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Man wins lottery and then leaves wife: who gets foreclosed


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Legend or Asshole?

A Florida man won the lottery and then left his wife who has just had their house foreclosed on and is now out on the street.

It's very difficult indeed to know quite what reaction to have to this story: there are two bubbling around one of which is most definitely not the socially acceptable one.

Back in 2007 Arnim Ramdass was one of a group of airline mechanics who won $19 million on the Florida lottery. However, far, from rushing home to tell his wife the good news he actually kept the entire thing secret from Donna Campbell and then left her. It's at this point that one of those two reactions might be kicking in. The first is that of course he's complete scum for behaving in this manner: the marriage oath is to share everything after all. The second is much less honorable which is to laugh like a drain.

Yes, I know, appalling, but there's a scene in a Jack Lemmon movie where one character is on the witness stand and Lemmon, playing the lawyer, draws a "button" in chalk on the rail and asks him whether he would press it. The result would be that his wife simply disappears: no pain, no death, she's just gone. He does of course: for it's a fantasy that many of us have that if there were just some reset button for the world and we could do it all over again then we'd do it differently.

And clearly a share of a $19 million lottery win is just such a reset button in the minds of some.

However, the story doesn't stop here. No, the man wins the lottery and leaves his wife might work as farce on screen but in the real world there are of course consequences:

A South Florida woman whose husband won the lottery and then left her was set to be evicted from her home Tuesday evening. Donna Campbell was given until Tuesday to pack up and leave the Miramar home she once shared with her husband, Arnim Ramdass.

They're still legally married but no one actually knows where Ramdass is: or rather, no one who will tell Donna Campbell knows where he is. There is a fraction of the Season's Spirit around though:

Campbell spent Tuesday packing up pictures and clothing. She said she would leave behind furniture and other large items, as she had no place to go and can't afford to store them.

But when the folks at AA Varco moving company saw Campbell’s story on Local 10, they offered to move her belongings and store them at their facility for free.

So the story of the man who wins the lottery and then leaves his wife: view it as tragedy or farce, your choice.

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A friend of mine's wife used to work for the lottery dealing with the large winners but she left the job because a particular winner infuriated her so much.........

He had a multi million pound winning ticket but he just sat on it for an entire year minus a day (it is only valid for a year after that you can no longer claim)

When asked why he'd waited so long, his answer was simple.............."It took me that long to get divorced". True story

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arsehole. But if the break-up was already on the cards, and would of happened if the man had not won the money, then it may be different.

May, but for me it wouldnt be. If i knew my ex would be out on the streets, no-where to go, give her a few million to set herself up, have a new life.

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