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Tune stuck in my head


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Hey All,


didn't know where to post this, so i've decided here.


There is a guitar riff that is played just before adverts on ITV Football. They play it nearly everytime England are on tv. Just before the advert they show some clips of the England players playing and have this guitar riff that is awesome that they play whilst Adrian Chiles is chuntering away. For the life of me I can't find it anywhere. I'd love to be able to hum it to you but its difficult, it sort of goes down the guitar. Its a punt but one of you might know it! 

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yeah, but he might need a bit more to go on than "it has a guitar riff that I quite like"




The only song I can even think of that ITV use for their England coverage is this:





But there are two problems:


1] It's clearly a violin

2] I think you would have to be, what, 12 years old not to know the name of this song without asking! 

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If it's not The Verve then my bet is that it's this: 




I **** hate Viva Brother.

The riff I think you're on about is at 1:10ish

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