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Player Match Ratings: Woah, we’re half way there!

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Its only half time, despite Bon Jovi’s confidence, but if we can hold on to what we’ve got at the Hawthorns on Tuesday night, then we’ll make it to Wembley on 27th May.

We take a one goal lead with us on Tuesday night and that didn’t really look very likely at half time, did it? Albion arrived yesterday, with avoiding defeat as their primary objective. Is Pulis providing Jimmy Shan with tactical advice as well as Michael Appleton?

The first half looked like a carbon copy of the game they had won at Villa Park in February. They were solid at the back, worked hard, flooded the midfield and gave us very little space. Jack and John’s threat from the middle had been nullified by them during the first half. We had plenty of possession, but we had created very little of note with it and we gifted them the lead on 16 minutes to boot.

What a time this would have been for the winning form that had gotten us into these playoffs to have deserted us. This Villa team are not beaten that easily though. The game was turned on its head by two goals in 4 minutes from us as we went into the last 15 minutes of normal time. Dwight Gayle’s 88th minute red card, when the referee had finally lost patience with him will result in their hot-headed, top scorer missing the second leg. That may yet prove as important to the outcome of this tie, as was the introduction from the bench of Conor Hourihane yesterday.            

We have seen a couple of Lazarus like semi-final comebacks over the past couple of days. Our own comeback deflated our visitor’s yesterday. The tie is not won yet, but we will not be as ineffective as we were in the first half again. Albion must also make it a more open game in search of a goal that would level the score. That will give us the space we were denied yesterday and the chance to put the game beyond them.    

The claret & blue relief was as clear at the final whistle, as was the disappointment that was etched on the faces of the whinging Albion players, staff and supporters. We must now finish the job on Tuesday evening. We are two wins away from promotion. It is high time that we left Wembley rejoicing a win, rather than having experienced a painful defeat. Do it for us Villa!               

My player ratings from a game that has left us, tantalisingly within touching distance of a second successive Wembley play off final appearance are:

Jed Steer – 7 – Both he and Taylor went for the same ball on 11 minutes that neither got to. He made up for that communication breakdown seconds later, when he got his fingertips to help a Rodriguez shot from the edge of the box onto the crossbar, that would otherwise have produced a goal.      

Ahmed Elmohamady – 6 – He has rightly become an undisputed first choice, hasn’t he?         

Axel Tuanzebe - 7 – Another good display alongside Tyrone.      

Tyrone Mings – 7 – Solid at the back, although facing free-scoring opponents. Hit a 45th minute shot from the edge of the box that forced a save from Johnstone.               

Neil Taylor – 6 – Did well enough.                

Albert Adomah – 5 – Failed to make a real impression on this game, which was disappointing.              

Glenn Whelan – 5 – He has been immense in our midfield of late, but Glenn didn’t produce quite the same level of performance that he has been giving in recent weeks yesterday. Made a costly error that gave them an early lead, when he failed to control a pass back to him from Jack on 16 minutes, that Gayle proceeded to run onto before hitting a shot past Steer.    

John McGinn – 6 – Kept unusually quiet, but even the very best players don’t do it every week, like John they do it 99% of the time. I wouldn’t want to bet against him taking Tuesday’s game by the scruff of the neck and not letting it go.           

Jack Grealish – 7 – Didn’t make his usual impact upon the game during the first half but he still had a hand in both of our goals. Won a challenge on the edge of the box before hitting a 59th minute shot that Johnstone saved easily enough to his right. Ran into the right-hand side of the box before pulling the ball back to Hourihane on the edge of the box to claim an assist for our equaliser. Was moving towards the near post when Gibbs slid in to bring him down near the 6-yard box for our penalty     

Anwar El Ghazi - 6 – Hit a shot from the left-hand side of the box that took a deflection off Holgate before being held by Johnstone at the foot of the near post.                     

Tammy Abraham – 7 – Left isolated and starved of service in the first half on his return to the team. Hit a first-time effort over the bar on 15 minutes from an Elmo cross. Made an increasingly significant impression on the game during the second half. Elmo played a ball down the line for him which he ran on with before cutting into the box, outpacing a defender and hitting a cross that Johnstone blocked low at the near post on 52 minutes. Nodded a 55th minute Taylor cross over and past the far post.

Tammy was the coolest man in the ground when he put away his 79th minute penalty, sending Johnstone the wrong way and the ball into the right-hand corner of the net for our winner. Holgate was looking for any excuse to go down when Tammy jumped for a header inside the box and he went down dramatically to try to steal a late penalty for his shell-shocked side.                  


Conor Hourihane – 8 – MOTM – Replaced Whelan on 67 minutes. His introduction led to Jack moving further forward and he made the difference yesterday. Conor was in space on the edge of the box when Grealish played the ball back to him on 75 minutes. His aim was true and his superbly hit left foot shot flashed into the left-hand corner of the net, with Johnstone just a spectator. Had earlier made an important 74th minute interception, stretching to reach a ball intended for the unmarked Murphy from Gayle.     

Andre Green – 6 - Came on for Adomah on 67 minutes and provided some pace.  

Jonathan Kodjia – Replaced El Ghazi on 91 minutes. Not on long enough to gain a rating.      

Up the Villa!

John Lewis

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    • Taylor is ageing, 30 years old, he’s on the decline, I’m not denying he’s been a good player throughout his career and he played a big role in our promotion but I think that Targett is a better option. Targett is better on the ball, more cultured and a better crosser. The market is inflated now, we paid a lot of money for Targett, I’d expect him to come straight in the first XI when fit Tammy Abraham is a terrific centre forward who I’ve always rated and he’s made a great start to the season but I’d be surprised if he maintains it i.e continues scoring goals at the same rate
    • And in another news, I'm quite keen to see what Marvelous can do for us in the Premier League, having seen him at Crewe. Luiz, whilst I really like him, and think that he is considerably better than Nakamba on the ball, with a greater capacity to get us forward, is also more risky with his play. I like the way Nakamba broke up play and won the ball, he made some very tidy and timely tackles and interceptions, and his distribution, while modest, was always safe. I liked that from him because we would gain AND retain possession through his efforts and that allowed for other players in midfield to get forward. Lansbury had two assists and Hourihane had two goals, Grealish had a goal and an assist. I know it's against Crewe and not a PL side, but still it was very effective. I wonder if that's what we want from our defensive midfield position if we are playing a single pivot. Someone reliable, tidy and timely who will allow others license to get forward. What do others think? Don't get me wrong, I like Luiz, I think he's the best player we have in the DM role in terms of individual talent, skill and potential for growth, and I want him on the pitch. For me though, it's about what's going to give us the greatest chance of success week to week, because you can only win one game at a time. I'd like to see Marvelous one game. I'd be all for a double pivot with Marvelous and Luiz in the holding role, with Luiz having a license to get forward and break the lines of our opposition, MN as safety. Very encouraged with the two signings though, I think both might turn out to be up to standard, Luiz has a lot of ideas up his sleeve and with greater execution, he'll be nice.
    • Love these videos. Especially the part when Terry is working with Mingels. Awesome stuff.  
    • Read this. Saw it's the poster's 11th post. Smiled wryly to myself. Welcome to VT 
    • This. It's about what you contribute to the side and how that will influence proceedings in a way that leads to a desirable outcome. Victory. It's not necessarily about who's the better player per se, it's about the dynamic of the team we field, we want cohesion which allows for optimal output and influence. I'd disagree with this, sorry SGH. Taylor at the same age had a similar number of games to his name but with perhaps a bigger role than Targett has ever had. The Swansea side that came up and that Taylor represented for 36 games in their inaugural Premier League season saw them finish 11th.  Perhaps Targett holds more promise and talent than Taylor ever did, at the end of the day though, it's about what you contribute that leads to a better outcome for the team. Just to clarify, I'm not suggesting one is more valuable than the other, it's not a call I want to make, I've not seen much of Targett, though I saw a lot of Swansea way back when. As I said, Swansea finished 11th that year, and prize money for finishing mid-table instead of relegation placing is almost precisely the fee we paid for Tagett. Then you add TV money and the rest of it, as well as retaining PL status, and finishing 11th becomes a lot more profitable than being relegated. So if Taylor is the better option than Targett and we are safe this season, I'd say he is worth Targett's fee. It's not irrelevant, but I see where you are coming from. I think people will get the gist of my stance from what I've said already. It's about the bigger picture for the club. In this case, because if Taylor chips in to greater team performance, then in all likelihood it's a better chance the fee we paid for Targett will be made up for and some. Here's an example, despite being a pretty poor one.. Who would you rather play, the 50 million dollar Torres and receive the level of performances Chelsea got from him, or the up and coming Tammy and get what he's been producing? You might make a loss from paying the transfer fee for a player, but the loss is amplified if the team suffers and isn't what it could be from their inclusion.
    • England were pretty crap with the bat, bar some individual performances, throughout the whole series so they must be elated with drawing the Ashes.  Australia on the other hand must be gutted they didn't finish the job properly.  It's frustrating, that England have drawn the series because they've played badly throughout and made some individual and team errors (shot and batting line up  choices particularly).  If only they'd got their act together, we couldve been celebrating a series win.  however, regardless of the series result, the Stokes inspired headingly match was fantastic! 
    • I can’t be bothered checking, but would be interesting to know how West Ham do away vs how they do at home. The London Stadium has by a mile the worst atmosphere of anywhere  I have ever watched a match, so I bet they can’t wait to get out of there, and their 2.5k or whatever away fans will be easier to hear than the many more poor souls they pack in at home every week. That being said, we should really be aiming to beat the likes of West Ham at home - yes, they will likely come ahead of us by the end of the season, but if we are going into games against this sort of opposition without realistically thinking we can turn them over then we are restricting our expectations to only being able to beat about 7 teams over the season, which is ridiculous if we want to stay up, let alone do anything more. I’ve been greatly impressed with our defence, but really disappointed with our general forward play this season - we all know that we are capable going forward, we just need to show it. If we are brave, and run the ball through midfield, 3 - 0 to AVFC - let’s remind David Cameron who is boss.
    • Summary from the weekend - Nothing to see here... Bree (Luton) Away at QPR (3-2) - Played 90 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 5.94. Doyle-Hayes (Cheltenham) Away at Salford (0-2) - Played 90 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.67. Green (Preston) Home to Brentford (2-0) - Unused substitute. Hepburn-Murphy (Tranmere) Away at Oxford (3-0) - Played 90 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 5.99. Hogan (Stoke) Home to Bristol City (1-2) - Came on after 75 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.00. Touch Count: 2 O'Hare (Coventry) Away at Burton (0-0) - Came on after 61 minutes. WhoScored.com rating of 6.29. Sarkic (Livingston)Away at Rangers (3-1) - Unused substitute.
    • I mean, this is what you have passrushers for. Chicago got one earlier.  

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