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The Dressing Room (Pre West Ham)


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*We join Gabby preparing to play West Ham, he's becoming increasingly excited*

Gabby: I can't believe it, can you believe it guys!? I mean we've finally signed Robbie Keane after chasing him for like 300 years!

*Gabby hugs Keane tightly*

Keane: um ... Gabriel I can't breathe dere and...

Gabby: I mean Carlton, it's great right?

Cole: Gabby, I think you're a little confused you're...

Gabby: Yeah, I am a bit, I mean, your head, it's steaming ... What's with that?

Cole: It just does that sometimes I don't know, but anyway that's not what I...

Gabby: Hitz! We've not played together for ages, you been on holiday?

Hitzlsperger: Gabriel, I left 6 years ago....

Gabby: Wow, cruise was it?

Hitzlesperger: What? No, I'm a hammer now.

Gabby: Yeah "Der Hammer"

Hitzlesperger: No I mean with West Ham!

*Hitz points to his badge, Gabby looks then takes in all of the other player's badges.*

Gabby: Crap!

*Meanwhile in the Villa dressing room, Albrighton and Clark are hiding in a locker.*

A.Young: Marc? What's up.

*Albrighton sticks his head out of the locker*

Albrighton: Fabian said that our dressing room's haunted!

A.Young: Haunted? By what?

Clark (from within the locker): The ghost of ... Keiron Dyer!

A.Young: Ghost? Keiron Dyer's alive! I can hear him, listen...

*The agonised wailing and moaning of Keiron Dyer can be heard in the hall*

Albrighton: Yeah you can hear his ghost, Fabian says he died of fright when he heard he might have to play Fabian and Jean II.

*Young laughs*

A.Young: Look we'll settle this right now, Keiron! Hey Keiron come in here a minute!

*Dyer enters, Albrighton cringes back into the locker*

Dyer: Whoaaaaaaaa! Yeaaaaargghhh! Uurrrrrrgggghhh!!!

Young: Um.... Keiron can you stop that a minute?

Dyer: Oh, yeah, sorry Ash, force of habit. What's up?

Young: Some of the kids here think you're dead so I just want to reassure them you're not.

Dyer: I am dead.

Young: What!?

Clark (muffled): See!

Dyer: Not to worry though physio reckons I should make a return in three to four weeks, I've had worse. I'm definitely going to avoid injury when I come back this time though.

Young: O....K.

*Meanwhile Elsewhere.....*

Gabby: So James, what have you been using that regaine stuff? .... and just for men? I prefered you red-headed to be honest, made you look more fierce....

Collins: My name's Michael, Gabriel. Anyway what brings you to Glanford Park? I mean of course you're welcome in Scunthorpe but aren't you supposed to be playing West Ham with Villa today?

Gabby: ....Crap!

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