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RESERVES : 2010/11 season/stats - Chelsea are champions


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Quite an interesting line-up for this afternoon's match.

On the one hand it is quite experienced in that it has the 7 most picked reserve players this season. Collins, Hogg, Lowry & Parish have started every game. Clark, Berry & Johnson have only missed a game each. Even Ellis Deeney has 3 appearances from a possible 5.

But of the rest we have 3 academy players. 17 year old attacker Courtney Cameron makes his first start of the season and we have 2 reserve debutants. 18 year old Ebby Nelson-Addy can play in defence or midfield and Joshua Barton is a Northern Irish midfielder with Gabby-esque speed who played for the U16s last season. Should be interesting to see how he does. He seems to have been promoted quite quickly.

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I must try that because I'm trying to "Ask Paul some decent questions that require a modicum of thought" and not one of the **** is getting through. Things as elementary as "What positions are Nelson-Addy & Barton playing today." I've asked 3 times with different wording and so far, nothing.

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8pts from 5 games. At this rate we'll need to sweep our league to win the thing. The next crop of strikers don't seem to have the firepower of Albrighton, Bannan, Delfouneso. Maybe they just need to develop more. Plus it'll help when Weimann is back - presuming he doesn't go into the senior side.

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West Ham win again to keep up their 100% start. Three wins from three puts them 2nd in our table behind Arsenal who they meet next. It's nice to finally see some matches being played between direct league rivals.

West Brom & Wolves both win to keep up the Southern League's impressive start against their Northern opponents.

Man Citeh's 'Elite Squad' win to extend their lead atop Northern Group 'A'.

[table color=#bccde9:d8b8bb807b]

[row][mcol]05/10[mcol]14:50[mcol]Newcastle United[mcol]0-0[mcol]ASTON VILLA[row][mcol][col][col][col][col]

[row][mcol][mcol]19:00[mcol]Bolton Wanderers[mcol]1-1[mcol]Blackburn Rovers[row][mcol][col][col]

90' Tope Obadeyi[col][col]8' Michael Potts

[row][mcol][mcol]19:00[mcol]Everton[mcol]1-2[mcol]West Bromwich Albion[row][mcol][col][col]

49' Jose Baxter

[col][col]47' Romaine Sawyers

78' Adil Nabi[row][mcol][mcol]19:00[mcol]Liverpool[mcol]0-1[mcol]West Ham United[row][mcol][col][col][col][col]79' Benni McCarthy (p)

[row][mcol][mcol]19:00[mcol]Manchester City[mcol]2-1[mcol]Blackpool[row][mcol][col][col]

26' Donal McDermott

41' James Poole[col][col]9' Brett Ormerod

[row][mcol][mcol]19:00[mcol]Sunderland[mcol]0-3[mcol]Wolverhampton Wanderers[row][mcol][col][col][col][col]21' Geoffrey Mujangi Bia

30' Ashley Hemmings

83' Geoffrey Mujangi Bia[/table]

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This week's matches.

[table color=#bccde9:7ebafe3937]

[row][mcol]DATE[mcol]TIME[mcol] [mcol] [mcol] [row][mcol][col][col][col][col][row][mcol]12/10[mcol]19:00[mcol]Wolverhampton Wanderers[mcol]-[mcol]Wigan Athletic[row][mcol][col][col][col][col][row][mcol]13/10[mcol]15:00[mcol]Blackpool[mcol]-[mcol]Newcastle United[row][mcol][col][col][col][col][row][mcol]14/10[mcol]14:00[mcol]ASTON VILLA[mcol]-[mcol]Blackburn Rovers[row][mcol][col][col][col][col][/table]

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[table color=#bccde9:d0b033155a]

[row][mcol][mcol][mcol]Wolverhampton Wanderers[mcol]1-2[mcol]Wigan Athletic[row][mcol][col][col]16' Sam Winnall


72' James McArthur

89' Daniel de Ridder[/table]

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A strong looking side plays Blackburn this afternoon. Delfouneso comes back in up front for only his 2nd start of the season and partners the ever-present James Collins junior. Northern Irish speed demon, Joshua Barton, keeps his place in the side after his debut last time out. 17 year old goalkeeper, Matthew Coton, takes his place on the bench for the first time. I don't know if he's related to Tony... anyone?

VILLA: Parish; Berry, Lowry, Williams, Deeney; Carruthers, Hogg, Barton, Johnson; Delfouneso, Collins Jr. Subs: Cameron, Coton, Burke, Nelson-Addy, Drennan.

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