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vs Fulham: Player Ratings


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Can John find anyone decent enough to give Man of the Match to?

Tommy Sorensen: It was a potentially difficult game for goalkeepers tonight, as the rain made the chance of a goalkeeping error increase by ten. However, Sorensen took all crosses cleanly and didn’t really have anything else to do except pick the ball out of the net for Fulham’s goal. 7.

Liam Ridgewell: He’s had a good season so far, but what on Earth went through O’Neill’s head when deciding that he could play left back? Liam is not built to be a left back, and whilst he is confident with the ball at his feet, his crossing certainly isn’t his best attribute. He often was caught out of position and twice just blasted the ball into his opponent which bounced back and caused the rest of defence a problem. An experiment that didn’t work. 5.

Martin Laursen: Slipped a few times and his passing wasn’t too good to begin with either. Got better as time went on, but didn’t have too much to deal with. 6

Olof Mellberg: Again, didn’t have much to deal with. Decent performance. 7.

Gareth Barry: John Gregory once said of Barry that he didn’t like to get his shorts dirty. Whilst this isn’t quite true, Barry is no replacement for Gavin McCann. The captain tried his best but the ‘Destroyer’ role isn’t one for him, and he was a bigger influence on the game when moved out left. Good penalty. 7

‘Stan’ Petrov: Was one of those games which ‘Stan’ failed to get a grip of the game. A few nice flicks, but we really needed him to create something out of nothing today. He didn’t. 6.

Steven Davis: I’m aware that he was playing out of position. I’m aware that he’s being played too much, but Steve Davis was once again anonymous from the game today. Davis lost the ball, failed to get a grip of the game and you do have to wonder whether a central midfielder is on Martin O’Neill’s wishlist in January. 5

Juan Pablo Angel: Tried, a few nice touches, but no goals and one shot. It is a question of service, but when the ball did find the Colombian, it seemed to then go the opposite way than to the goal. I’d love Angel to get scoring again, but once again, his confidence is looking shattered. 6

Milan Baros: Another one who seems to have a problem with confidence at the moment. He always wants an extra touch before shooting, by which time the opportunity has gone. Taken off at half time. 5.

Gabby Agbonlahor: If Villa were going to create anything today, it was going to be through Gabby. Worked hard, only to be let down by his crossing. 7.


Didier Agathe: On for Baros, Agathe failed to control the ball and was another one who wanted too many touches. He may be good enough for the Scottish Premier League, but the English Premier League? I dunno. Still, it was only last week people were praising him. 5.

Sutton and Osbourne: Not on long enough to rate. Osbourne looked like he had something in him, and didn’t look too fazed at making his debut. Sutton looked interested and won balls in the air, which often found a team mate. Once fit, I can imagine Chris may be starting in a claret and blue shirt.

Referee, Chris Foy: Awful. Bad decision for the penalty, and infuriated both sets of fans. It’s lucky that this was a game between two fairly ‘soft’ teams as Foy never had a grip on the game. One example was when Fulham kicked off before he had blown his whistle for the second half to begin, went to say ‘go back and restart’, then changed his mind and didn’t bother. Wasn’t helped by the linesman with the chequered flag, who constantly made wrong calls – and often just guessed or didn’t give a decision until the referee already had. 4.

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Tommy Sorensen: 6 - standard.

Liam Ridgewell: 5 not a left back

Aaron Hughes: 5 - not great today - last week he was good - has the internationals caught up with a few of 'em?

Martin Laursen: 6 - no worries.

Olly: Decent 6.

Gareth Barry: decent 6

‘Stan’ Petrov: 5 Sacrificed his attacking game because Gav wasn't there. Quiet.

Steven Davis: 6 - much better in the middle, than on the left. A good little player in need of a week or two off.

JPA: One sublime ball to Baros, had no service, 6

Milan: 4 - Hmmm. Not good. Well below par. The door beckons.

Gabby Agbonlahor: 5 - energy and endeavour, but now he's been sussed off the telly by other teams - lost the element of surprise, he needs to develop more than just tip and run. Too often loses the ball, but he does have talent to be nurtured.


Didier Agathe: Cloddy. 4. Not much cop I reckon.

Sutton: Hmmm. 4 at best unfit, at worst, past it and no good. Can't tell from 20 minutes viewing.

Isiah Osbourne: Raw. Enthusiastic, and one to see how he goes. Not on long enough to mark

Referee, Chris Foy: 5 - I didn't think the pen was a pen, from my seat in the Lower Rear centre of the Holte, but we could have had a better shout before that. Just, like so many refs, gets the big decisions wrong.

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said this in the ratings thread on the main forum,

Sorenson, i believe was at fault with the goal along with Hughes for not stopping the cross in the first place, and Barry for not tracking Voltz into the box, but i dont know wether Barry was supposed to be marking Voltz, anyways, back to Sorenson.... when the ball is crossed he takes two strides off his line and comes to collect the ball, then changes his mind and by the time he got back to the line the ball was passed him. it was a very slack goal to give away considering how well we have been defensivly this year.

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Went to the game today, as alot of people obviously haven't judging by the comments. A whole bunch of Keyboard warrior stuff at the begging of this thread and quite frankly it's garbage.

Think there's a few points that i need to state before i give my match ratings.

*I think it says alot of what MON thinks of Bouma when he plays Ridge at LB.

*How much did we miss McCann? Barry was put in the middle 2nd half but nobody can control the midfield like McCann.

*Fulham got what they came for, they're a horrible sly little team that close you down quickly but leave a foot in late in the tackle, They played for the point and got one.


Sorenson - 7 - Not alot to do, and did nothing wrong, was furious with the rest of the team alot of the time for wasting his quick throws out.

Hughes - 6 - While i can't fault Hughes's effort, he ability is often found wanting, Steady as usual.

Mellberg - 6 - Dealt with everything thrown at him, Looked comfortable.

Laursen - 7 - While the crowd were cheering the old god, i think we could be looking at the new one, He was fantastic at times, His mind is too quick for alot of the premiership and despite his 'dodgy' Knees and not being the quickest, his brain sees him out of any possible trouble.

Ridge - 6 - Never a LB, but played admirably, still the only defender that talks and gave 100% in an unfamiliar position. You could tell he's a CB with some of his crosses.

Gabby - 6 - For me very quiet but i think this have more to do with he doesn't no how to play as an out and out winger, struggled to get past his man when he had time on the ball, Benefits from Angel so much when Angel can play him in while in the 4-3-3.

Petrov - 6 - The quietest i've seen him, it was quite telling that McCann wasn't on the pitch and Petrov didn't get into the game, deserved the penalty for the run alone.

Davis - 6 - Another quiet one, while i don't think this is solely down to McCann's absence, think Davis is about to hit a wall and should benefit from Osbourne's emergance.

Barry - 7 - Barry struggled today, i think it had alot to do with the changing of roles, he put the penalty away brilliantly but another player who sorly misses McCann. and Jez jst reminded me that he was at fault for the goal, got pulled inside and Volz snuck in behind.

Angel - 7 - Now i stood at half time and heard some idiots slagging Angel off, i couldn't believe my ears, why are people so quick to slag the man off? This season he is constantly and consistantly giving 100%, tracking back and building play. They're were key moments in the first half when Angel dropped deep and knocked the ball out wide and Barry swung a cross into no one, Simply on that occasion and many others we need two Angel's. He apart from Sutton is the only man who will attack high crosses. Once again undeserved critiscm.

Baros - 5 - I really had to think about what rating to give the man but I think it's clear that Baros's future now lies elsewere, The excuse of lack of fitness simply doesn't hack it for me, while he did a couple of good things when he got his head up, he did it so few times. His effort was also alittle better but still not near the standard of Angel, you see Angel busting a gut to chase lost causes but Baros would rather not bother, on a number of occasions waited till the crowd react to make an attempt to close down. I think MON will have seen that he doesn't suite where we want to be, i think personally he'll be 2nd out the door in January behind Djemba unless there's a drastic change of system and attitude from Baros.


Agathe - 6 - Struggled to get goin, has undoubted pace but failed to utilise it today, looks like a player who is still alittle rusty.

Osbourne - 7 - I'm giving the kid a seven because although only on for a short period, the first thing he did, was something the midfield hadn't managed to do all game, and that was stick his head on the ball and try and get a grip of midfield. While the other midfielders seemed reluctant to give him the ball when he was screaming out to do something with it. I look forward tentitively for the next appearence of Isiah, Hope he starts at Leicester.

Sutton - 6 - Won a few headers and took up some great positions but at that period in the game Villa had lost alot of shape, i'll save my judgement for a few games yet.

MON - 8 - Im shocked by the earlier critism of MON but personally i think he did all he could today, i think Bouma's presence on the bench had more to do with CB than LB, hence why we didn't see Bouma make the field of play. Didn't use the excuse of absent McCann and told the press that the team out should of Won, he's right. He said he was mightily disapointed with the teams performance and so were the players. Can't disagree with a man so honest.

Overall we struggled to get goin mostly due to not getting a grip of midfield. Come back Gav The Destroyer. All those critics are firmly eating they're words as it was plain to see despite his limitations, he is probably the key componant in our team.

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