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  1. How many highlights packages I've seen where both the wasted review and Lyon's run-out fumble have been somehow left out...
  2. I think you overestimate how much Australians really know about English football. Outside the most well known say 10 clubs, if there isn't a major city name in the club's name, they probably wouldn't have a clue.
  3. As many ex-pats / migrants will agree, hearing the name of our club in some far flung parts is quite the rarity, especially with our current league status. So I got quite the thrill when this question popped up in our weekly pub trivia comp. last night. Needless to say, our team were the only ones with the correct answer.
  4. These two guys who sit next to each other and across from me at work. One tells the other he's going to have a busy couple of months because he's going to loads of gigs. And he's also going to the races. So the other guy said "You'll need to win at the races to fund all those gigs!" And the second guy replied with something like "No I've planned it all out quite carefully so I should be fine with money" The first guy seemed to be just making small talk to pass the time, the story may have been shit but he doesn't need to be criticised about his ability to run his finances.
  5. My boys and I. We participated in a charity cycle in support of MS Australia. 82kms from Sydney to Wollongong...
  6. Need your help, fellas. Recently started attending trivia nights with the missus and a couple of others. At the half way point, my son (age 11) is invited to tell a joke. Which goes down really well. So much so that it's become expected every week now. So, we need some more material. Just short ones like: What does... or, Why did... etc. Last night's was : What did Stephen Hawking get on his IQ test? - Just a little bit of dribble. Previously : What's long and limp and hangs just in front of an arsehole? - Donald Trump's tie. And: Why do dwarfs laugh wh
  7. 3212 pages of things that piss us off... I'm worried... ?
  8. I have two; and I've never really known which one came first. My first day at Nursery school, I was distraught. My mum held me and passed me to the teacher, who was somewhat pregnant (I'm told) at the time. I kicked and kicked until the teacher put me down (quickly, I hope). I have no recollection after that. The other is of my older sister and I standing at the bottom of the stairs in our house and convincing our younger sister to roll herself down the stairs. Which she did, gambol style. I think she went to hospital but no major injuries. I have no idea which came first b
  9. Born there, grew up (a little) there, emigrated to Aus when I was 10. Went back for the first time 30 years later in 2011. Not a shithole as such, but boy, it had gone downhill... Note the tracksuit... 1981!
  10. Ivan Mauger dead at 78. Suffered from Alzheimer's in later years. GOAT?
  11. One more day of work, then a week in Fiji...
  12. There were 77,000 + in attendance. I saw no-one else in a Villa shirt. I did have 7 (yes, I counted them) people make mention of the shirt, but only 1 referenced Jedinak... I think it's safe to say that unless it's Premier League, locals are fairly naive unless they are ex-pats, especially when it comes to who plays for who...
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