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  1. General, I hope you are well. I really wanted to know, like others have alluded - can we please get official confirmation about our manager? At the moment, we've been getting statements he will be back - and yet nothing official from the club, which I admit I find strange. I cannot believe that you are having to wait, because surely if its a medical issue, then you're not going to find out anything more than you did last week? Its just we've had such a turbulent season - I think all fans are feeling uneasy because we don't know fully what is happening. An official statement would help e
  2. Hi General, Many thanks for your reply, but unfortunately, as already mentioned, and for reasons I don't want to discuss on a public board - phoning during office hours for me (or even in to the evening) are nigh on impossible at the moment. If there is any way an email can be sent to me, that is the best way for me to get communication on this at the moment. I did eventually send an email to the club, having found a way to do this, but don't have a direct email to anyone in general, but I would hope my email address is on file. Many thanks. see your pm/ email for e mail details. Bland
  3. Hi General Great to see there is an e-ticket system available. However, on looking, we spotted that one of our season ticket seats is showing as being available! Obviously this isn't the case....... I checked and it showed more than just the Wolves home game as being available. See a screen capture below. There is no obvious email address for me to contact today, and currently due to a number of things going on - I simply won't be able to spend the time trying to phone the ticket office to try and clarify the situation. We would rather not turn up for the Wolves game and have to turf
  4. As mentioned a number of times now - the invite system has been dropped for the last couple of seasons now. Its exactly the same as the Suite. First come, first served.
  5. I'm more than happy with this appointment. I cannot understand some people who seem to think that you can just walk in and get another manager in a job (ref. to David M and Martin J particularly here). Right at the start, the chances of either of those arriving was close to 0%! Jol because Fulham had already failed to bring him back - and I cannot believe Ajax's stance would change. Moyes because he said he wasn't interested! It didn't leave a long list of candidates. My biggest concern was whether Phil Thompson would be appointed his assistant, but as soon as I heard he'd ruled himself ou
  6. Thanks for an article I totally agree with. Personally, as frustrating as it is - I'd rather know the players being brought in are wanted by the manager, and we don't land up with more warming the bench. On the bright side, it'll help with the next year set of accounts
  7. General, hope you don't mind me jumping in here. You shouldn't have paid for being your wifes carer..... and I've a funny feeling you've paid too much for your wife's ticket as well. I can't remember the exact scale of ticket pricing for the disabled, and I don't know what grade game the WH one was, but I do believe that the highest disabled ticket is £30. I'd suggest contacting Shelia Maybury (she does have a direct line, which I cannot get to atm, but you should be given it via the main switchboard). Shelia is the Disabled Supporters officer, and she has helped me in the past with similar pr
  8. Nope - simply because I never believe a player can come back to a club a second time around and be successful. It rarely happens (same for most managers as well). Personally I believe we sold at the right time, and really don't need to buy him back!
  9. There is no doubt that Jimmy is a very honourable young man and also dedicated to his football to the exclusion of all else. His decision will be based purely on football reasons. Can Man Cittee offer him the prospect of winning trophies? yes of course. Can they offer Chumps League? no not yet but he is only 24. I do believe that if he isn't a regular starter he won't go as he wants to play more than anything I tend to lean towards points made in both these posts...... I also have to wonder whether Dunne's issue's with City might also be a factor in Jimmy making a decision now? Th
  10. I would just like to add, that if there was an option to prepay for the next years season ticket - I for one would take that offer up without hesitation! General, I wanted to say, that while I see my ticket has gone up 20%, overall, I still believe its good value for money, and I love the 4 month 0% free payment option. Thank you.
  11. Worst decision I've seen by a ref in a very, very long time! I don't know one neutral who I've spoken with who doesn't agree either. He should be banned from any major events referring now and while it can't change the result - I'm still proud of the Villa for what they have achieved, and for what the fans were like. Incredible atmosphere - we will get there eventually!
  12. General, as a disabled fan, and ambulant user, I can only echo what has been said by sam_k_17 and Ricardomeister. If I could have ordered tickets online, I would know I could guarantee a space that is suitable for my needs. As it is, there might be 31,000 tickets and all season ticket holders told they will get a ticket - but not all the fans are able to look at all areas of the ground. As for trying to get hold of Shelia - I've been trying for over a week now one way or another, and it sounds as if I'm not the only one. I dread to think how many messages her answerphone now holds! I would l
  13. Dear General, All too often, its easy to complain about issues, but I also believe in saying something when its worth it. In this instance, first of all I'd like to praise the disabled stewards for the work they have done. It has been something that I've noticed a difference with already this season, and I wanted to just pass this on to you as well. They have all done a great job. Secondly, I've been really impressed with the addition of the jacket potatoes in the Trinity (Don't know if other stands have them or not). I meant to mention this before and forgot - but they offer a great alte
  14. General, Who do you suggest I report someone for using racially abusive language to the club please. Basically my partner and I heard someone shout out to the linesman - Paki Git - and I checked and they heard it from the same person I did - and although I don't have a seat number I can give the row number and because it was end of aisle, I'm sure it shouldn't be difficult for Villa to work out what the number is. Thanks.
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