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Dem's Small Heath Verdict


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Regulars at VillaTalk may think of one particular user who would celebrate a a victory against the local rivals.

Demitri_C writes his thoughts on the game....

If you’re reading this right now you probably have a huge smile on your face, like I do as I write this. Yes we won, and there was no keeper errors, no reds for any of our players. Enjoy it, we won in style.

Wasn’t at the game, I watched from my Sofa to begin with I was surprised that we actually got a lot of coverage from the pundits before Kick-Off. I was nervous about this game as you never know with derbies especially against Small Heath who would take a hat-trick of Enkleman goals to win unlike us who like to win with some class.

Heard reports that this game would not be a sell out but I thought that on the day there would be tickets sold to be a sell out. But then to see the attendance of a mere 26,000 or slightly above is in fact embarrassing. The biggest embarrassment is David Gold he made himself look like fool when he took digs at the general but even his own fans agree that charge rip off prices hence the low crowd. What a laughing stock, the biggest game of their season and they couldn’t even sell out. Anyway enough of him I have wasted a whole paragraph on that individual who isn’t fit enough to clean the generals boots.

Now onto the game, Villa had Young and Carew fit which was great news. After a shaky first 10 minutes, with virtually our first attack we scored. It was fine play by Petrov who got the better of the woeful Kapo and was hit in by Liam Ridgewell. How ironic. Everyone was expecting him to score past us, but I believe that’s another goal to add to his Villa account, cheers Liam. The Blose crowd went quiet as they were stunned. To be fair it was against the run of play, but how many times have they got lucky against us previously? They were whinging beforehand that Knight hand-balled and they should have had a penalty. It was outside the box for one thing and it was at point blank range.

Villa began to dominate, Petrov looked very impressive, and Young was murdering the hopeless Kelly. Barry was also effective. Taylor did well with a save from Gabby. Then we rode our luck. Laursen in my eyes gave a stone wall penalty as he fouled the impressive De Ridder. But luckily for us Bennett booked him for a dive. Harsh yes but it could not have happened to a nicer team. At half time I was happy but knew this wasn’t the end of it as we have been here before.

Second half and Fistface introduced Forssell which needed to be done as Jerome looked poor up front alone, His finishing was as good a never ending story. I started getting abit nervous. After some more chances were missed there was no surprise when Forssell scored a thunderbolt header that left Carson no chance. There are question marks over the defending. We allowed them back in and I feared the worst.

Miss of the match had to be the miss by Nigel Reo-Coker. After a nice piece of play by Villa a cross came in with Reo-Coker wide open on the volley hit it way over the bar. After that miss I was very concerned as you never know with Small Heath. Carson pulled off a brilliant stop from Jerome I believe it was and Ridgewell almost scored if it wasn’t for a fantastic clearance from Gabby.

The game was now end to end.

Then around the 85 minute mark a brilliant cross from the special Ashley Young was hit in by the man of the moment Gabby. This sent the Villa fans into raptures and left Sty Andrews stunned. The joy to see our fans blow the remaining part of the Sty Andrews roof was a huge delight. What a moment that was. The unwashed now know what it felt like when Stern John did it to us. Then the final whistle hit and we get the three points! We didn’t need a goal keeping error; we didn’t need bad referring to win this. We scored a well worked goal. As predicted Fistface was whinging about the penalty decisions he feels they should have had. Why don’t you just admit Steve, your tactics were wrong with one up front and this isn’t the same Villa who bottled it all them seasons ago. This was a passionate team, Martin’s team who battled hard and made the Claret and Blue Army proud. I now believe we have nothing left to prove to this small club. We finish above them every season, have beaten them three times in a row (twice at the Sty) what else is there to achieve? We have showed who the superior team is.

Also well done to the fans who attended, you spent a whopping £45 a ticket but I think you got your moneys worth! Well done for backing the lads and singing your hearts out. The general should award you all! Randy and the General must have a huge grin on their face tonight. Would love to see Brady and Gold’s face tonight!

So have a beer, glass of wine tonight whatever tickles your fancy and toast the Villa players for their fine performance and fight that they gave us. I hope you are all looking forward to going to work tomorrow

Blose fans? Well what can you say to them.....?

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And I quote....

"Being on the pitch, I didn't think there was that much difference between the players of Aston Villa and us in quality," he said. "We could have won it and probably a 1-1 draw would have been representive for the game.

"It was just very disappointing to lose the way we did. But I am confident that we have shown enough this season [to stay in the division] and that we can recover."

Recalling the controversial 32nd-minute penalty that never was, de Ridder, who was booked for diving, said he was wronged

"I just absolutely felt a knock on my left foot and it hurt. I know that he kicked me," he said. "That's why I went down. I asked the referee, he told me to go away, I told him to see the replay. I could maybe have gone on, but I would have never got the ball, it was not an option, so I went down.

"A foul is a foul. It doesn't make a difference how you go down. It was a big decision that was not positive for us."

What an utter tosser.

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it says he went down too easily or 'Dived' which is same thing really going down when you could carry on...

"I could maybe have gone on, but I would have never got the ball, it was not an option, so I went down. "

he has basically just admitted he went down cus he cudnt of got the ball- not the fact that the contact was that heavy he couldnt keep to his feet.

So there is proof maybe if he had tried to keep going the ref may have given something but he would never have complained if he got the decision cus from that quote he pretty much decided that split second he was going to go down because he could get to the ball... so i agree with taunton wot a tosser

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it says he was kicked and he went down and that he was wronged


where in your quotes from him does he say he dived ?

"Thats why I went down", in other words Tony it was a conscious decision to hit the deck, nothing to do with the pressure of the challenge, nothing to do with the contact itself but a conscious decision by the player to do what he did. That Sir is a dive or in FIFA parlance - simulation

See football isn't a non contact sport, shoulder to shoulder challenges are specifically allowed for example, merely touching the player isn't a foul, impeding the player is. He wasn't impeded, by his own admission, he pushed the ball too far felt a pinprick in his foot and pretended he'd been shot by some sniper. When theres foot to foot contact on the ground which this most definitely was , you do not jump into the air, you carry on running and limp about 2 or 3 strides later

Mind you, this is only true until the Michelle Platini revolution takes place

It was a dive and the ref got it SPOT ON (just like the handball decision too imo)

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