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Villa in Europe?


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This is the rather brilliant way we could be ending our season tomorrow afternoon

As the 2nd best behaved team in the Premiership behind Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa will become the English representative in the 'Fair Play' draw that will happen between the press conferences of the UEFA Cup finalists Sevilla & Espanyol on Tuesday afternoon. Spurs will take their place in the competition through their league placing so the Fair Play placing falls to us, and by all accounts we (MON & Co.) have welcomed it with open arms.

Each season there are three places set aside in the UEFA Cup for teams and associations who have been particularly well behaved.

This season there are 11 football associations who met the criteria of being 'well behaved' or having a co-efficient of greater than 8.00. As a result there are 3 places open in the UEFA Cup. The nation with the best disciplinary record automatically get a team in the competition. The other 10 nations will go into a hat and 2 of those teams will be picked out to join the winners.

The 11 nations are Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Wales, Switzerland, Slovakia, England & France.

As the best behaved league in Europe, Sweden automatically get their team into the UEFA Cup. The other 10 will be hoping to join them and all have an equal 2 in 10 chance of being selected.

If we DO get selected then it is rumoured that the planned pre-season tour of the USA & Canada would have to be cancelled to facilitate the new fixture list. Not to mention it being an ironic blow to Blackburn Rovers who, despite finishing above us in the league, now have to navigate the tricky Intertoto Cup while we would go straight into the competition proper.

So, keep your eyes peeled on the press conferences on Tuesday morning just after midday when our pre-season, our summer, our transfer targets and our prospects for next season might just become a whole lot more interesting.

UEFA article

Premier League Fair Play table

BBC article

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Is there any where on the interweb where we can watch the draw live?
As none of the Big Four are involved, it's hardly likely is it? I must admit I shall have a peek at BBC Sport and Eurosport just in case though.
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Surely and I think it may have been mentioned before the odds are actually at best a 1in 9 chance of being picked

That said hopefully lady luck will be on our side as I think we are due some

Up the Villa!

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It is however mathematically incorrect

10 teams in the hat at first - When the first name is drawn the odds for that team are 1 in 10

now only 9 names in the hat- therefore odds reduce slightly for the remaining 9 teams to 1 in 9

It can only be 1 in 5 if only 5 teams were ever in the draw

Anyhow no point arguing - we missed out! doh!

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Perm any 2 from 10 = 1 in 5. There is no relationship between the first and second draws. It makes no difference that one ball was drawn before the other.

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