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  1. Let's check in with Olof (Swedish Football)

    Absolutely agreed one hundred per cent. I'm 38 years old but, if in the future this happens, I will phone in to work sick or leave work straight away pulling a sickie to get down to VP or Bodymoor Heath like a teenage girl at Shea Stadium when the Beatles came to town. They would need at least three security to fend me off. Dogs and tasers too.
  2. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Amen to that, spent half the weekend batting away bees and flies that were relentless, f--- the flowers As Uncle Monty once said Flowers are essentially tarts. Prostitutes for the bees.
  3. What do you drive?

    Villa tank needed new flywheel (which apparently never breaks, just my luck) all in cost 780 notes w t f. Still, proves the RAC gimp scaremongered me with talk of new engine and all sorts of up to three grand. Two weeks ago fixed all ok since and fingers crossed. Until next time. oh "L200s workhorses never any issues bulletproof" yeah my arse. Anyway. Just "reppin for the rednecks" on here whilst the many beautiful newer cars on this thread rock on all nice and dandy.
  4. Let's check in with Olof (Swedish Football)

    Mellberg= Bromma Ljungberg= Superettan 2017 Here's a clue how it all goes Kung Olof DESTROYS IT
  5. The Thread of Dreams

    1- 2- 3- Maqroll. I have the same nightmare. Over to you Bruce and the boys.
  6. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Oh yeah. Simple inclusion for this thread but as the heat continues I'm fighting a problem with ice cubes not ready in time by the time I need them have no fancy ice cube producing fridge so old school two tray ice cube tray s in freezer for me running at a deficit here . If was legal to drive could go buy more ice I cube trays but not organised enough could Sharon stone a block and stab pieces off but don't wanna end up in an interview room uncrossing my legs making a fat dude sweat who later gets eaten by dinosaur while he takes a crap anyway don't want that on my conscience note to self, Tesco, next time, ice cube trays: more. See you round
  7. Football Manager 2017

    @Villan_of_oz late replying start anew save my friend. If my formation didn't work see others on here. Start a fresh. I love the day one stuff. Takes me a night to even press continue. Hypocriticslly I have shelved my save 2( Swedish save) and gone back to my Torino save and loving it. But I set it up delightfully from day one and cannot let go of it. Winserie A every year but I don't dominaye the champions league every year so got enough otivation to keep coming back. AnywY yeah you've tasted Serie A less finances thanE gland and you lose players to Chelsea United Man City Real Madrid Barcelona more but hey. Roma / ac Milan? Go for it dude
  8. FIFA 18

    Crowd hugging celebrations cool. One of my fun moments of FIfA 17 wasscoring and doing the flying Bruce Lee kick celebration player would start it ,do spinone then spin two then three. Made for funny scenes as masteredthe timing to do it right where keeperor DC wAs so made for some challenging collision detectand general hilarity as not only scoring but kicking crap out of opponents face will look forward to "interacting with crowd"
  9. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Translation via Google, midfielderspeak converted to English : pickeled onions are sh-- ice cubes, are the dogs. Quite an anticlimax but there you go as inat 32 bleedingdegrees ehether it's Fanta or JackDanirls you have st ha d , ice cubes are just divine
  10. Herefordshire Villa Fans

    Thanks Bud. Yeah I've used them in the past the details for his club are in the Gloucestershire thread I made, they pick up in Glos and Cheltenham. May have to resort to that again however intended this as a local club for local people. Anyone Herefordshire located and interested post or message me we will get something together. UTV
  11. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Regardless of all the very viable for and against arguments on here, which have been said ten times better than I could say, I hope we get Terry. One year / two year so be it. Not my money, Tony's. Added to that thatBlues want him makes me want him more. Also our WAGSare probably LIDL quality compared to Chelsea's Harrods wags so the dressing room will be fine. 36 or not, could be no worse to have in squad on big money than Richards as DC
  12. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Love you both but pickled onions sweet or not are just the devils acidic butt dumplings. My contribution is this.a simple one. ICE CUBES God damn just no. Ore needs saying
  13. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Xela has a cat? What's the name of that bad boy my friend. I'm getting one later near Nov December to do some rodent control and he's gonna be called Olof even if he's named already. Or she.
  14. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Hell yeahhhh only drawback is populatjon numbers but you're happily married so that doesn't affect you. Starting new life here slowly a single f&cktard in late 30s but gonna have to join Match dot com later in year or settle for cattle n sheep. At least the latter can't tell me oh no you shouldn't do this do that oh no green doesn't go with blue it must you wear that villa top in public. Yes , yes I must. Shutup. Have a villa related reg and occasionally just occasionally get a friendly horn or thumbs up I'm starting to love this place total opposite to Gloucester where rugby is king. They love their football here and are passionate about their tiny Herfeford FC which indirectly brings me to their table. nyeay one day we will have a pint Ruge prob VP home game. Until then, peace my man
  15. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Even more prominent today than "yesterday"... say it Frank I am gross and pervertedIm obsessed n derangedI have existed for yearsBut very little had changedI am the tool of the governmentAnd industry tooFor I am destined to ruleAnd regulate youI may be vile and perniciousBut you can't look awayI make you think Im deliciousWith the stuff that I sayI am the best you can getHave you guessed me yet?I am the slime oozin outFrom your tv setYou will obey me while I lead youAnd eat the garbage that I feed youUntil the day that we don't need youDon't got for help...no one will heed youYour mind is totally controlledIt has been stuffed into my moldAnd you will do as you are toldUntil the rights to you are soldThat's right, folks..Don't touch that dialWell, I am the slime from your videoOozin along on your livinroom floorI am the slime from your videoCant stop the slime, people, lookit me go