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  1. One in particular I would imagine!
  2. Yes, in the same way being punched in the face is better than being kicked in the nuts! Jesus, that is terrible! Can't believe he has a net spend approaching 100m !!!!
  3. It is absolutely astonishing that a manager as poor as Steve Bruce can have amassed 1,000 games as a manager, with most of them being in the top two divisions. Absolutely stole a living for his whole managerial career.
  4. Not even close. It's not weird if you are capable of critical thinking.
  5. Hmmm, you continue trying to justify it to yourself mate. Football is all about emotion. Am I spitting and bitter? No. Do I think he is an ungrateful dick after all this club did for him? Yes. Am I losing sleep over him leaving? No. Sorry to disappoint you. Will I get excited about watching him play for England? No, he is just another player to me now, and one that has shown himself to be a bit of a rat, along with Kane.
  6. Let me help you here.... Player declaring undying love for "My Club, My City, My Home" whilst negotiating a move to another club at the same time, and going behind the backs of a club hierarchy that have bent over backwards for him = rat. Rats are bad. Typically unloved by the general population and typically not a title to aspire to. Rats are also different to people just wanting to move to further their careers. Hope that helps you understand why some people aren't waving him off with tear stained hankies and wishing him all the best for his future.
  7. It would be hilarious if they did treat it as an investment and ran it to make a profit like Ashley did, keeping Bruce on and just targeting staying up for the TV revenue each year.
  8. I would imagine that the would want to keep things above board at least initially, the sportswashing wont work if they just act like despots.
  9. So this is probably the end for Brucie then probably retire on the payout he will get from this. Go off and watch some cricket at his leisure. So we can at least thank the oil barons for getting rid of one more dinosaur.
  10. Why on Earth would you put yourself through that????
  11. To be fair, Pogba deserved to lose because of that haircut
  12. Yeah, he is still a floppy haired, glass shined tw@ though.
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