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Lets just see if the predictable - can be rammed back to us


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The predictable....we cannot beat Manchester utd.


Why, because we don't play as a team the players have doubt about each others ability and it shows on the park.

Is there enough ability in the side to beat them, I believe there is as long as they apply themselves and have enough belief in each other.

My big worry is and always is with this current Villa team, as difficult as it is to score against the top sides we have a weak achilles with regards to defending a lead.... until we correct this I don't see us going anywhere.

If you were assessing the Villa from outside I would suspect with a potential forward line of Agbonlahor, Bent & N'Zobia a purist would say no problem there then....So being at Home, where can we go wrong.

The holding together of the game will be the main problem.... the touch, the passing the trapping the movement or lack of it.... and all of that will affect the belief.

ITS THE BELIEF THAT IS REALLY LACKING...and to get that the criteria must have substance.

and thats why we will get beat.

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And that comes from the manager and if we adopt anything like the shambles we saw at Spurs it will be a rout.

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