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  1. The ISIS threat to Europe

    This is a sign of the times pal. An unfortunate one at that. Two years ago I witnessed a hit and run that left a motorcyclist in the middle of the road. Long story short, I had to phone 999 myself and then try to save the guy, guy didn't pull through, trauma irreversible. Two different people somewhere, have a video they're proud of, finding the "rattling" of a guy who's head was halfway round the wrong way, and also at one point mocking my failed "hey Siri, hey Siri!" When I was trying to hands free and instead of helping they just carried on filming. The Facebook generation I guess. Rant over. reading more about this attack that there, in a separate incident has been another attempt with five scumbags in "vests". Four shot dead not sure if fatalities of innocents. Also an explosion at a house too, all three incidents appearing to be coordinated. RIP to all lost and affected. Sickening shit to read I hate these C words. Also can I say this one thing that just strikes me from time to time when I see the news on tv or in the paper. Please, this is not a racist nor offensive comment: How come, some of "these people" who are so ideologised, so offended by Western culture... yet paradoxically deck themselves out in Nike and Adidas (which could be seen as buying into western materialism, western capitalism and western consumerism as if they needed a pair of trainers they could get footwear as such for a fiver I'm sure, not some £100 Air Max). In the clip I just saw, it had some of the selfie-taking, sportswear-wearing, westernish-dress looking ALLEGED suspects. You think then, oh maybe that's them before they were radicalised. Then on the news it said 'this is a recent photo' and you think well that buggers the disclaimer membtioned above then. Then the news clip cuts to a bunch of IS @&£!? marching through some war torn streets with their flag decked out in conservative black attire, you know, the traditional garments... BUT MARCHING WITH SHINY WHITE NIKE AND ADIDAS on. What a BS paradox and afront. Anyway sorry. I hate hearing about terrorism and the C-words behind the attacks. Thoughts to Barcelona and all other places experiencing the same. Not a religious guy so in the absence of praying, just hope all affected pull through as best as they can and best wishes to the Spanish emergency services especially emergency trauma and critical care teams. Fk it and while I'm at it, love for the police and the pan-European intelligence community. Get these motherf-----.
  2. Let's check in with Olof (Swedish Football)

    I just had one of those moments when you sit scratching your head thinking I know that name , how do I know Jose Crespo. One of those almost where you think am I imagining that he was a Villa player? Glad Zatman switched on. 4am though
  3. Let's check in with Olof (Swedish Football)

    Damn... was hoping to see a better score line. As you've all said, tough ask. Journey not over yet. Assume it's next Thursday for the home leg. Good luck!
  4. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    anyway sorry. I came here to post. Vulgarity alert don't read If daily mail type ok what cheers up. I'm a simple man but ok here goes. When you go in to "log off" you know, drop the kids offf at the pool, and Jesus Christ it's like new street station , intercity 125 flies through and God damn, all logs out and wiped up in the time it takes to take a piss, especially when at work and no one knows (except the poor fker who uses the bogs after). Yeah so ummm yeah a rapid pit stop. No need for newspaper or not even enough time to log into VT type dump sorry edit - yeah actually it's like say when the kids are off school and you get a fly -through easy commute that's well quicker. And you get to destination and think "yeahhhhhhhh". I'm gonna shut the f up now
  5. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    This man knows. Absolutely spot on... same with when washing your car. Creates an awkwardness almost when your mind is tied up with the "no" and "fks sake not that quip again" which distracts you from a witty response, that when given you are almost worse off giving a pacifying pointless reply like "No thanks I'm knackered / this one took long enough." yeah thanks for backing me into a corner you fvcko! When what you're really thinking is hell yeah, check out my wheels. Dammit I'm gonna go wash me truck. It's dirtier than Ron Jeremy's wet dreams 'tis.
  6. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I can do a job if he wants. Midfielder here, in my 30's, 1-paced, can't pass for shit, can't shoot for shit, can't tackle, bad attitude and commitment, happy to train for 2 hours a day, warm the bench for a couple of Saturdays until managerial sacking by which time the new manager will push me further down the pecking order and I can just semi-retire and play some golf and play with some models, post the occasional photo on Instagram of a Bentley and/or Ferrari, hit Broad Street for an all-nighter the very evening of any loss (and defiantly have a great time). All this for a bargain £40,000 a week on a 2 year contract. I'm your man Bruce.
  7. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Or god forbid , Steve mclaren <shudder>
  8. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    agreed, shame we werent in for Tom Lawrence, Derby f f s, excellent value at £7m but we would only have Bree'd him anyway
  9. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Would probably sit in the dugout first match, then get a weird feeling.... something not right..... then the flashback Regardless of anything else in Klinsmann's career, any time i think Klinsmann this above is always my first thought. The sound....... unforgettable.
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    The amount of work he's had done, he's probably all titanium and kevlar by now, a bit like... I'd like to see him come to play for us, but this is like the "move" we made for Joe Hart. Not gonna happen. Probably aim at Wilshire and end up with someone Simon Dawkins-esque, but it's the thought that counts. Simon Dawkins eh... was that real or did we hallucinate that?
  11. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Absolutely, work in healthcare. Which you might think, fit 'nurses... consultants, registrars, paramedics' whatever etc but where I work, people mostly look like they come from Royston Vasey and patients and relatives are strictly off the menu. Casualty / Holby City it ain't. will do the Internet thing next month I think, probably EHarmony for 3 months just to see. If that is crap I might try Match. If that is crap then I have heard that Liz Hurley has a place in rural Herefordshire somewhere, funny that I do too. She's single? Funny that I am too. Well already have more in common than I did with my ex. Liz you can choke my chicken any day luv, what's your postcode please?
  12. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    it is scary, the future in that way. Somewhere in a way between Humans and Terminator 2 it'll all go wrong.
  13. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Been a while since I've been in this thread and have some questions for those on / have done online dating. Quick background. 38, recently moved to new place. Have made friends here with neighbours and other locals but they're older and socially redundant. Will do the Meetups thing eventually but there's minimal activity on that here. Right so online dating it is, ETA September. My questions. 1- which is better, Match or EHarmony? I understand Eharmony is a bunch of questions and matching whereas Match is more like a profile and ad-board. 2- if anyone lives in a small town, did they get any worth off it at all? where I am the population is probably 50,000 plus I'm ultra-rural in location at that. Now the reality of moving here kicks in. Not defeatist but semi humorous / realist crude maths of my predicament : 50k people here. Halve that to exclude males. 25k. Very elderly population. Deduct them, kids and women too young for me. Maybe about 5,000 then aged 30-40 as I think I'll specify on whichever site. Then deduct all those in relationships and simply not on a dating site. Damn.... say 250 left. deduct all munters... crazy cat ladies, and scary Marys... umm maybe 50 left? of which some might be single mums say 25 left (not prejudiced against single mums but personally for me that wouldn't work and have experience of that not being right for me) of that 25 some who I simply wouldn't get on with and some who wouldn't be into me, my looks or my personality. 0-5 maybe? Hmmmmn low numbers but worth a shot. Or maybe I should just order a Russian bride , might be cheaper and more than 0-5 of them available. Might even get two for one offer maybe? anyone have experience of Russian mail order brides?