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An Exclusive Look At The New Training Ground


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We've had this since Thursday - haven't we been good boys?

Well, with the badge having been revealed, lets move onto the Training Ground, shall we?

VillaTalk has been lucky enough to have been passed some exclusive pictures of how the state of the art facility is currently looking – and it looks like it’s going to be as good as the club have been telling us. Personally, I think it will be a real asset in trying to encourage players to join the club.

Enough of my ramblings. Here are the details:

The overall cost of the new complex is around £13m and covers 27 acres (the same size as the old training ground). Permission was granted, on the condition that once the new facility is completed, the old training ground building must be knocked down, and left as green belt.

The staff will move into the new Bodymoor Heath complex as soon as the current season finishes.

The unique design of the building is based on a curve, with the Academy facilities at one end, sweeping through to the first team areas, making a physical representation of the transition from junior to first team.

Outdoor facilities

There is one all weather pitch including warm up area, two grass pitches, one first team pitch, two goalkeeping areas and a mile run outdoor track.

All outdoor pitches meet UEFA standards. The First Team pitch is exactly the same as Villa Park, including Desso Grassmaster woven-in fibres, as well as the ‘hump’ that aids the drainage.

The other 2 grass pitches represent the standard of other Premiership grounds, so the players can train on them, in preparation for a forthcoming fixture. These pitches are currently not laid, so the old pitches will be used until completion – which will be in 2008.

The Building

One swimming pool which has dimensions of 15 meters by 8, a Sauna & steam room, a hot & cold plunge pool, a Hydrotherapy pool, a massive 210 square metre gym floor with an additional 65 metres square re-hab gym.

It features 14 ‘dressing rooms’ – 12 allocated to all Villa squads, stretching from under 9’s – right up to the first team – and 2 more for coaching staff and match officials.

The building also houses space for education facilities, the media, reception and offices for all the leading figures, including Chairman and an

indoor half size professional pitch with viewing gallery (currently not yet built).

There are numerous pictures on the walls – from the young lads located in the Academy area, to a picture of Sir Dennis with Tony Barton in the Player lounge.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

EDIT: Just to make it clear, I didn't take these photos. They were, erm, passed on by someone who will remain unknown.

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superb facilitys but god, it looks like the bricks were layed by an apprentice. truly shocking pointing.

Brickie reminds me of a certain player now under review in France, "Couldn't finish"

The difference however is that the Board can bring in finishing bricklayers to tidy up the detail and get it right if they so choose.

Apart from that minor detail Jim, Bodymoor Heath looks fantastic doesn't it ?

Who of us wouldn't have loved the opportunity to play and train in such a world class environment.

Randy and Co deserve an extra scarf waving for getting this project financed and almost completed.

I am so proud to be a Villa Supporter these days. :)

On top of all this, I would bet that MON will be successful in persuading Berger to come back for at least one more season and play, train and coach in this facility.

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Looks great!

Had to laugh though watching the Villa World video of the opening when Woodward said:

"State of the art showers"

Made me piss myself, I'm not sure why though. Maybe because we'll be sure to get those big signings in now, all MON needs to do is mention those "state of the art showers" and they'll be signing in a flash. :winkold:

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