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  1. Put simply, Trezeguet is of very little use in games where we have a lot of the ball. He’s a player for when we play against the top teams and need the relentless energy. As we’ve known for a long time, Trezeguet should, generally, be back up at best. That’s why we bought Traore.
  2. Come on Dean, Trezeguet has to be hooked. Combined with chances missed last week we cannot afford to have a player missing so many opportunities
  3. 1pt would be a decent return from this fixture. Let’s not go crazy chasing win and lose this game.
  4. Targett has just had an awful half of football. There are games when you look at him and he just looks like he doesn’t fancy it, not up for the physical challenge. Let’s hope he gets a strong message at the break to up his game.
  5. I’m a bit torn on this game, not sure how I’d like us to approach it. I’ve thought that we need to get back to showing the same desire for a clean sheet that we displayed at the end of last season and beginning of this, maybe not press so high? But then I’ve thought that this is West Ham, David Moyes. They’re big and physical, look to win games with power from set pieces and breaks. And so I then think we’ve a better chance of getting something if we play in their half, press them higher up and try to keep set pieces into our box to a minimum. They have some height and power in Soucek, Ogbonna
  6. I think there’s a reason why we’ve looked relatively defensively sound against the likes of Leicester, Arsenal, Liverpool etc, and yet conceded for fun against Leeds, Southampton, and Brighton. And I think that reason is a mindset, an underestimation of an opponent. An arrogance, if you like. So it’s our approach to certain games that results in us shooting ourselves in the foot, rather than individual poor performance. It seems to me that the game plan in the home games against “lesser” opposition is to go out and attack, attack, attack.......which I think is proving to be naive and wasteful.
  7. I’m inclined to agree with what you say, it would take a very good player to become available to dislodge any current 1st teamer. Not impossible, though. Let’s hope we have a favourable run with injuries etc.
  8. I’m not sure position will be so vital going into January as the Premier League is looking more like the championship this season, where 2 or 3 wins will propel you up the league table. It’s likely that we could see teams sat in and around 11th/12th in January that are still within striking distance of the top 4, certainly top 6. I just think it’ll go deeper this season
  9. Agreed. Still needs to be the right quality player/players, though. I’m confident that if that player/players are obtainable in January, and Villa are in a position to challenge, then our owners will get it done. Where would you want us strengthened in January, and possible names?
  10. I don’t think it’s so much that the teams you mention are badly under performing, more like other teams have closed the gap after teams like Man City and Liverpool have peaked at a very high level that cannot be sustained by anyone for too long. Man City absolutely peaked when pipping Liverpool to the title in 2018/19, and Liverpool’s title success 2019/20 was their peak. I honestly don’t see how either of those title winning teams can be bettered/improved, we’re talking about teams that accumulated 100, 98, & 99 points when the average since the mid 90s has been 87. So we’ve had 3 or 4 se
  11. We’ve an impending problem with Douglas Luiz and Manchester City. Ever since post lockdown football I’ve had no doubt that City will come back for him by activating the buy-back option, and I’m certain that’ll be the case in January. I don’t know exactly how the option works, but I assume it has to be dependent upon whether the player actually wants to return? I can’t imagine any player being forced into a move he doesn’t want? And that would have to be our only hope of retaining Luiz, that he’s happy where he is and can see there’s good times ahead.
  12. If, come January, Villa find themselves in a league position that makes top 4 eminently possible, then adding one or two players of quality could be just the boost required to achieve it. I’m sure that the people in charge now recognise that and wouldn’t repeat the mistakes of the MON or Gregory eras, when not adding quality ultimately lead to falling away from the worthwhile places. It wouldn’t be easy, January never is. But it’s possible. And I’m confident that plans are already in place for 2 or 3 possible scenarios going into January, because we’re run properly now. As to our most press
  13. It’s unfortunate where Heaton finds himself, but that’s how it goes in sport sometimes.......and in life! The way the season is panning out I’d like to see Villa play their strongest lineup as often as is possible, and that includes FA Cup games. And so unfortunately for Heaton I’d really want to be seeing Martinez playing in all games, his distribution in particular is way above Heatons and is proving integral to our counter attack capabilities, and he is generally much better with the ball at his feet. He’s simply a better all round goalkeeper. Sorry Tom.
  14. Tactically we got it wrong. Very wrong. We weren’t creating anything and looked like conceding chances to most attacks against us. That we conceded to a couple of class free kicks means nothing, we came in 3-0 at HT and deservedly so. We then went 4-0 down in the 2nd half and Southampton took their foot off the gas. By all means you take the positives out of the game, but to try and brush the negatives away as just freak bits of world class play that cost us the game would be delusional. We lost the game because we were atrocious for the 1st half and Southampton eased up for 30mins.
  15. I’ll throw this out there in a slight defence of Watkins; he seems to have stopped making the runs he was making in the first 3-4 games of the season, and I do wonder if that is related to not receiving the ball from Grealish when it’s been the glaringly obvious pass to make on 3 or more occasions, ie I do think Grealish is trying to do too much
  16. Well he couldn’t have had less. I am seeing a horrible pattern develop where favourites don’t get subbed
  17. Well, we conceded two goals to a player who scores free kicks like taking a penalty. He’s renowned for his ability. I’m sure it’s not beyond the wit of man to have a defender pre-prepared to go to a post as soon as the whistle is blown! What’s the worst that could have happened, concede a goal?!
  18. This one is on the coaching. I’m sat here chatting with my 13yr old daughter and we’re saying how those free kicks are like penalties for Ward-Prowse, we said it before the first free kick and how teams should put a player on the goal line to help the goal keeper. Villa are thick. The change over the last 90 minutes of football to the previous 4 games is staggering. Beyond fathomable. And the inability to alter things from the touch line is really getting to me. We’re 6-0 down over the last 90mins of football and it could have been 10. And Cash should have been sent off. It really has been dir
  19. I’d like to think that one of our main objectives in the next window or two will be to get a LB that can REPLACE Targett. For me he’s just not fit or fast enough, think we need a much better physical specimen.
  20. Great start to the season. Look, sometimes.....very occasionally, granted....we have to be able to hook Grealish. Leeds have had him in their pocket, he’s been put off and dithered far too much this evening. Sometimes Dean has to show he can be subbed
  21. Yep. Totally out worked and that’s disappointing. To say the least
  22. Really annoying. We simply haven’t come close to matching the Leeds work rate. That’s the one thing we had to do. Hugely disappointing
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