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  1. I’ve said this before, but my brother in law is a Brentford supporter and I saw him this week (first time in months!). We were chatting about Smith and he said that there’s a massive difference at Brentford now in that their Head Coach Thomas Frank has a fantastic eye for detail and changes things quickly when necessary in games, whereas Smith rarely made changes other than the predictable ones. Having said that, he’s got a lot of time for Smith, as have most Brentford supporters, because he kept them ticking over and playing decent football, but he doesn’t believe Smith would have taken
  2. Of course, I’d love to share some of the stories but I wouldn’t want to cause any work or run the risk he might be disappointed with my offerings! But, your call really... and thanks.
  3. It is very different. Police officers are viewed very differently and treated very differently. And that’s inside and outside the service. Some of the stories I’ve been given are remarkable. Nothing outrageous but the sort of things that would never happen nowadays.
  4. In these tough times, my wife’s dad has been collecting and putting together some amusing stories about policing in the seventies and eighties. Times were so different back then it’s hard to comprehend. Some are good to post publicly, some might be better in private! But any interest in sharing a few? Or anyone able to contribute any to pass the time? Nothing anti-police, just a few smiles at things that happened.
  5. I do like Dean Smith and I do think he’s the right man at this time, but we also need to be fully aware of what we are likely or not likely to see with his team. Since his defensive issues at Brentford have been pointed out to me, I have looked at their record a bit more closely and I read something very interesting this morning. When he left them they were leaking goals badly and in the next few games after he’d gone they were like a sieve. Scoring yes but conceding bucketfuls. I don’t know if their new manager (I can’t remember his name) took over straightaway or whether they had a care
  6. I don’t post often but my sister is married to a Brentford supporter and when Dean Smith was appointed, he said exactly that to me - almost word for word. Although he was not happy when Smith left them he also made a few comments that I thought maybe were just an indication of his disappointment and they may well prove to be, but he said that whilst the open attacking style of Brentford was the best he had ever seen in his time supporting them, the defensive frailties of the team as a whole were never really solved. The defensive players who were signed kept getting better in terms of their fo
  7. There was a topic on another site about the drawbacks to letting a strange use your toilet or how often you’ve been asked by someone you don’t know if they can use your loo. One of the comical replies is copied below. How amusing! And intriguing! ——————————- Many years ago I remember my mum making tea or coffee for some policemen. Right opposite our house there was an alleyway and one day someone got attacked down there. It was quite serious and the place was swarming with police for ages and they put up tape to stop people walking past. My mum took them out trays of hot drinks and
  8. Maybe the play-off disaster should have been a thread of its own!!
  9. Not worthy of its own thread but on Saturday I was at a wedding of a work colleague and after the speeches the groom persuaded the best man to tell his story of what happened to him at the play-off final. He was a funny guy and told it brilliantly so I can't really do it justice second-hand but here goes. I'm sure there was a teeny bit of exaggeration of some bits but it was hysterical and had the entire room in fits of laughter. The guy was called Reece and although not a big Villa fan himself, his dad has always been a devotee although some recent health problems have meant that he’s no
  10. What I meant was that it's not worthy of it's own thread and although I could post it here I don't want to hijack the topic.
  11. I went to a wedding last Saturday and heard one of the funniest Villa-related play-off final stories I've heard in ages, told by the best man. But a) I didn't record it for sharing and b) can't post it here. It was lavatorial in nature and involved a broken zip fly. Why do the best stories get told in the wrong places?
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