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    • No cheating french t@@t for me thanks Stinks of new owners need a big name to generate interest...another Dimatteo in the making imo Won’t work at Villa Get a real manager who loves the Villa...Dean Smith  
    • But is we keep our best players we will still have one of the best squads in the league, so its not the other way round when we were in the Premier League, he could help us play an attacking game. We have our DeBruyne and Lukaku, but we are missing our Hazard. 😜
    • Been reading through this to see what our new Leeds supporting friends thought of it, and quite how terrible it all was but alas, no sign of them. Strange considering they were only here to "help", you'd have thought they'd be the first to congratulate us?  Also, I used to live in Egypt (when I was 2) and can confirm they're all a great bunch of lads
    • Go get Jürgen Klinsmann. Don't know why but every time talk of a new manager comes around he's always top of my wish list. Failing that (and if we've got a shed load of cash) let's puff out our chest like some greased up cougar from the planet big bollocks, make a statement of intention and go get Wenger. Wishful thinking I know but it's nice to dream again !! What a difference 24hrs can make. People were talking about Mick McCarthy this time last week. 
    • I'll try my best @Okonokos, I can promise if I get tidbits I won't dangle them for attention!      ME OUT!!! 
    • The club needs to move in a totally new direction and it won't happen with Bruce. Henry might be a gamble but this season will still be about rebuild rather than promotion even with new owners. Much rather have Henry than Bruce handling this. If we assume the new owners are not morons (fingers crossed) then I assume they have a plan, and have been scouting potential managers, be it Henry or someone else. As for Henry I doubt he'd jump on the first opportunity presented to him as he is a big and respected name in the game. And unlike say Maradona or Adams he won't have to take every shady job offered to him. If Henry was willing to come here I imagine he's been presented with a plan and assurances that is tempting to him. Doubt just a big bag of money would be enough. Probably won't end up being Henry but if it is it would be and exciting choice, albeit a bit of a gamble. If he could also bring in some people from Clairefontaine that would be brilliant!      
    • My initial Reaction is relief. The rest, I will see how it unfolds.....only in the fullness of time, will I know if we have good owners.....Their intentions will become clear at some point.
    • Well what Bates did was form a new company, pile all the assets across such as the ground, hotel etc, burden the old company with all the debt and let it go into administration. Then sold the lovely new debt free Chelsea with the hotel, village etc to Abrammovich and make a tody profit whilst a load of contractors who had Chelsea Village, hotel, the new stands etc were saddled with the debt. Yep a real horrible man.
    • You do realise you'll be expected to give us ITK info every week now? Otherwise it will be Hoof hearted out!!!
    • Pretty much this, it's the old throw enough mud some will stick scenario, I can't be arsed with any of it, it's why I said nothing on Thursday night. Put up or shut up.