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    • I imagine the Serbia one with the Russia flag in the stripes will bring some controversy 
    • Puma really going the extra mile to make their jerseys something special for each team.    
    • So how many teams are strapped or hampered by FFP right now, apart from us ?....open question?
    • I’d be amazed if we got as much as £8m for hogan - I’d say £4m more realistic .
    • Fair Comment.
    • not arguing Jim, but Cardiff and Fulham have had some near misses too. Derby and Bristol have dropped off and Sheff Utd are just also rans.....Millwall and Middlesborough are now finding form. The only team thats been at it from the start is Wolves as we all know.
    • Yeah, fair enough, TRO - I did say it was a general point and deliberately didn't mention Bruce. I think I've made my views on him clear before and there's nothing really changed on that - I wouldn't have appointed him, but once he's here, give him to the end of this season, don't bother fretting game by game, and at the end of the season as he's said himself, then he'll either be potted for failure, or he'll have got us up and all's good. The things that made me wary of him are still present, he's done well in some areas I didn't see and credit to him for that, he's by no means a bad manager - his record shows that he's done well at various clubs, and had periods of doing less well, too.
    • All that makes sense to me.
    • It would, you're right, but if he stays his value also goes down, on the books as amortisation at another approx. 3 million, so the hit wouldn't be as dramatic as maybe? you thought, or others might have thought - essentially we will "lose" money on him if he stays through both wages and amortisation, and if we sell him we don't lose the wages, but we do lose whatever the difference between the selling price and his book value is. I'm off for a lie down. My head hurts.
    • Yes I know but I was trying to say it was a similar scenario. We don't have the quality of Young, Carew, Milner, Petrov playing for us anymore of course. It feels like we're out of breath now trying to catch the teams ahead just like that Arsenal season.