several owners and knew for a fact exs nan died (in her sleep) and he was there, oh they definitely know. In fact I'd go as far as to say they know days before (breathing patterns change and heart rate) and cats are very sensitive to both of these and sense health I swear they do. Anyeay long post but getting a little soppy reading you lads posts because this cat we have no idea his real age but can guess it sort of but yeah he is a brute but totally house cat now. Which I know might be imprisonment for a former outdoors cat but he don't care, he is the most canine cat you'd ever meet and not quite independent. Had the crap beat out of him repeatedly with whatever. In fact that neighbour of the time even told me once that every now and then (paper thin walls) she'd hear a cat squeeling and the sound of footsteps racing up and down the stairs after the noise. So yeah some animals have a hard life but nice when they get past all that, if they can, because they don't forget. I don't give a shit what Wikipedia says! Anyway, if you don't already, give your cat a head bump. Dip your head though! Oh also I forgot to say, there's many horrors committed to adults and children in life and guaranteed we all think the same about that, but the sentences for animal cruelty in this country are a joke , IF they ever get prosecuted. I could say you'd have to be f--//- up to beat a cat senseless time and again with stuff like a newspaper or worse as described above (runs at sound of paper especially newspaper and a hundred other things) but then if I said that I'm not sure they are f----- up people. No they're just pathetic cowards hitting something that can't fight back much and can't speak English to register complaint. Makes my blood pressure go up. Anyway rant over. I'll post a pic of this restored beast. The most timid soppy "had a hard life" but just glad to not be shouted at ... type of cat. Double edit yeah here's the fella name is Perry but adopted by my parents in Brum! Also sorry it seems sometimes uploading images rotates my images randomly! But they always appear the right way up when I post ! Anyway... this is what an abused to hell , but happy-now cat looks like !
  10. Cats...

    Yeah I just read this through, makes quite sad reading. Us as a species that's one thing but despite their differences of how they think and their recall, it's sad reading Mooney's and BOf's posts because the other cats or dogs or any animal, they "get it" but don't get the answer. I know this is weird me trying to explain above but well read in behavioural sciences etc and it's weird and kinda quite sad to think they have different stages of grief to us. They never get closure in a way like we do but just pine for their sibling or "housemate" until the pining lessens but they aren't actually all that primal their recall is still significant to be continually on their mind. They don't fully know they are dead as to them themselves they're not inherently even aware of what death is to themselves (and their own killing / finding animal carcasses doesn't count) so they are left wondering when their bud is coming home or simply why they haven't and what was wrong So anyway quite sad reading these. Yeah maybe the above is a bit deep but no one really thinks about that stuff.
  11. Cats...

    Cheers pal. It'll be the cat, decided. Walks itself and if need be can get an automatic food dispenser that serves a few meals on rotation if I have to go away. Won't leave the thing entirely alone of course. I look forward to it. Until the day it starts on the corners of the furniture. But, "training" I guess. The road is a worry though.
  12. Cats...

    Got owls in and around also some huge birds of prey which when I think about it could quite fancy some kitten or cat for tea. Yeah I will definitely look into it. Later in the year house isn't fully habitable and with how much they sniff about and explore surfaces all one would encounter now is dust , chemical treatments and whatever. When it comes to cats and dogs I like both but the idea of something that can get a plus on mice is what I'm after. Won't be buying some pedigree just a moggy from some litter. And for sure it will be male so I can call it Mellberg maybe. If after a while it gets no confirmed kills I'll call it Balaban.
  13. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    No I meant in a phrase toward me, as in the obvious, when in front of me, I sometimes miss. Which may be happening again right now. Not sure. I donated I think toward the end of last year or early this year and will donate again. Not flush here.
  14. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Ah i see. I've not seen a year of tenure yet here on VT but I'll keep an eye out on that page. I'll have a click about the place later, "can't see the wood for the trees" comes to mind about this discovery and no doubt other features of VT i havent noticed.
  15. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I've never even noticed that tab before now. @mjmooney , you're up and around there in 2nd and 3rd on many days recently you probably never knew that. I have been first on a day this month w t f!