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vs Small Heath - Preview


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It's the third game in a row Villa play one of the favourites for relegation, when they pop down the road to play Small Heath own their own (cabbage) patch....

Kick Off ?

Thanks to SKY and the people who can't control themselves and just watch the football, we've got a silly kick off time. 1PM. Still, at least it means there will a longer time to revel in victory. On the bad side, it's more time to be a bit depressed about it all should the unthinkable happen....

Where Can I Watch It Live?

It's another away game on SKY, which is bad news for the Villa as we haven't won an away game on SKY for six and a half years now. That's an awfully long time.

It's also being shown in the Holte Pub and Holte Suite, but you need tickets to get in - best phoning the club to find out availability before turning up.

If you are watching at home, why not join us on the website and have a chat in our chat room whilst the game is going on?

What is the history between the two sides?

I think we all know this one.

One thing I will say, is that things seem to have changed over the past year or so. The people in charge of Small Heath seem totally and utterly obsessed and crippled in jealousy, it's all rather embarrassing. Perhaps it was their manager effectively saying he wished he worked in the conditions Martin O'Neill did. I dunno. But the pathetic attempts by Karen Brady and David Gold to drag Villa's name through the mud is rather amusing. After the way they mis-interpreted General Krulak's witty, (and correct assessment after looking at their reaction), it does make me wonder if they take everything as literal as that. Imagine them Aesop Fables for the first time.

"How dare they! I am not a tortoise! How insulting! And as for the hare! Don't they know who I am? It'll be the rampant rabbit and nothing else..."

I remember an attack on Villa by Karen Brady on the eve of the derby in Small Heath's first season in the "Big League". Villa didn't say a word. Gives it out but can't take it. Insert your own innuendo there.

And here I was trying to be nice.

What’s the team news?

John Carew should be back for the Villa, but with Martin O'Neill having said this week that the local lads will be the key to the game and getting the foreign players to understand what the game means to some people, I'm expecting the likes of Craig Gardner to return to the team.

What’s the Prediction?

My heart says a Villa win, my head isn't so sure. Our players are certainly better than theirs - but - I don't know, there's just doubt. There's always doubt.

Why Should We Beat Them?

Because of who they are. Because it will make them even more jealous of who we are.

Why Should We Like Them?

Bless them, they've always kept us laughing, even in the bad days. And even if they do win, it'll be nice for them - these games are what their season is all about. They haven't got the bigger fish to fry, like we have.

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Why Should We Like Them?

Bless them, they've always kept us laughing, even in the bad days. And even if they do win, it'll be nice for them - these games are what their season is all about

Great attempt at finding some reason to like them. I tried as well but could not think of any myself. :lol: If they win it might be nice for them but it would be terrible for us, so 40 years after my first derby at Villa Park (which was very nice for them but miserable for us) I am looking for a 3 or 4-0 win for us at The Porndrome with Zat or Martin to score first and with odds in the 3 & 600s for these bets I'm looking to sting the bookies - get on lads and lasses! :clap:

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You know a pile of poo on the floor ?

Thats them that is, thats their best player.

See that tomato, on the floor? all squashed and mashed up?

That's Steve Bruce that is, that's his face :lol:

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