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  1. Hey @lapal_fan thanks for the honest reply. I read your reply, and it did actually hit home about selfishness and well I guess I cant argue with your post at all. Respect your opinion though. I have been a bit blinkered by the last few weeks, this sort of thing I have never been part of before. I'm not sure how it is going to play out. nobody I know has given me both barrels like you did, a different take on things and I guess I needed that. Cheers, in a way. @Ingram85 yes it does to me, I have jumped the gun too soon, it just happened but we both wanted it to. The bad news is,
  2. Amen brother. Have tried champions league winner have tried promotion specialist all before and etc but Potter is a progressive project manager who undeniably has a gift that could benefit us. Fed up of managerial merry go round. Could be the next (poor mans) ferguson. Just need chance at right club. But yeah congrats again to OStersunds!
  3. Been offline now for the best part of a month. I said months ago, when I fully move into new place new county will join online dating. Did so. Also well good chats some decent women too, genuinely looking for a relationship I'm not just looking to a bunk up. Rifht forget that. Here's the deal. Am totally smitten with a quite senior staff member who is entirely unrelated to our dept. She smitten too. We have been absolutely inseparable for a month. Is messed up. Me I'm single no kids. She's married, two kids, husband retired in his thirties the c--- so is basically a house husband.
  4. Hi BP board. I have a suggestion. Why don't we keep Brommapojkarna as our name. This will save on a rebranding exercise and the related expense, effort and diluting of our identity. For the women's team why don't we simply branch off the women's team as BrommaFlickor. This way there is appropriate gender recognition on a par with the men's team. This will be less expensive and deliver the objective appropriately. We will then have unity and equality.
  5. Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaw It scores about 70-80% depending upon the review site but I got it as soon as it was downloadable off PSN ( £39.99 ). Been playing for a couple of days now, loving it. Features the trucks, Xfinity and of course the Cup series. Won't do a review but google is your friend. Very enjoyable indeed. I don't buy many games but I'm thoroughly happy with this one especially career mode. It came out on Thursday I think, physical copies only by import at this moment but as said is available on PSN not sure when Euro release is. I'm giving it an 8/10.
  6. I dropped a mention in the Next Manager thread a few days ago. Someone clearly who is loyal, a project manager with the vision and drive to achieve continuous improvement and beyond expectations at that... and above all a superb manager. Regardless of it "just being in the Swedish leagues" that doesn't matter, the standalone achievements of him and his team whether it is Ostersunds or The Queens Head Sunday League team show he has plenty in his locker. Someone will snap him up. One of those coaches maybe who if given his chance say at a Chanpionship or League One club, would come in, work with
  7. terrible reading that. Dunno what to say, it's just shameful and disgusting and that guy is probably one of many who were abused
  8. Still think this above. Some will say it is too soon, his CV is too light. I can totally understand and respect that opinion. The above is mine I stand by it. Time for a younger candidate effectively with a progressive, problem solving attitude. Not just short termism but an appointment that combines the now / the future in one. Also again, light on CV maybe. But in the football industry over the years there are many success stories of plucking an up and coming manager from a lesser side or division and benefitting from their ethos and (unproven at that point) ability. Which brings me to
  9. Lazy of them to leave Woy Hodgson as a backable bet after he has taken Palace job. But from that list I'm surprised they have Terry the outright favourite. Unless it's just baiting. Probably is. The house always wins I guess. On this thread a while back I sounded out King Olof of Sweden , I still think that. Just my opinion.
  10. Hope it's not against rules to post betting info. Sorry if so. But times like this I want a feel for who the bookies think is amongst the light at the end of the tunnel.
  11. DIF are my Swedish team and their form this season is kind of shocking. Almost overachieving (especially with a manager that used to be a full time hairdresser at the helm ) . That tifo display is pretty funny has to be said. I take it that's Blomqvist at the front and Andersson behind? You see the thought, preparation, crowd-funding behind it, and the direct jab that it is and have to admire it. At Villa Park we get the crest / big shirt passed through a shame this doesnt catch on here. so hats off to Swedish League and their fans for that passion.
  12. And after a break too, in which time they've had all that time to prep on working to a "plan" on what to do in the Brentford game to finish convincingly having beaten an inferior team for three points. Did I say "plan" ?? What a massive failure. Again. Despite Bruce still being here like a turd that won't flush, I was really looking forward to today just to get our fixtures going again and yet again, points dropped and alarm bells ringing. Quite simply if we cannot beat Brentford, at home, after a break with all that prep time, we have little hope at promotion, no signs of ev
  13. It pains me to agree with TrentVilla. FM has had a hold over me since secondary school back when I X copied the first ever one on the Amiga I have had every one every year since. Kind of weird to think come release day I won't be there. Has always been a ritual for me to hermit up that very weekend , an annual event. Literally sat playing in the training gear for whatever club I would manage real geeky stuff I confess. Have confessed that before in prev FM thread. I consider myself an FM veteran then. Not an FM know it all, just an absolute fan. However , my game time has les
  14. im not sure I have any ilk at all my man. but did feel after quinoa purchase like I had disgraced the Y chromosome somewhat must avoid quinoa purchase tomorrow as two days in a row I'll run risk of buying some Shirley basey off iTunes and getting my eyebrows done on the way home kinda thing
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