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"This is all about people with a dream of owning a football club. To turn football on its head and take it back to the people."

This weekend, an English non-league club could have new owners - more than 2,500 of them.


Interesting new concept. Actually think it could work in the non league, massive revenue for a 6th or 7th tier club with thousands on board. Set to be a vote on Midlands team tomorrow for takeover.


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1 minute ago, Zatman said:

Im sure happened before at Ebbsfleet and think it failed badly

Yeah, it's referenced in the article.

What they seem to think the problem was is that the technology at the time wasn't sufficient to let every bellend with a phone have their say.

It's absolute idiocy. I think I'd punt £49 their way if I was a manager about to play them though.


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Yes it did fail but was over 10 years ago, no way of knowing how this will pan out.

Key to whether it works is how successful the club is, relatively speaking. With a financial advantage if the club was to be on the up gain promotions then I'm sure people wouldn't lose interest with having the app at hand.

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