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  1. Are we all in agreement that Jack is carrying an injury then?
  2. They don't call him Long for nothing. My coat I will get...
  3. My take was he took a pretty innocuous looking hit to the head and was lying off the pitch. We are waiting to take a corner, AEG rolls a good 3 metres back onto the pitch so we can't take our corner. Mings runs over not very happy and seems to be telling him to get up or roll off. He is getting treatment and Grealish comes over pretty much begging him to get off the pitch. At this point he is getting treatment literally straddling the line, but it takes him a few minutes to react to Grealish and budge himself the few inches so he is off the pitch. Weird. Edit: This was obv supposed to be replying to someone to asked what had happened with Anwar.
  4. So low on confidence (and ideas) its embarrassing. That AEG thing was a bit weird wasn't it. Doesn't seem to be well liked by the same team mates he got promoted with last year.
  5. Smartin

    Villa Podcasts

    A real shame but what an opportunity for Tom. Great job.
  6. Tactics way off today. Marv and Luiz back to being weak as in midfield. Looking for positives are that I think we will continue picking up points at home and I thought Davis did well when he came on, and Samatta is decent. Guilbert had a shocker. Did he actually manage to get a cross in?
  7. We just can't deal with teams that press well at all. They have targeted Hause so much. As soon as the ball goes to him they are on him. Midfield non-existent. BUT as long as Jack is on the pitch we can get something. Samatta looks like the kind of player who can make a difference as well.
  8. I had him on FM16 and he was a decent backup option... quite the endoresement I know. I should also caveat that by saying that Zivkovic was a 30 a season striker in my same team.
  9. Massive win. Massive performance. Marvellous my MOTM. Does anyone have an opinion on our recruitment?
  10. What other midfielders would you have us play?
  11. I thought he was much better (not hard I know). Distributed well and dictated the play at times. Was well positioned a lot of the time too. Just still not fit, and using our 3 most important games to play someone into fitness is a massive risk.
  12. Frustrating. Thought our general play was good until they scored, playing out easily and playing at a good tempo without every creating ANYTHING. That is a bit problem though. I really miss Wesley. I think Nakamba has had a good game and I actually think Drinkwater has too. Hause has had a bit of a shocker and Trez is just ineffective. Hopeful we can turn this one around though. Had to be Deeney didn't it! Edit: It would also help if our full backs could cross.
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