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The Case For a Star


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By VillaToff

We NEED a star on our new badge.

We support a famous football club with a lengthy and proud tradition who have played an integral part in the history of our national game and league from day ONE.

We have Won the European Cup.

When it truly was a cup contested by champions.

Let the world see.

The highest honours and achievement the club has ever attained have been sidelined and overshadowed by a following 25 years of under achievement.

(I don't want to dwell on the BeelzeeDoug years though as they are now an unpleasant history and may they forever stay behind us)

We are now moving forward in a way in which we all could never have hoped for in our wildest dreams.

I love this football club.




Anything to the contrary of this ?


Now however I not only dream of success or even hope for it (don't get me wrong,I do not expect it) but I sincerely BELIEVE that we are now on the threshold of, if nothing else a respectability that a club of our size,support and means is worthy of.

I have a mate who is an Arsenal fan.

Born and bred in Salisbury (!?) Only been into football for the last 15 years since he went to university (in Sunderland !?) He picked his team.His team didn't pick him.

I was 9 years old in 1982. I watched the match on TV. I remember it well as my brother smashed a light shade when we scored (youthful exuberance bless him).

I was born into being a Villa fan and still am despite numerous conversion attempts during my youth by my two older glory seeking Spurs supporting half brothers

(both Midlands born and bred) and my singular Baggies supporting half brother.

My point is this :

For the majority of my adult life I have had countless,pointless arguments with 'fans' like my aforementioned mate above which go round and around and around and no amount of spouting facts,blaming Doug or citing past glories is ever enough to shut them up:

'YOU are not a big club'.

I don't know about you but to me that hurts.

Mainly because I don't believe that it's true.

Sadly it is what many people think.

Fortunately with plastic Arsenal fans and the like you can counter with : 'Well where's your European Cup' ?

I would take a huge delight when faced with idiots who bait me about my beloved football club by just pointing to the star on my shirt, smilling and maybe if the mood took me,t hen raising that same finger to my lips to gently 'shhhhh' them quiet.

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My problem with all this is that a star isn't universally seen as a European Cup win.

So we have a star on our shirt? Man City have two.

To be honest I don't see what it would achieve anyway. I'm proud of our history, but we need to be looking forwards, not back.

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The star should only be on the shirt when in the relevant european comeptition, i.e Champions League. So when we do finally finish fourth the club can bring out a special champions league jersey with the sacred star above the crest.

Premier league rules forbid the use of a star to comemorate a european cup win on a jersey when playing in the premiership. Rightly so IMO. Man city's three "mini" stars are part of their crest so its allowed.Their stars mean exactly jack shit.

So forget all this star nonsense until we finish fourth or higher in the league and then you can queue up outside villa village to buy your brand new champions league jersey with star.


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One of our reps at work is an Arsenal fan(comes from North London), but now lives in Ipswich and never goes to watch Arsenal apart from down the pub. He's a typical londoner/salesman i.e. plenty of mouth.

Last year we were in London at an exhibition and in the evening were out for a meal. Another reps son who worked in London came for the meal.He's a massive Forest fan, season ticket holder and hardly ever misses a Forest game.

Conversation during meal turned to football.

Arsenal fan to Forest fan 'Who do you support then'

Forest fan 'Nottingham Forest'

Arsenal fan 'Aren't they a ladies hockey team'?

Forest fan 'How many times have you won the European Cup then'?

Arsenal fan Silence.First time I've seen him lost for words.

Classic stuff and whoever you support if you follow that team through thick and thin the rewards are there sometimes.

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.....The only star i want is on the team sheet. All the talk of all these peripheral things is all well and good.... but it is the improvement in the playing staff that will ultimately project this club back to its rightful place...... gates, other fans opinions about us, media opinions and so on ,will only boil down to the quality of squad.......I do apologise for my impatience and i know nothing can be done until the window opens.....but that is where the talking must stop and it is the action that we will all be watching & waiting for....... and it is just about that ,that will shape the future of this club.

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